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Having 30 or 40 windows of different folders open, is there any way to close all of them at once? I tried to relunch Finder, and I was happy for a second having no open window anymore, but it reopened all the folder windows again A sidenote on this: Often such commands are not visible in the main menu if you just click it.

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Mac OS X Snow Leopard: The Missing Manual by David Pogue

If the window is open, it will close after hitting that keystroke combination. Not into keyboard shortcuts? The windows close rapidly, if you want to quickly try this out yourself an easy place to start is in the Mac OS X Finder. Or you can try it in another app by opening a bunch of documents in something like TextEdit or Preview and closing those all out together too.

Mac Basics: Closing windows versus closing programs - CNET

Close All is best used in applications when auto-save is left enabled, otherwise the window closing process will halt as a save dialog box is summoned and waiting for an action. If you happened to turn off auto-save in Mac OS X at some point, just turn it back on to get uninterrupted use out of this keystroke. Note how this is very different from closing windows on quit , which closes all the windows when the application is quitting, thereby preventing the auto-restore function of Mac OS X from relaunching those windows.

This trick closes the active windows, but does not quit the app or discard the windows from restore.

How to Open, Scroll, and Close Mac OS X Snow Leopard Windows

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OSX super intuitive etc but I have to search online to find out how to close the 20 finder windows that Photoshop opened programmatically? I think so not, anymore.

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DCJ: Or option click a tab. I think you mean command Apple -click, option would have you saving those pages to your Downloads folder useful as well. One of the plus aspects in OS X is how consistent these key strokes are implemented.

How to Close All Windows on Mac Instantly

On other platforms I never really got into using them much cause every application, sometimes every release came with a different short cut for the same task. Only with the Mac I started to learn and use more than a handful commands. I started out on the Mac learning to use key strokes instead of always using the Mac. I was happy to see that key strokes for hiding and minimizing came over from NeXTStep. The excellent Show Desktop lives in the menu bar; when clicked, all windows of all apps are hidden, not closed, taking the user to the Finder, with an option to open a Finder window, or not.

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