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Combine this blend of functionality and beauty with features like a system-wide tool for quickly adding tasks, integration with your calendar so you can see your appointments while planning your day, intuitive keyboard shortcuts, reminders with native notifications, integration with over 1, apps via Zapier and syncing to an iPhone and iPad app. It's a powerful way to organize your tasks—and then accomplish them. Most Mac users stay within the Apple ecosystem…but not all of them.

If you need to sync your tasks from macOS to Windows, Android, or basically any other non-Apple option, Todoist is one of the first applications you should check out. Like Things, it's deceptively simple but has all kinds of advanced task management features hidden just below the surface, though Todoist does feel a little less at home on the Mac desktop. That's because the macOS application of Todoist is basically the web version in a dedicated window. There are a few native Mac features: notifications, a menu bar icon, and a Today widget.

And there's also a universal keyboard shortcut for quickly adding tasks, and that alone makes the Mac app worth installing for Todoist users. Having said that, Todoist is a solid application. You can arrange your tasks in all sorts of meaningful ways, sync them everywhere, and never worry about not having access. If you're particular about how your tasks are arranged, and I mean really particular, OmniFocus is right for you.

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This application is a power user's dream, allowing you to organize your task in seemingly never-ending variations. There are three different kinds of projects you can set up, for example. There are six main views by default, ranging from the Inbox for unsorted tasks, Forecast for seeing scheduled tasks in context with any of your macOS Calendar appointments, and Review for going over completed tasks at the end of the day or week. You can also create your own views if this isn't enough for you. This isn't an application that's quick to learn, and things can feel cluttered at times.

Once you figure everything out, however, you'll have an elaborate, GTD -style task list that works exactly the way you want. Combine this with a system-wide keyboard shortcut for quick task entry and you've got no excuse when it comes to keeping things organized. OmniFocus for Mac syncs with iPhone and iPad, and there's even a web version, currently in testing, so you can access your tasks while using Windows devices sadly this is occasionally necessary.

The best to do list is the one you have with you, right? If you own a Mac you already have Reminders, which comes free with every Apple device. Apple's default application for managing tasks is a simple one, allowing you to create lists of tasks and schedule when you'll do them. You can then view those tasks or view any day's worth of tasks across all lists, and that's about it. But this simplicity might be a big plus: You get in, add tasks, and then get to work.

There's no universal keyboard shortcut for adding tasks, but there is integration with Siri for Mac, which is something no other app on this list can claim. And iCloud integration means you can sync tasks with your iPhone and iPad very easily. You've already got this application so why not give it a shot? Reminders is great but not exactly feature rich. GoodTask is unique in that it uses Reminders as a backend—add anything to GoodTask and it will show up in Reminders and vice versa.

So what's the point? GoodTask offers features that Apple doesn't in Reminders. First there's Calendar integration, meaning you can see your calendar appointments and your tasks in one place. You can also create smart lists, allowing you to filter your tasks using things like tags, due dates, and locations. You'll have to spend some time setting this up before it's any better than Reminders, but if you've got a specific overview of tasks in mind you can probably design it here.

GoodTask also offers a fully customizable Today widget, which isn't something offered by any other application we tested. Integration with Reminders means all your tasks sync to the iPhone and iPad without the need for any other software, though there are versions of GoodTask available for those devices if you want the same power on those devices. There are a few downsides. There's no universal keyboard shortcut for creating tasks, though thanks to Reminders integration you can use Siri for Mac instead.

Overall, GoodTask is a nice little upgrade over Reminders. It looks a little cluttered at first glance, but it's also really powerful. You can create lists, then put projects or checklists inside those lists.

Cost and requirements

You can add tags and due dates. You can create smart lists, allowing you to view your tasks however you like. And there are a way more options than that if you're willing to put the time in. This is a power user's to do list, which you can bend to just about any workflow. It's going to take you while, but it's going to be worth it. There's no calendar integration, which is unfortunate, but there are plenty of other integrations with the rest of your system. A universal keyboard shortcut makes it quick to add new tasks, notifications let you know about upcoming deadlines, and there's even a handy Today widget for quickly checking off tasks.

Syncing is unique here because there are multiple options. You can also access synced tasks on any of those services, albeit without the 2Do specific features. It's a wide range of syncing options, beyond what any other app here offers, so give it a spin and see how it all works for you. Wondering why to do lists have to be so complicated? TaskPaper isn't. Import your tasks.

Available: iOS Android Web. Like getting milk after work, or calling family members on their birthday. The simple stuff. Their smart list feature is really nice, which lets you write out the details and due dates in one line with natural language. It will also send you texts and Gmail notifications to customize how you want to receive information. Remember The Milk has made a lot of their essential features limited to the premium version , like subtasks or getting mobile notifications.

You get many of those things for free in your usual task management tool. However,if you like the interface or are already in the Remember The Milk universe, then upgrading probably makes sense. Download: iOS Android Web. I asked a friend of mine the other day which to do list app he uses, and he mentioned Google Keep. This surprised me because I use Google Keep just as a note-taking app, not a personal to-do list software.

The Mac Apps You Should Download

You can title your list, save it and then come back to it later. You can also set reminders I should do this… and come back to notes or other items later. This to-do list app is new neaux?

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Tasks are laid out in a weekly view, showing the highest priority tasks you need to do for each day of the week. Something different? One way they do is by adding markdown features to their tasks. That means you can bold or underline if you need a little extra push. Download: iOS Web.

Microsoft To-Do

Things takes a minimalist approach and gives you a lot of white space to add details for your projects or chores. You start with a big list and then add smaller elements underneath. As a task manager, this allows for more nesting and helps you separate into more categories. The advantage of headings is that you can move the whole set of tasks, mark them complete or change the due dates. If you do use headings, Things has nice visual cues to show progress—and how much work you have left. Wunderlist is beautiful and it looks accessible.

It has more visual cues than typical to-do list software in a contemporary format. Wunderlist is slowly moving into the project management space, with assignments, file storage and even note-taking capabilities that make it a blend of Evernote , Google Keep with simplified project management. TickTick harnesses the power of traditional task management into an app-first interface.

TickTick has broader capabilities like location reminders, voice input and real-time data syncing across platforms that helps you stay on track. Download: iOS Android. If you need your application to fit the way your life works, then Toodledo may be an option for you. You can make your own workflow or work within their systems. Toodledo gives teams and people the flexibility of task management in an online to-do list. However, the interface looks a little clunky compared to more cutting-edge tools. Think of Bear as your essential online to-do list software meets note-taking app.

Their hashtag functionality links tasks, notes and files altogether. Bear lets you manage the way you want, and create lists for a few simple tasks.

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  • If you need to add more than just a due date, then Bear may be the right application for you. Download: iOS. This is from the creators of Wunderlist, but a little different. In fact, it integrates with Office , giving you access to part of the ultimate productivity suite. You can even create lists and add tasks from Outlook. For some people and teams, that is enough reason to switch over to Microsoft To-Do. But need more? Microsoft To-Do gives you lots of customization options to spice up appearances.

    Its best feature? To-Do is free and is a heavyweight competitor to all the other online to-do list apps. Their hashtagging system has revolutionized notes as a way to organize and their handwriting detection and search option is an amazing addition too.