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Making sure Microsoft Excel macros are enabled

Please correct me if I am wrong. By default Regular Expression option is disabled in word , to enable that plase do following steps,. You can verify it be searching in object data base as explained below. The RegExp object uses regular expressions to match a pattern. The following properties are provided by RegExp. These properties set the pattern to compare the strings that are passed to the RegExp instance:.

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Pattern: A string that defines the regular expression. IgnoreCase: A Boolean property that indicates whether you must test the regular expression against all possible matches in a string.

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Global: Sets a Boolean value or returns a Boolean value that indicates whether a pattern must match all the occurrences in a whole search string, or whether a pattern must match just the first occurrence. RegExp provides the following methods to determine whether a string matches a particular pattern of a regular expression:. Test: Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether the regular expression can successfully be matched against the string.

Execute: Returns a MatchCollection object that contains a Match object for each successful match. Learn more about Teams. Get new features first. Was this information helpful? Yes No.

Excel crashes when enabling macros – Purple Frog Systems

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Tutorial de macros para mac excel 2011

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  5. Contact Support. Value use something like: TextBox1. Range "A1". Value Edit: Sorry I don't think I read your post properly.

    Excel crashes when enabling macros

    Let me clarify: On sheet Summary you click on a cell in Column D. The userform appears and populates. It then finds the value in column A on the same row you clicked It then finds that value on sheet History and Populates the other Jan-Dec fields. Yes, you are exactly right.

    However, the information in sheet "Summary" is populated by a pivot table and is refreshed periodically with the associated fields populating via formula's I think the code you sent gives me the groundwork I needed I'll give it a shot. If you think I'm wasting my time after my response, please, by all means, tell me to stop what I'm doing I'm running into an interesting bug that I havent come across yet. It doesnt seem like its actually harming the function of the code though Hi Try replacing it with: For the workbook: Code:.

    Worked perfectly Thank you again! I sincerely appreciate your help today I've learned a ton and you've been a great teacher! And now that you may be sufficiently buttered up Sorry for not being a little more clear I was too hasty in trying to be clever. I'd like to put a line chart in the UserForm that illustrates the monthly data for the SKU it's showing you detali for. Format the chart how you want it using just one row of data.

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    The chart could be situated out of the way. Then add a picture placeholder object on you user form. Your workbook SheetSelectionChange procedure changes like this: Code:. Attached Files Book2.

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