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With the default apache settings, you can add as many sites as you like in subfolders of the web root. You can have sites like this:. However, that creates a problem.

Each one must then have a different absolute root. The solution is to create a subdomain for each site, and use URLs like these:. Previous versions of this tutorial used. You can also use. To install dnsmasq, we use the previously installed Homebrew. The following commands will install dnsmasq, configure it to point all requests to the.

Now, to get Apache going.

Apache has a default location for storing website files, but I prefer to create my own web root that is independent of Apache. Put yours wherever you wish. In that folder, I have a few subfolders. Step one is easy. Mountain Lion No big deal though, since you just need to start it up once using the terminal. Open up the Terminal app, and enter the following command. Apache is up and running, and is ready to serve your sites.


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It will stay on until you turn it off I never turn it off , and will start up automatically each time you start your computer. Apache will serve up sites as is, but there are a few quick changes we need to make to the configuration files before we are ready to go. On line line before Starting with OS X First, there is a directive that helps secure your machine by denying access to the entire file system by default.

The section of code runs from line through We must uncomment line , so:. This tells apache to load the information in the httpd-vhosts. We need to edit that file.

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You can delete or comment out everything in that file, and replace it with the following:. It also allows you to use the service xip. You can find your local IP address in your network preferences. You're a fool. And as for "Because I can type properly and spell correctly, and I have good grammar? Both have that same meaning in Webster's dictionary. As for the whole PC thing, Noah is correct, but a bit anal. It used to bother me when people would call their computer a CPU.

At first I would kindly inform them of what a CPU is, but after a while I got to realize that they will not change. So I stopped.

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For those who firmly hold onto the belief that grammar is more important than communication and expression, you should check what you are really hanging onto with such a firm grip. My guess is it's the same proverbial stick that's up your asses. You don't even have a face on your avatar and I'm the fool? Take your cartoon head and shove it next to that stick you have up you bum. Because Noah is a loser with no life and has nothing to add to this link and bla bla bla Holy crap you two are lame. And to Dead End, I've not seen anything like this myself, but I've not looked.

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Just like now, I'm correcting you :. Would you correct someone if they said they were going to xerox something for you make a copy when the machine was a lexmark? But is that it the involvement of all of theses? No any other app needed? This question, IMO, is way too broad for this format. My suggestion is to get a basics of how a web server works by vewing some videos on YouTube as a primer. Once you have the basics, you can begin to refine your questions to something a bit more manageable.

I'm a web developer myself. I'm pretty sure. I've a feeling that I'm missing some networking configurations direction : because I'm not good at it - yet, that's why I decide to ask this question to seek a bit more hints. The designations may differ slightly in your router's interface! If you haven't changed this, the proper port-forwarding rules on the router would look like this then: This means: all requests to This will prevent ravaging your real system. Featured on Meta. Congratulations to our 29 oldest beta sites - They're now no longer beta!

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