How to multibox wow on a mac

I also have a WeakAura that plays a noise when Arcane Missiles procs, and a separate assist macro for that. Isn't it easy? It's no harder than controlling a hunter pet while also tanking. On that note, though, if you're planning on leveling two separate classes via RAF, pick one you know. This is exactly what I'm doing, I've got a new account on US servers, and I'm trying to fill it with the same number of characters as I have on my EU account.

So the pair I've started with is a paladin tank, a spec I know inside out, with an arcane mage, a spec that's relatively simple to play. Why am I not using two of the same class? Well, I want to level the classes I want at 90! This is a functional thing for me, it's utility. Hopefully that's enough information to get you started. If there's stuff that's unclear, please let me know, it's meant to be simple enough that anyone could understand it.

I'm certainly having fun with my dastardly duo, and perhaps you can too! Do tell me your stories! Buyer's Guide. Log in. Sign up.

Multiboxers: Why do they do it and what's the advantage?

Breakfast Topic: Sorting out multiple-account and -character finances. Latest in Gaming. Image credit:. Sponsored Links. See the original, then my modified version below:. Hopefully you can see that I decided I didn't want it to broadcast my main keyboard A-Z and did want it to broadcast Numpad4 and Numpad5. Multi-boxing control my way. In this article: basic-multiboxing , beginner-multiboxing , hotkeynet , multiboxing , noob-multiboxing.

Multi boxing on a Mac?

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Apple promises hostile treatment for sites that break Safari privacy rules. Logitech's new mechanical keyboards are 'more comfortable' to type on. Try Googling for "multiboxing wow" or "multiboxing windows" for more information. Once you get that set up, though, multi-boxing is really fun - there are even quite a few guides on how to get up and running out there already. You can always try Pwnboxer if your really serious about multiboxing : Is it allowed to post this?

If not, please remove. As far as I'm aware, Pwnboxer complies with the Terms of Service, just like KeyClone and the other multi-boxing software, so I think you're in the clear. I'm looking at multiboxing as well - I have the multi copies of wow running fine, and just played through from in about mins with a trial RAF account : Now I want to know what multiboxing software people recommend that works on a Mac.

Any ideas?? Was curious as to how many accounts. I should try to run on your basic wal-mart laptop.

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Or just try and do 5 and see what happens. And did you try 2 gather proffesions on main 2 for later use after u were done with raf. With regards to multi boxing, I leveled several toons to I only ran two at a time. I used a program called Hotkeynet to do all my key mappings. I think a walmart laptop might be a little overloaded with 5 instances of wow running. You then right click on the window you want to rename, and a small window pops up, where you can type the name of the window.

Hotkeynet has trouble sending to non-active windows on the same PC. I was surprised by Sony's polling strength. Why settle for anything less than an online community that is dedicated to enhancing your gaming experience? XU is the ultimate. I used hotkeynet for multiboxing to control multiple instances of DAoC across my network. Keyclone is another one i fooled around with for a bit, but same thing i noticed with AHK, i just preferred using isboxer for broadcasting.

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With HotkeyNet you can broadcast keystrokes to multiple copies of World of Warcraft, or any other games for that matter. Powerleveling in EQ2 can be very efficient if you do it right.

Whether you have a super-powerful water-cooled gaming rig or a hamster wheel-powered laptop, ISBoxer will help you play your characters together in your favorite MMO. There are. Careful when multiboxing and using hotkeynet.

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Qui est Jacques? Sa bio, ses jeux, ses amis, sa guilde, ses derniers messages, etc. Keyclone, ISBoxer and HotkeyNet are all software designed to clone user input between different applications. When you're finished dragging, click the menu item again. Please help. Aion cursor windows found at sevenforums. What is AutoHotkey. So to set it up on my PC, I simply copied my whole OK, I Understand. I used it once for WoW and it worked well. This is just the basics of AutoIt. I have searched the forum for an answer but could not find it so please forgive me if I missed it and am posting the question again.

I'm boxing chars and currently using HotKeyNet. The application was unable to start correctly 0xc Subscriber count, player population, historic information and game activity stats for Everquest 2 aka EQ2.

Double Client WoW on Mac

Hotkeynet is a virus. It is constantly like twice a minute switching my alts active hotbars. The sendwinx command is the only one that works but is unreliable.

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This topic is locked. The supported client comes with HotKeyNet bundled with it.