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See bandwidth usage between nodes.

It will reveal areas of channel interference and dead zones, and will help you tremendously to build a solid network. The main goal of a WIFI site survey is determining the feasibility of implementing a wireless network in a specific area and finding the best spots for access points and other equipment like cables and antennas.

With the help of site survey you will know what type of equipment to get and where to install it. Wireless Site survey is also an important part of wifi security analysis. NetSpot is a perfect helper for network security specialists in locating and eliminating rogue access points, detecting unauthorized workstations, avoiding cross-channel interference and getting rid of false-positive intrusion alerts.

Top 10 Network Diagram, Topology & Mapping Software

With all this work done well the wireless signal is less likely to spill outside, where a war driver can get their hands on it. With its advanced collection and visualization of data NetSpot provides its users with a comprehensive and complete WiFi site survey solution. And yes, Windows version is here!

NetSpot monitors various aspects of your WiFi network, helps you troubleshoot the issues and boost your WiFi signal. Get the free WiFi signal booster app. You need just a few clicks to load your office plan or area map before starting a network site survey. To begin, just point to where you are on the map and NetSpot starts measuring wireless signal right away.

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You can move around and collect Wi-Fi data of the entire area. That's it! Now you have all the needed info to analyze radio signal leakages, discover noise sources, map channel usage, locate effective access points, etc. Visualize Your Wireless Network Efficiency-wise, your Wi-Fi network needs hotspots placed correctly and wireless channels assigned properly. The visual Wi-Fi map you get with NetSpot lets you see all dead zones without coverage and optimize hotspots' placements.

You can adjust channels' load and decide how to use them better. Wireless Network Planning NetSpot is also an amazing wireless survey tool for Wi-Fi planning : load a map, collect some wireless site survey data, and build a comprehensive heatmap of your network.

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Now viewing each channel separately is as easy as making a pie. Once you locate an empty channel with no wireless networks — it's the optimal selection for a new Wi-Fi network. NetSpot also lets you easily select channels for new Wi-Fi hotspots with minimal signal-to-noise ratio. Troubleshoot Wireless Networks Thanks to new Troubleshooting visualizations, you can easily and quickly identify connectivity and wireless interference issues, find sources of excessive noise, resolve Wi-Fi configuration problems, and get automated professional advice on every issue visualized by NetSpot PRO.

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Read about all Features. People love NetSpot! NetSpot is the best tool for auditing wireless networks. It allows you to map the hot spots and cold of your office or home, lets you fix problems or discover another network failures.

Network Mapping Software | SolarWinds

These software and tools specifically create Wifi Heatmaps — Some of them have other capabilities such as Wifi analyzing and mapping functionality , but the ones list above will help you create beautiful maps that will assist you in correctly configuring and troubleshooting your network. Solarwinds is an Enterprise-Grade software solution that is an all encompassing too and software suite that includes a great Wifi Analyzer as seen here and they also give you the ability to quickly create a wireless heat map as well.

These are some of the major features of Solarwinds' offering and there are quite a few more that they are capable of doing. Here's some screenshots of this program in action to get a better sense of how it looks and performs:.

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As you can see, this program has loads of Great features and capabilities that make it a great tool for Mapping out your Whole Wireless infrastructure in your Business or Corporate environment. This tools even gives you insights into the clients connected to individual Wifi Access points along with their Pertinent information, such as IP Address, Mac Address, which Access Point its connected to and its Hostname.

Ekahau HeatMapper is another great tool for using in your Small Office or Corporate environment that gives you great visual layouts of your existing wireless infrastructure.


As you can see from the image above, this tool lays out color coded areas that represent your wireless networks signal strength for you to quickly analyze and fix if needed. This program simplies the process of getting a heatmap generated by importing a file of your office layout, then walking around your space to survey the area with the laptop you have it installed on and wait for the software to calculate signal strengths and plot that data onto your map. Site Survey tool from Visiwave. You can use several different methods to collect data including using GPS, physically walking through the premise with a device and logging the data or Capturing data one point at a time.

Visiwave has a quick breakdown or overview of the steps needed to create a Wifi Heatmap, which includes surveying the area, choosing a pre-made template or existing template you've used in teh past, Generating the Report in HTML or PDF format and showing off the results!

Have a look at this software below for their official documentation and possibilities!