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What instructions are you following? What was the exact action on your part that preceded this error? What have you tried so far to fix it? The instructions I've followed are ubuntuforums. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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I DL Mate via this torrent from this website - so maybe it is not a 64bit Client or something? This could explain, why the G5 not boot that DVD? I looked around the net, but seems, there is no seperate 64bit. There was no for I think I give up on this, because in the meantime I read about security-issues with Guess If using TenFourFox on old osx, it should be not much of a difference to using Firefox on Mate - any other thoughts?

So this bug is back again with I mean, I got Debian 8 running on ibook and it was pretty easy.

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Linux on PowerPC requires you to get down and dirty with the kernel. It is likely that check is failing on your hardware for some reason. The developers do not have every model of Apple hardware to test.

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So it checks, if 32 or 64bit Version is needed, thanks for pointing that out. Well - remember the time, when using a computer was fun?! Maybe I should try this? What Advantages does the netinstaller have?

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You can increase the colour depth with fbdev by using a different framebuffer such as nouveaufb or the legacy framebuffers nvidiafb or rivafb and creating an xorg. I tested the very same DVD on my ibook G4 1. Ubuntu Mate Elowan 30 May 1. Thanks, this worked for me with the proper alias name. I flashed my usb stick using BalenaEtcher on Windows, I guess it did ;ake any partition so it worked to omit the partition name. How did you workaround the flickering screen issue? But obviously this did not avoid the system from became flickering and unresponsive.

Good point, SLHoldout.

With that said, the process should be the same for the BSD flavors. As useful and well-written as this article is, it has an incorrect assumption: namely, that support for old Macs will continue in Linux. This affects Ubuntu and all of its various flavors, for starters, as well as Mint. I believe that the only Linux distro with bit support that will be left is Gentoo; while well-documented, Gentoo is not for the faint of heart.