Microsoft word 2016 mac keeps crashing

The Outlook keeps crashing randomly, few minutes here and there. I think it starts processing and just hangs. Should I uninstall it and if so, I had Office installed — will uninstalling this Office delete my copy of Outlook as well? Hi Alan, Sorry about the delay. However, in in Office they are no longer in the Documents folder but in the in your User Library folder which is hidden by default. Doing this will open the Microsoft AutoUpdate utility to perform the updates. I tried all of the recipes online to no avail.

Fixes or workarounds for recent issues in Word for Mac

The way I fixed my machine was to exit out of Excel and OneNote, and then it would startup just fine. Tried creating new profile and same outcome — attachment on desktop email but not on mobile device. Is there a setting somewhere in preferences about attachments and mobile? There are no special settings regarding opening email attachments in Outlook on iOS. Can you see the attachments or are you getting an error message when you try to download them? If so, is it a server error message? No error messages — attachment is there and can be open when opening email in outlook on desktop, but no attachment shows at all when opening the email on a mobile device.

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I had all office apps crashing on my mac after the upgrade from office A nightmare. I have had Office for Mac on my MBP basically since it came out and I havent had many issues after they worked out some of the original bugs. These past 2 or 3 weeks though, Outlook has been hogging a lot of my resources and I am not sure why it is doing it all of a sudden?

Have you all heard about any issues with recent updates or anything? I only have emails in my inbox so nothing to bad.

There was an update a few weeks ago to Office for Mac. The update history is here. I am having a problem with newer versions: the installed Word for Mac v. My iMac is new and running High Sierra This happens with my old plug in mouse from and my new rechargeable Mighty Mouse 2.

Word and Outlook keep crashing - Apple Community

My iMac running word worked so much better. You seem to really know Macs and MS. Any suggestions? Is could be something to do with how your display is setup to work with the plug in mouse and Mighty Mouse. You should try one of these alternatives to Word for Mac and see if you have the same problem. Everything was working fine and late last week every time I opened it there was a new update.

It is now fully up to date after four days of updates, but today when I open Word it works for about 2 minutes and then crashes. No error report. Just shuts down. I have searched for a solution and tried everything suggested on the Microsoft Answers page — there was a suggestion changes to the Normal.

Files are stored on my Mac hard drive. I am having an issue with outlook crashing as well.

When I try to look at the Delegates tab under Accounts, it crashes immediately. Aside from that, it seems to be working, but I need to access that tab in order to add the account for him to view. Do you know what version of Exchange you have? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Email Address.

What Should You Do If Excel, Outlook or Word Frozen on Mac?

Home How To. Last Updated: March 12, I follow your suggestions and this error is fixed!! Thank you very much! No problem — glad it helped you! Adopt a habit of saving the documents as often as possible to prevent unexpected data loss. By default, the auto recovery is set to save a file every 10 minutes. So, in the event of unexpected quitting, Word should have saved the document version created ten minutes before that. There is one more way of finding the file if the Word app has crashed: go to the Finder to check if the file locates in the Documents folder.

The solutions listed below are suitable for Excel on Mac:.


Alternatively, use Command-Option-Esc shortcut. Check if you closed all Microsoft Office for Mac applications. To display it, press down the Option key while clicking the Go menu. After that, relaunch the application to see if the problem is solved.

Part 1. How to fix the issue

Once your computer boots up, launch Excel to see if the problem persists. To exit safe mode, restart your Mac as usual. Try removing and then installing Microsoft Office from zero. Follow the link to learn how to install and uninstall Office for Mac. This option will work for earlier Mac OS X versions. To verify the Outlook identity, go to the Office Identities folder. Browse Search. Ask a question. If anybody has any ideas on how to fix these problems, I would be very thankful. More Less.

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