Mac os x vs windows 8.1

Why it matters: Apple has a wider variety of high-quality software built in—which could save you money. Apple will have to content itself with dominating the gaming scene on mobile devices instead.

Why it matters: Windows has the superior support for VR and gaming, and can even replace a gaming console, saving you money. But a Mac, even a powerful one, for gaming, is throwing that money away.

Windows 8.1 overtakes Mac OS X 10.9 among desktop OS users

This is perhaps the most subjective part of the comparison: Windows has now become slick and polished enough to be almost as easy on the eye as macOS, and which one you prefer really comes down to personal choice. File Explorer in Windows seems a lot more intuitive and capable than Finder, but then I have had several extra years to learn the shortcuts and the necessary techniques. Both Apple and Microsoft have borrowed enough from each other over the last five-to-ten years hello dark mode that there are no big gaps here.

Install Windows using Boot Camp for macOS High Sierra and earlier

Apple and Microsoft have both done a good job creating attractive and pretty easy to use systems. You can use iPhones with Windows and Android phones with macOS , but your life is going to be a lot easier if you stick to everything by Apple or stick to the alternatives.

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If you live your life on an iPhone then all your calendars, contacts, notes and everything else are going to sync magically to macOS. If you live a multi-platform life the best option is perhaps to eschew Microsoft and Apple services completely and get Google to do all the cloud stuff instead. Both Windows and macOS support it quite nicely—though on Windows 10 you also have the added benefit of being able to respond to text messages from your Android phone on your computer.

Windows might not work as well with Apple products, but it tends to work for better with everything else.

Boot Windows 8 on Sony VGN-FZ21E Vs Mac OS X 10.7.3 on MacBook Pro 15" (late 2008)

Apple wins. The days of Windows being a virus riddled mess if you used it without anti-virus software are thankfully behind us.

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The biggest security disasters usually affect older versions of Windows or are nothing to do with the OS at all. In terms of what apps can do on your system, both Windows and macOS let you control which programs can access your microphone, camera, current location, and so on. For students, casual users, and just about anyone on a budget, a cheap Windows machine makes more sense—especially when you consider our earlier point about a lot of modern-day computing being done through the web browser.

Time is running out, though.

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