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If you choose to try the app, Reflector has a limitation. It will automatically shut down after 10 minutes and will then need to be restarted. Also, after I had used Reflector 2 times, the app started telling me that my trial had expired. On Windows, installing Reflector is nearly identical, with the only difference being you will need to allow Firewall access for the app. Open up the Multitasking Bar on your iOS device.

How to Mirror iPhone or iPad Screen to Mac/Windows PC

This can be done by double-tapping the Home button. If you are on a iPad, you can open the multitasking bar by using a swipe up gesture from the bottom bezel, provided you have enabled multitasking gestures in Settings.

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Now that you can see the multitasking bar, swipe on the recently used apps list from the left to the right. This will need to be done once on an iPad and twice on a iPhone. Swipe until you see the Airplay Mirroring icon.

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Tap on the Airplay Mirroring icon. This will bring up a popover dialog showing you various devices that are available to mirror to on your WiFi network. To turn mirroring off, bring up the Multitasking bar again.

Use iPad Pro as Your Mac Mini Display With Luna Display!

Open up the Control Centre on your iOS 7 device. This can be done by swiping up from the bottom of the screen on the iPhone as well as the iPad.

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  • I need something like this for Android for giving presentations, not just streaming. Is there anything available? Skip to content. Is this article useful? Step 1 : Download and launch this AirPlay receiver on Mac.

    AirServer - Universal Mirroring Receiver

    Click AirPlay. Step 3 : Then you can see a list of AirPlay receiver options. In the device list there will be the name of your Mac. Tap it and click Done. Then your Mac will start to play the video or audio that's currently playing on iPad iPhone.

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    The Beginner's Guide to Apple AirPlay Mirroring on Mac and iOS

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