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The programme selects moments from the collections that are added to folders and creates stories that are illustrated with videos and photos and feature background music. There is a free version of the programme that allows users to create stories that are up to 30 seconds long. The free version also allows users to burn music CDs, take advantage of up to five filtrations and take their pick from ten different tracks.

People who want more features and storage space can pay for the Plus or Premium packages. While Plus is cheaper than Premium, it is only suitable for PC users and provides just 1GB of storage, while people who sign up for Premium are treated to 25GB storage space and the full range of features.

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RealTimes (With RealPlayer) for Mac - Download

RealNetworks is the company behind the software and has more than twenty years of experience in providing media apps. Every effort is made to protect the privacy and security of users and there are special encryption and security systems in place to prevent third parties from accessing the photos and videos of users.

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In addition, users can also share videos and photos directly by sending a direct link to specified parties. The programme is compatible with a large number of different devices and platforms and people who are using a PC will be able to run the programme with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows There's also a social network aspect to RealTimes. Your friends and family will be alerted when you add new photos, videos, or create stories. Thankfully RealTimes doesn't force users into signing up. You can still share RealTimes stories with your friends who don't have an account.

Sharing a Story on Facebook shows up as an embedded video that plays right there in your friends' timeline.

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During my testing, Stories created by RealTimes worked flawlessly on my devices. There's no need to export your video to a specific file format. The app auto-converts the video to each platform using RealPlayer technology. One nice thing about RealTimes is that it scans all of your photos and videos, including ones you forgot about.

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This makes revisiting your old photos fun and a hit with your friends. Free to use but best with a subscription. RealTimes is free to use and comes with 2GB of cloud storage for free and are limited to 30 second Stories. Users can get an additional 5GB of storage for enabling Auto Upload in the app.

This feature automatically uploads all your photos and video clips to the cloud and will automatically be made into Stories. You can tweak each story before sharing, adding your own music, switching transition effects, or swapping the order of your photos and videos. Subscriptions will get you more storage and features. Subscribers also get the ability to make longer Stories. It's not going to unlock everything like a subscription but it does give you a few more features.

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Speaking of music, there's a ton of stock music included in the app but you can add your own music if you want. You can also do a voice over for your video for a personal touch. During my testing, RealTimes for Android kept crashing when trying to add my own music but I was using a pre-release version.

Another problem I found was that longer Stories took a long time to export. I created a four minute long Story that took over 30 minutes to export on my iPad. How is it different from other players for Mac? The best media player Mac app should support any type of videos and provide the clear and high-quality image at the same time being friendly and easy to use. You can find multiple apps online that claim to be the top choice, but actually finding the best media player for Mac that will satisfy all your needs is not super easy.

We tried to simplify this task for you and picked out the list of top media players for Mac top post here. Elmedia Player is a free media player for Mac. You can choose to browse for online videos directly from player and watch them online.


With another handy option - Open URL - you can do so without ads that are regularly added to online videos. Elmedia enhances video playback with lots of options: fitting the image to screen, video tuner, pinning the player window on top of other running apps, and more. Even though the player is free it is also offered in PRO version. Still looking for the best media player for Mac? Look no further because JustPlay is the tiny app that will revolutionise the way you watch videos and listen to music.

Besides the wide range of formats it can run, JustPlay is also entirely capable of delivering Ultra HD, 4K or 8K resolutions for the perfect viewing experience. No more buffering, big waiting times and time lost when playing 4K and 8K videos. Try JustPlay media player for Mac right now and unlock its full power! MPlayerX is a lightweight player developed specifically for Mac computers. Saves resources and supports almost all file formats. It works well with Apple Remotes, lets you change the subtitle size and can resume the video from the moment it was stopped at.

Cisdem VideoPlayer is another smart choice that saves computer resources. It offers smooth playback even when some other players play choppy. It is a free app that combines video and music player and AirPlay media streamer. It offers downloading of online videos and can play 4K, 5K, and HD videos of numerous formats.

This player doesn't require codec packs and is free. VLC Player features include:.

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Kodi is a homebrewed player for Xbox consoles.