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Its outstanding feature of transferring iBooks breaks iTunes restrictions. Click iBooks to continue. Tenorshare iCareFone displays all books both downloaded from iBooks Store or added from other sources. After transferring these books to Mac, you can click Delete option to permanently delete books from iBooks for storage release.

The simple steps are also available to sync videos from computers to iPhone , sync notes from Mac to your iPhone , transfer contacts from Mac to iPhone and more. Phone Transfer. Free Download For macOS This article has been hugely beneficial to me.

Import books or PDFs in Books on Mac

I am a uni student with a brand new iPad and my idea was that my purchase would help make my uni life easier!!! I have been looking for the way to transfer pdf files from ibooks on my ipad to ibooks on my macbook for months. This is the only one that nails it. Thank you. Note: the folders I made to arrange my pdf files are still there, and I noticed that when I downloaded a pdf that I had before it goes directly to the folder that it was on before it was gone, while if I download a new pdf file it goes to the main pdf file. Did you make an iCloud back up with your iPhone before updating to iOS 8?

If so, you can try to restore it and send every single PDFs file per email to your computer. Then you can add the files via iBooks again to your iPhone. Now all your pdf files should be synced on your iPad and on iBooks on your Mac. This worked like a charm, and it took less than 3 minutes. Meanwhile, every other advice on how to do this on the web was a complete waste of time. Thank you so much for this post. Thank you for all that. The problem I have with iBooks is that regularly on the iPad some ePubs disappear — and only one section of the ePubs. I have to download again.

I can select sync all books again but the same things keeps happening again religiously. Maybe this is the r as on for your issue.

How to transfer books from iPhone to Mac - Apple Community

I am very sad that it is so complicated to take my PDF with me. I need all our legal texts with me and it would be so easy when iBooks could synchronize between my iPhone, my iPad, my office computer and my home computer. I need to consult my collection also offline. The sync by iTunes is no solution, iCloud would just be fine. I also cannot understand why Apple is making it so complicated.

It could be so easy with iCloud…. Two hours and three different Apple support guys later I was still no further forward.

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Thank you Gee Are, your procedure has rescued me from a downward spiral of despair and hair pulling! Apple really need to get this simplified — or at least provide a well documented work around like yours to lift their customers out of their misery.

I have no idea how to get anything moved, much less the pdf files. Have you already tried to restart both your computer and your devices? Please, go again through my post and tell me exactly at which step you cannot go further. Then I can try to help you. Thank you sooooooo much! Thank you!!!! Other than that, I seem to be able to sync non-iPurchased ePubs and pdfs pretty well on iTunes Have you restarted your iPhone and iPad and closed all apps? Does iTunes still show this wired behaviour?

I had this phenomenon of forgetting, too. I think I solved it by restarting my iPhone, iPad and my computer. Let them switch off for a minute. And then try again. Check that you can open every single book or pdf. In regard to your notes and highlights in ePubs, I think it is not possible to sync them via iBooks. Or did you succeed in some cases? I restarted many times and will not leave this process to chance.

At this point I want to stay clear of iBooks. Can you please tell us what are iBooks alternatives we can use to sync our non-purchased PDFs and ePubs across devices? I was wrong. It worked!

3 Methods to Transfer Photos from Macbook to iPhone/iPad?

I have been trying to sync books not purchased from apple book stores for the whole day and you just provide the solution! Meanwhile, may I know if there are any ways to sync pdf docs other than using ibooks? I would also appreciate it if you could let the readers know if there are any alternative ways to sync, as, like you mentioned, using iTunes and i books to sync every time, is not fun at all.

I hope iTunes has them… Running Yosemite on desktop and Mavericks on laptop. Syncing iPad on desktop and iPhone on laptop. I did read the entire post but was at work and did not have access to my computer. It was a lot of work getting them in the first place! A reboot of both devices solved the problem. I wanted to keep the MacPro for production use only but it is more convienent to do all from one computer. I really appreciated this! Any suggestions? This should work. Hi there, i have been trying for weeks to sync my pdf files across all my devices and only today i found your page.

Do you have any idea why is this happening? Then turn off Hide iCloud Books at the bottom of the pop-up window. This is crazy. Can you help? Do this and try again. I can only wish the actual staff at the Apple store knew this and that I had thought to check Google before I lost everything in iBooks.

I had to return a work iPad at the end of June and to ensure I would not lose everything I did an iTunes back up and iCloud backup as well as to an external drive.

How to Sync iBooks PDF between Devices

It was several days later, after I had reformatted the work iPad and returned it, that I discovered that dozens of e-pub books I had bought and multiple PDFs, many of them my original workbooks for seminars, that I had saved in iBooks were gone forever. I was quite clear when I asked for everything to be copied over in the store that I was anxious about the amount of original material that I stood to lose and was assured that the Restore from the Cloud would bring everything across.

Even more infuriating to me was that every single thing in Adobe Reader, Kindle, Bluefire reader and Kobo copied over beautifully, but the one, specific e-reading app designed for the actual brand and device does not. It is beyond stupid and has left me with a high level of distrust towards anything Apple. All I heard from others was how simple, co-ordinated, clever and wonderfully designed Apple products were compared to the opposition and I fell for it. What it means to me now is a high level of anxiety when I do any kind of upgrade and and an Android phone that I will never change for an iPhone.

Thank you very much for your very detailed feedback. Thanks so much. I thought I was going to lose my pdfs. I have almost 2, books in my e-library and everything was working fine until I was forced by El Capitan to use iBooks previously was deleting the app from the computer and was able to manage through iTunes.

So after my books were transferred to iBooks and I synced my iPad not realising that everything that synced before would not sync anymore , only books were copied to my iPad — all the others were available through iBooks for Mac, but not on the iPad. I have worked out that I can see almost all for some reason not all books on my device after ensuring iBooks was selected in my iCloud settings on both computer and iPad.

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This is quite seriously doing my head in. Before El Capitan, I could happily sync all 1, books through iTunes, see them all in the library and open and read them all — now I cannot do that. I would love some further advice if you have any to add — at this point I am about ready to start throwing things…and all I want to do is read a freaking book!!!

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Looks like I may have solved the problem by clearing out the iBooks memory form my iCloud account and then reloading it all. I really appreciated it! Where did you delete the iBooks memory from your iCloud account? Could you explain it, please? I have a similar problem to Bradley but none of the above worked for me. Can you offer some other suggestions? I have over epub books and everything worked well until I installed El Capitan. I was able to get them back by using iCloud but they have since disappeared. But through all of this all the books show up in iBooks.

What am I doing wrong? Please can someone out there help me? I had an iPad Air which synchronized well with my HP laptop. Have used the first edition of iPad on this system too. However, my Mac Pro notebook would not allow me to use the iPad Air on it it said it would wipe off my data on it. Please, what should I do to have these documents on my new iPad Pro? Then sync your iPad. If anyone gets all the way down here to me, i tried everything above, without anything working.

What i did figure out is that icloud, itunes and ibook were not playing nicely together.

See books and PDFs you added to Books

First, make sure your apple id is the same across all devices. Then completely disable icloud. All ePub, mobi, pdf on your computer. Make sure you do this because we are going to clean out everything here and start over. Delete ibooks off of your ipad, phone and computer.