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Verify the server information is entered correctly in the Account Settings, and that your DNS settings in the Network pane of System Preferences are correct. I have attached a screengrab of the Outlook configuration. You'll see that the client has 3 email accounts.

The 9 Best Email Apps for iPhone and iPad

Your screenshot says stmp. The correct SMTP server for gmail is smtp.

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See Google's support document, Sending mail from a printer, scanner, or app , for other configuration settings. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Asked 5 years, 4 months ago. Active 4 years, 9 months ago. The other very important benefit to using a truly necessary utility is having access to the developer when a problem occurs or you fail to understand something the app is doing…or not doing. I just realized this weekend how important that was when I had a small issue of forgetting how to do something and emailed him late Friday evening.

I expected a reply on Monday, which would have been just fine, but he replied in only a few minutes.

Adding a Google Apps Account to Apple Mail, iCal, and iChat | Division of Information Technology

How many developers do this? Easy to use and saves lots of time. I have all my contacts in my multiple Google email accounts specially the email addresses with their names to compose emails easily and look professional. I have an important request. Also in the event of duplicates, would you please add a tab to show possible duplicated contacts split between different Google email accounts separately with the ability to edit the merges or create separate contacts when needed?

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Thx a lot…. Thank you for your review and feedback. Feel free to email me at contactssyncforiphone gmail. On my first installation, I ended up with over 40, contacts in iCloud. So this app works great, but you have to take the right steps, and here they are. That will be your backup. Accordingly, I bluetoothed the video from my Android to my iPhone, and then Whatsapped it again. This time, the video worked perfectly. Or it could have been a problem with Android itself. What I do know was Apple just worked. Only one entity fit the bill.

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One thing I can vouch for after ten years of using Google apps is that there are no Bermuda Triangles. Google is almost a synonym for reliable. Not to mention all those persevering ads trying to sell me a plethora of hair loss remedies, completely oblivious of the fact that I have a full head of hair.

A lot of people I know absolutely refuse to have anything to do with Google for this reason. However having weighed the pros and cons , I figured it was worthwhile for me to to share my data with Google in return for free use of their services. Which means I have more to gain and less to lose in sharing my data with Google. But like I said, sharing data with Google is not for everyone.

The problem is the ISPs in India used to have strict restrictions on internet bandwidth and download limits wifi , and speeds were very slow. But things have improved in recent times. I found this fascinating enough to merit its own post.

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Setting up automatic photo backup in Google is easy. This will reveal the settings gear icon. My Music backup experience on Google was a bit odd. Apple Music and Google Play Music had launched in India with free trial offers, with Google also offering a free backup of all my music probably to compete with Apple Match. I tried out both the services, and also backed up all my music on Google using the Chrome browser on my Mac see below.

Setup Gmail (or Google Apps) Email on Mac Mail with Lion 10.7

As more free music streaming services came out in India, I discontinued my Apple music subscription, and switched to the free service of Google Play Music. Some time later, my favorite Nobel Prize winning singer disappeared from my iTunes.

Apple ‘just works’ better when it piggybacks on Google

Maddening, no doubt, but I sort of expected it by now from the whimsical iTunes. Out of habit, I checked my Google Play Music library, and was surprised to find my entire uploaded music collection including the missing Dylan album, still available online. I do occasionally buy music from Google so my guess is they see me as a paying customer and let me keep my stuff for free in return. My plumber once vanished into thin air, a disappearing act that drove me nuts enough to spew out an entire post about it.

Again, it was Google to the rescue as I had backed up my contacts. Apple actually makes it easy to back up your contacts with Google on your iPhone. Then go to Settings and enable contacts syncing. As you can see below, my personal gmail account is set to have contacts to be synced on my iPhone. The other advantage of this system is you can keep your work contacts out of your phone to prevent excess clutter in your phone book.

I save work contacts directly in my work email phonebook, and leave them there. If I need to have a work contact on my phone, I temporarily put him in my phone book. This does make him to appear in my personal Gmail contacts.

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Should I ever need his number, I can always locate his details from my work email account. There is a better way to prevent clutter in your phonebook.