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Instead of opening your browser and going to Prezi. This lets you present and edit your prezis offline. The next time you connect to the Internet, your offline prezis will sync with your online account. The higher subscription levels include advanced presenter tools like pdf handouts and portable prezis.

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Prezi Next desktop app has a presenter view that lets you view your notes, a timer, the current audience view, and the upcoming view for when you are projecting your presentation. You can download a portable prezi. You can store this portable version of your prezi on a flash drive.

Make great presentations, even without PowerPoint

You can make a portable prezi that will run on either Mac or PC. Instead of using Prezi to show your presentation, you can play a video of it.

Without a doubt, this is a lifesaver for cash-strapped start-ups and dirt-poor students. A Prezi video has other advantages as well.


A Prezi video is also a great way to share your presentation on social media or your blog. Instead of embedding a prezi, embed a video or stream it from YouTube or Vimeo.

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There are many tools you can use to create a video of your presentation. Most are very easy to use. Some of them are free. With Screencast-o-matic you can record your prezi for free and even add a soundtrack. The free version is limited to 15 minutes of video and has a watermark logo at the bottom of your video.

Prezi Classic

Plus, most people have the Quicktime app on their desktop. Open QuickTime and go to the File menu. Choose New Screen Recording and click Record. You can create a prezi starting with a blank page or use one of the available templates in order to get started more easier. Most of the available presentation elements are under the Insert drop-down menu that enables you to quickly insert frames, images, symbols and shapes and YouTube videos.

Prezi Desktop Mac

As an added bonus, you have the option to highlight text, draw lines and arrows, draw bracket or circle frames, draw rectangle or invisible frames with just a few mouse clicks. What is more, Prezi Classic allows you to add background music and voice over, load various multimedia files and create diagrams. By accessing the Customize side panel, you can easily change the background image and use or create a custom different theme.

Via Prezi Classic's Settings slide sheet, you can also change the screen ratio and enable or disable the shortcuts. When you are happy with your prezi, you can export you work to a PDF file or export it to a portable prezi via the share menu. Prezi Classic for Mac. Prezi Classic was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan.