How to start page 1 on page 3 in word mac

Click the Header area at the top of the page, or the Footer area at the bottom of the page. In the Start at box, enter 1 , and then click OK. To suppress printing of the page number on the first page of a section, clear the Show number on first page check box in the Page Numbers dialog box. In the Start at box, enter a number, and then click OK. If your document is divided into sections, click in the section where you want to change the starting page number. Add or remove page numbers. Add page numbers to an existing header or footer. Add page number X of Y to a document.

Choose the scenario that most closely matches what you want to do: You don't want a page number to appear on your title page, but you want the second page to show "Page 2. Click in the document where you want to insert a section break.

Start page numbering later in your document in Word for Mac

Click OK. Double-click in the header or footer area of a page in your document. Clear the Show number on first page check box.

On the View menu, click Draft. Click in the section where you want to start page numbering. It simply tells Word to display the number of the current page at the field location. As noted above, the page's number is dependent on:. The following big ideas are presented for extra credit only. Please see me after class if you're worried about your grades.

If you want to make changes to the header or footer for Section 1 without having those changes show up in the header or footer for all other document sections, you must turn off this feature by viewing each header and footer and clicking the Same As Previous button on the Header and Footer toolbar until the button is no longer depressed.

The actual number of headers and footers available in a given section is determined by the Different First Page checkbox and Different Odd and Even Pages checkbox in the Page Setup dialog. To view these settings, position the cursor in the document section you're interested in, then choose Page Setup on the File menu. Changes made to the first page header have no effect on the odd page header or the even page header and vice versa all the way around.

Caution: Just a word to the wise: consider carefully before using the following techniques. They can lead to problems in corporate documents, unless you include a warning to other uses that you are "calculating" the page numbers in this document. If you do not, great confusion can result, and other users may unsuspectingly ruin your page numbering or your document.

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Want to force Word to display a number that's one higher than the real page number? Want to tell Word to display a page number on pages one, two, and three, but not on any other pages?

Start page numbering later in your document - Office Support

Furthermore, the dialog inserts the field in a frame, making it much harder to manipulate than if you insert it in the Header or Footer yourself as described in this article. Toggle navigation. Changing the Starting Page Number. Thus, to change the way in which pages are numbered in the previous scenario, you would perform the following steps: Position the insertion point at the end of the second physical page in your document. Display the Page Layout tab of the ribbon Word , Word , or Word or the Layout tab of the ribbon Word or a later version. The section break appears in your document, and the text following the break will begin at the top of a new page.

Display the Insert tab of the ribbon. Word displays the Page Number Format dialog box.

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See Figure 1. Figure 1.

Insert Sections with Different Page Numbers (Mac)

The Page Number Format dialog box. In the Page Numbering area of the dialog box at the bottom , click on the Start At radio button and indicate the starting page number for the section.

ARCHIVED: In Microsoft Word, how can I begin page numbering after the first page?

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No Space Before at the Top of a Page Want to make sure that Word handles space before a paragraph correctly when the paragraph is at the top of a page? Default Font for Page Numbers Page numbers are a common addition to documents, and a great aid to readers.

Odd Page Numbers Disappearing Page numbers in printed pages are often a necessary part of formatting a document. Hide my email address. What is seven less than 7? This Site.