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Step Two: Securely Wipe Your Hard Drive (Optional)

With your information wipe complete, you are now ready to reinstall macOS. The installation process will begin. Choose the Macintosh HD you named earlier. This might take a while.

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Skip to content. How-To Geek is where you turn when you want experts to explain technology. Several years ago, many most? USB flash drive manufacturers made a change to the firmware on their USB flash drives that caused them to report themselves to the PC, not as removable drives, but as hard drives or as SSDs, if you prefer to think of it that way. I forget their rationale for doing this, but recall there was a lot of consternation over this decision, because it would block these newer flash drives from being used as bootable removable drives ruh-roh.

As I was staring at my four flash drives, it suddenly occurred to me that the one that would boot was about 10 years old, while the other three were all less than 2 years old. The command line returns a long list of options is displayed on the screen …. Hi, thanks fir the post it was very helpful but i have problem. Sir I have follow 1 to 4 step but one is at the back side do you want to format D drive then go for other than I have cancelled that one and shout down my after when I am turn on my pc system gives some massage like this missing operating system please help me out from this situation.

Very useful guide! When I turned on the notebook, a blue screen appeared… Recovery … required file is missing or contains errors. Admin, happy new year! Worked for me as stated. In short- the instructions above work like a champ provided they are followed carefully -Again, Happy New Year. Hi my name is Chad. This is a helpful troubleshooting step.

Now I am craving to have a copy of Windows 10 Installer. After following the instruction provided to make my USB HDD bootable, no error came up, everything went successfully until i plugged my usb HDD into the system to install the windows After extraction, a message popped up requesting for an edit of a string of line for x64 installation.

It seemed to hang there.

The right software for the job.

The fact is that, I have installed 32 bits and it was successful. I have tried severally to install x64 but to no avail.

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How to Remotely Wipe a Mac - Make Tech Easier

It always stops at the appearance of the windows logo. Thanks for the instructions. I followed all the instructions and they were great.

Como Formatar Pendrive ou Cartão sd no Macbook

However, when I start my new computer, all I can see is a bunch of instructions and nowhere to select USB boot.. Any tips? It was on an old Asus Eee. I have installed it all but have encountered a problem with activating windows? I am an all genuine windows user! Any help anyone? I follow all the steps perfectly on Windows 7 but the when I boot from the USB it gets to the screen with the blue Windows logo and then just gets stuck there doing nothing? Or would this be another issue?

Can you update this article for using the Windows Media Creation tool to create the bootable usb? Will it create a UEFI bootable image? I am using Windows 8 pro 64 bit but I had downloaded the windows 10 32 bit is It possible to install windows 10 and another question I had made bootable drive after openning boot part 1 i. The best way to know if you have the right Disk number is to look in Disk Management. They are listed the exact same way but with drive letters, names, detailed capacities, etc.

Hi, I faced some of the issues stated by others, reg. I got no message and run in it as Admin using the right button mouse menu. Otherwise it starts a new installation, I got to Windows All the installation run smoothly and pretty fast after this. Space required is not quite big and includes Windows media player! Paranoid, Thanks for your encouraging words. Thanks again Admin. Actually Windows 8. The rest is easy if followed to the letter.

Great instructions! Thanks for doing this. I think it would be clearer if you changed the step 6 instructions to read like this to make it more consistent. Press and hold the power button..

Particionado & Instalación (arranque simple)

I did not get the step 8 and step 9. Any suggestions? I noticed that the Windows 10 iso needs to be same bitversion 32 or 64 as you the windows you are currently running.

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  6. Otherwise the bootsect. Or you need to find the right version of bootsect. Hi there. Very helpful, thank you. This is because in my setup. PS : I am using win 8. Super useful guide that actually worked the whole way through. Most command-spew guides have at least one typo or forgotten command in them. Off to enjoy Windows 10 now! Your email address will not be published.

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    The instructions in this page are very good. Hi, Great guide btw. Thanks a lot -a-. The command line returns a long list of options is displayed on the screen … Why? Can we use this procedure on a W10 x64 PC? You are a genius.