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Skype Classic is Skype without all the new junk that Microsoft has been adding lately. Latest version of "Skype Classic" is: 7. A lot of people I know prefer Skype Classic because it is less buggy and a lot better looking. Microsoft's Skype takeover started off by removing P2P support and making Skype cloud based.

Thank you for your notices. I know and I'm sorry that information on this blog is outdated, but I do not have time to fix everything. By the way, on this page you download only latest versions. If you click on "Skype for Windows" or "Find old versions" you'll see the list of all versions including, the classic ones.

As about the 7.

Missing “Classic” Skype? You’re in Luck…

Skype Classic is just the regular Skype without the new "junk". It's on the standard download page for Skype for Windows. There is no need to look for it in a old versions section. Skype Classic is still it's own thing. Skype for Windows comes in multiple varients; 3 different programs. Also, Classic Skype is at 7. Clicking update will state it's already at the latest version. Straight of Skype's site: "Skype 7. Just over 3 months ago. Nevertheless, you cannot deny that eight version is the latest version of Skype for Windows Desktop and that the seventh version is abandoned I mean, that will no longer receive big updates or features.

Of course, before that, was the sixth against fifth and fourth. As about version 7. I have never seen version 6 called classic. Version 6 is just an "older version". It's just not going to get the "junk" added. Version 7 has been receiving updates well after version 8 came out. As I stated before, Skype for Windows has 3 varients. All 3 are there own branches and all 3 are still being supported and updated. As for v. It is designed for Windows 10, not Windows 7 or 8.

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Skype 7. You can get all this information directly from Skype. I do not want to argue with you, so in short I want to convey my thoughts: 1 Skype 8 is latest version of Skype for Windows Desktop. Exactly this version receives updates in normal mode as it was always for all versions. Taking this into account, I can consider that it is abandoned I hope that I'm wrong. Recruits, by "classic" means 6. There are no versions of the seventh branch compiled after this date. Are you saying that the classic version will no longer be updated?

Please do not misunderstand me, but I just do not know the right answer. Nevertheless, it seems to me that the seventh branch will no longer be actively supported for example, by adding new features or by fixing small bugs. The problem is that latest version was released at 29 August , and even after two months it received only two patches. If you analyze the development history of the Skype, you will see that this is unusual.

Not sure that I understood you correctly, but in order to reset password you must follow the URL received by email. No one except you will not be able to reset your password. Like I tried to explain before Of course, it worth a try. Hi, You should know there are also Linux versions of Skype, too. There are two flavours of Skype, even.

Hallo, following question: I had Skype vers. Today, when trying to log in, I had the message "you have been logged of as you are using an old version; download the latest version". Now, is there information available, which version is the oldest one which is working now? Win XP prof. Thank you for advice! Hi, which version supports the Local Time feature, next to the persons name in a chat window?

I've tried to roll back to both versions of 6. I had to replace my old computer, and Skype came pre-installed. Please note that versions older than 7. Hello, I have problem with outgoing calls on skype. I used to solve this issue version 7. Now this version is no more supported i can not login because this is outdated version Anyone can help me which version to use now? I tryes 7. Please take a look at this article: Cannot make calls and no dial tone in Skype for Windows. Only microsoft would take a great service like skype and force feed us advertising updates until its the memory hogging piece of crap it is now, it hangs and freezes but we do get animated adds, right?

Skype had several owners, but people always blamed them for something. But first of all it should be noted that Microsoft does not planned neither advertising nor premium services. As far I know when they bought Skype, at Skype Technologies already planned to include ads. This is why I please you all: write only on the case and write only well-thought-out information; appreciate the work of others and do not let hatred cloud your judgment. A few days ago I tried to log into Skype and was met with a message saying cookies need to be enabled in my browser - they already are and also Java is accessible.

It won't even let me log in via Facebook. Very frustrating as I rely on Skype to keep in touch with my friends around the world who don't have Facebook accounts. Help pleaasse! Please read this solution: Cookies must be allowed to log in to Skype. Hi I'm trying to find a version of Skype that will work on an acer aspire notebook with XP service pack 3, the current versions of Skype won't work with XP and we've tried a couple of versions from here but we just get a"connection error" message?

On Windows XP you can install any Skype version, but it should be newer than 7.

Download Skype for Mac OS , and Business []

For example, try to install 7. I'm running Skype 7. Recently I did a system repair and now I can't make or receive calls from no one, Skype just hangs itself. I can't even call the sound test service, Skype just hangs. I remember I had some signing problems with Version 7. But I found a way to solve the problem: I logged in with version 7. Skype updated automatically since then and now I'm running version 7. I think I was running version 7. What should I do?

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  • My internet conection is working fine, Skype settings are fine, I checked everything. Some people have experienced the same problem, but with previous versions, and I know that if I ask in the forums they won't give me handy solutions. I read somewhere that Skype ended supporting XP, someone said in the forums that last version to support it was 7. So what's the problem? Why can I not make or receive calls? I'm going crazy and I can't find any solutions, any leads on what to do. Please, please help me.

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    Thanks for the versions, I'll need them if I want to solve this problem. Maybe uninstalling and rolling back to previous versions can help? I don't know if it'll solve this particular issue with the not-making-or-receiving-calls. I seriously don't know what to do.

    If issue wasn't fixed please read this: Cannot make calls and no dial tone in Skype for Windows. Hello I m on win I get out of memory. Please to you have a little solution for me? Thank r.

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    Are you sure that your issue is related to Skype? Can you copy-paste the error message? Can you please add 5. I am on Windows 7 bit I have searched the web and cant find a portable version of 6. Thanks in advance.

    Previous versions

    Hi JayJay! How did you create the portable version?

    The Skype for Mac version 7.50 is now available for download

    What kind of errors occur during authorization? Anyway, please note that version 6. Thus, you cannot log in using this version. To use Skype you should install 7. That's how I built my portable You still have not described the problem: do you encounter an authorization error or something else? By the way, do you know that according to VirusTotal the Link 1 is malicious?

    If you open the version page, you will see which operating systems it supports. I often think u people are a bunch of stupid a Look at the page u tell me about.. No version is given either for windows , mac or other. But this is microsoft policy , " sign in , give your personal data , and if something happens , too bad for you!!! How many skype or microsoft account do i have , floting about , cause they are not recognized? The security policy is so fucking secure that no one can recover an account.

    But then , the question remains : how is it possible to get so many " adnormal activity " messages if accounts are so secure????? All i would like to do is close all these inaccessable accounts , but even that isnt possible. Its clear that your user respect is plain shit. I would like people to respect others. You must however admit that these companies like skype , microsoft , google , facebook , etc , are the ones to disrespect the users! Navigate to OldVersion. Search for Skype. Select "Skype" from the results, select a previous version to download, and then click "Download Now.

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