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For that, cut and paste came to OS X Lion on a filesystem level, providing for a Windows-style system of moving items around the […]. Thank you for telling how to move files.. Yes there are shortcuts but only if you look hard or custom-add them yourself. Well, they were the first to make the mouse mainstream, so maybe that explains it.

I guess nothing is perfect. I just bought a macbook pro after having an Ipad 2 for months. I have had a computer on my desk since and wrote a program for a basic class in college when most of the mac users were not even a thought. My office is completely paperless since and I have used a computer every day in my law practice for over 23 years. I love all technology.

Delete Files Using The Keyboard

Mac is counterintutive to windows users. If you want to move a file to another directory that requires scrolling or opening another Finder window this is a welcome new feature. OSX is a very advanced OS, and this feature fills a very real need. It also improves the OS overall. And yes, I have learned all the keystrokes, know how to drag and drop and all the bells and whistles. I finally bought a Mac couple of weeks ago, and have been doing nothing but learn how stupid this OS is, and how Apple has forced you into doing things their way.

Also astonishing is how uninformed MAC users are about Windows. Instead, they champion preach? Turn your argument around and you can say the same about Windows enthusiasts. There is lack of knowledge and zealotry in either camp. And frankly, I prefer productivity over choice any day. They want to plug in the device and be done.

You obviously have no idea what the OP has been complaining about. I prefer the Mac before Windows in almost every way. Amen, bro. Wakey wakey, Tim Cook. I just bought my first Mac a week ago. I have to wait all these years for this to happen? Learn to use a keyboard like the rest of the world.

Feel that pain in your shoulder? Thanks for saying my words! Mac is designed for average users who operate most of the things using a mouse. For dialogs, escape for canceling dialog. Space and Enter for two other options.

Also under keyboard shortcut setting or somewhere I forgot where you can set it so that you can tab through the buttons. For menus there is a keyboard short cut to move focus to it control F2? That would be much more inefficient than with a mouse. As someone who does things MUCH faster with a keyboard, I find the notion of having to open multiple windows and drag files around a bit limiting. Andy I agree. Just FYI: moving files from one place to another not a copy has always been possible by simply holding the Command key when dragging your files.

The command becomes a move and not a copy. Actually newbies use the mouse in the beginning. Advanced users use the keyboard more, so this says something about your level of experience or lack of it. Jeff is probably a 12 year old girl who has never heard of keyboard shortcuts on the Mac. Anyone who says otherwise is a mouse-using n00b, like Jeff. News for you, the world is bigger than your group of friends.

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How to cut-paste (or move) files on Mac OS X

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Cut and Paste Files & Folders in Mac OS X

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How to Cut and Paste in Finder in Mac OS X Lion With This Keyboard Shortcut [Quick Tip]

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March 26, at pm. Chris says:. May 7, at pm. Notaclue says:. November 7, at pm. March 10, at pm. February 2, at am. February 1, at pm. Jack herb says:. January 21, at am. XenoRising says:. It may not be very convenient to press three keys instead of two keys, but the concept of the developers of macOS is to prevent accidental movement or removal of files, hence such sacrifices. Agree on this there is a certain logic. I hope my advice helped make life easier for someone and made using a Mac even more comfortable.

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