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Asked 4 years, 3 months ago. Active 10 months ago. Viewed k times. OS Information: Description: Ubuntu Why would someone want to do it that way?

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For example, Chrome has a more up-to-date Adobe Flash Player than Firefox, and maybe someone wouldn't want to sync all of the video bookmarks from Chrome to Firefox if he didn't use Firefox to watch videos that play in Adobe Flash Player. In order to prevent unwanted bookmarks from being synced to Firefox. Is this really a ubuntu specific question?

KolobCanyon: You could probably say that about a huge amount of questions here. ParanoidPanda true that. Either way, just did this on windows and worked like a charm! Export bookmarks from Chrome In the top-right corner of the browser window, click the Chrome menu. In the Bookmark Manager menu bar click Organize.

How to Recover Firefox Bookmarks From a Mac Hard Drive

Click the Open button. To achieve the import of bookmarks from Chrome to Firefox, do the following: Import Bookmarks From Chrome to Firefox Open the Firefox menu in the top right-hand corner.

Click on your Bookmarks icon. The options shown here will vary depending on which browsers are installed on your system, as well as which are supported by Firefox's import functionality.

Easy to Import Chrome Bookmarks to Firefox

It should be noted that you can repeat this import process multiple times for different source browsers if necessary. The items listed on this screen will vary, depending on the source browser and the data available. If an item is accompanied by a check mark, it will be imported.

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To add or remove a checkmark, simply select it once. The import process will now begin.

Show the Bookmarks Bar

The more data you have to transfer, the longer it will take. Extensions, themes, and preferences are a common cause of Firefox problems so you should re-install any extensions and themes and reconfigure your preference settings if you had problems with the old profile, instead of trying to transfer them. If you had problems with your old profile and haven't identified what set of files is causing your problem, it's recommended you copy files from your old profile folder to the new one in several steps, testing whether things are still working okay between steps.

If you were not having any problems with the old profile, you can clone the existing profile by copying everything from the existing profile folder, deleting the entire contents of the new profile folder and then and pasting the existing profile contents into the new profile folder. Be aware that the 'Downloads' location is locally pathed and may need to be changed if the new profile is on a different Operating System. You will now be working within the Firefox profile folder window, which contains the files and folders that you are going to copy to your new profile.

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To make the transfer process easier, you should create a new "Transfer Profile" folder inside your old Firefox profile folder:. Note: Any existing folders specifically relating to individual extensions that you may wish to re-install later may also be copied over at your own risk.

Once you have completed the above, you are ready to copy the contents of the "Transfer Folder" into your new Firefox profile:. The following files and folders are found in your Firefox profile folder.