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After doing this, check the box for the option to show the input menu in the menu bar, and you will see a small input menu show up next to the date and time in the system menu. The input menu is a black-and-white icon, but if you select more than one country input layout to include in the list, then the input menu will change to show the flag of the currently selected layout, a feature that some people may prefer to just the basic input icon. With the menu enabled, choose the Character Viewer option in it, and you will see the character viewer window appear which has columns showing categories, items in the category, and then related characters.

By default Apple only shows a few of the common categories such as emoticons and Greek symbols, but you can enable others by clicking the gear menu at the top of the window and choosing "Customize List When you find a symbol you like, you have several options for managing it. To insert it into your document you can either double-click it, or you can drag it from the palette window to the desired location in your document.


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If the character is one that you will use again, then you can click the Add to Favorites button and it will be placed in the favorites section of the character viewer for easy access. In addition to the favorites, a group of the most recently accessed symbols will be kept in the Recently Used section so you can find them there.

This feature is useful especially since many symbols are very similar and finding the exact one you used in a previous instance can be a bit difficult at times. A final feature of the character viewer is its search function, which is a bit unique. If you search for a name such as "heart," then all the characters will be input independently so you can find similar characters to all of those that make up the word "heart.

Unfortunately the search is not always complete, so if you want a spider dingbat character, you can't find it simply by typing "spider," but in many cases the search is close enough.

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Have a fix? Post them below or e-mail us! Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Make a note of the Unicode code number for the character; for the pointing finger, it's C. To type the special characters, go back to the Input menu in the menu bar and select "Unicode Hex Input. In this case, you'd type OptionC to make the left pointing index finger magically appear in your document.

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This tip is not only fun, but extremely useful in those cases where you want to use a specific non-standard character or symbol to call attention to something in a document. Be sure to visit our earlier Mac articles for other time-saving tips.

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