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As you move your pointer over each slide you will notice three little icons pop up. The first one in the top left is for Video Adjustments. Here you can change the levels, exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation, and white point. Since all my images were good already I left all these alone. The second icon from the top left corner is the crop tool. You use this to pan or zoom the camera across your slide. There are three options, fit, crop and Ken Burns.

I am sure there are probably more, I just don't know enough about iMovie yet to know how to set them up.

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These are the only ones that I used. Fit is for exactly as it sounds, fitting your image to the video size you have selected. Be warned it may crop your image incorrectly. Crop is for cropping your own image. Ken Burns is for the cool pan and zoom effects.

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Time Lapse Assembler

This is very cool and easy to use. While in crop mode you will see one, two or no boxes over your video preview box. Fit shows no box, Crop shows a green box and Ken Burns shows red and green boxes. The boxes are all easy to adjust. The hand moves it and the cross-hair resizes it. Once done click the "done" button to return or click the next slide and continue cropping and panning.

The last icon is a little clock, for setting the time of the slide. Since the least amount of time you can set is 0. Anything quicker for a slide show will be hard to take in unless thats what you want. You can also set the entire project to 2 seconds and change your title screen time. This helps when you have 50 or 60 slides.

If you placed all your files in one folder you can now drag and drop your music and sound files in. A little light green box much like the title text boxes will show up under the slides you add your music to.

Record, Edit, and Share Videos on Mac

Don't worry if you put it in the wrong place, you can grab it and move it around anywhere you want just like the individual slides. You can also grab the end and extend or chop the audio clip as well. Alternatively if you already have music or sound bytes in your iTunes you can open those in the "Music and Sound Effects" box in the bottom right corner.

After placing the sound byte or song you can clip it to only play a certain portion or part of the song by grabbing the end and lining the red line up with where you want it to start or end. It's a Wrap! Finish your project and tweak everything. Once complete iMovie lets you upload directly to a web site of your choice or export it using Quicktime.

You are now done!

How to Make a Slideshow With music and Pictures on Mac

Good job. Thanks for reading and below is a link to my finished video. HERE you go! Try picovico to make picture slideshow effectively. Any advice on how to adjust that? Reply 11 years ago on Introduction.

Step 1: Materials Needed

Yeah, I can't believe it either. Click on it and import the photos you want to make into movie. Step 2: Edit photo.

Best video editing software for Mac

After importing the photo, you can click on the edit button on the photo item you just imported to edit the photo. Step 3: Design menu. You can design a menu for your photo slideshow if you want to. Step 4: Burn to DVD. You can set some burning parameters first. Today I introduced two ways to make movie from photos in Mac. Which is better? Well, iMovie is free, and easy to acquire.

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  • Create slideshows in Photos on Mac.
  • However, in movie making, the program is not professional. Leawo DVD Creator for Mac however, can provide various professional photo and video processing functions like adding menus and special effects. In the Images tab, you will be able to browse all the photos in your Mac. You can drag photos from iPhoto library or other folders in your Mac hard drive to the timeline. Switch to the Music tab, and you will be able to add music from GarageBand or iTunes library to the timeline. You can load songs from other folders in your Mac hard drive as well.

    Click the Theme tab, and you can select a theme for your slideshow video.

    You can also click the Customize button and select a background image for the theme.