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Now, I have purchased an audio interface - Presonus iOne. It is almost not noticeable, yet I do feel it's juuuuuust a little bit better.

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Is this a placebo effect or could it be that the Presonus Audio Interface gives me better Pianoteq sound than my built-in Macbook sound card? Again by the time I switch from built-in to audio interface in settings and play the same notes it's hard to judge, yet my feeling remains that it's slightly cleaner through the box. In other forums I read that it's not true and there is no quality improvement with an audio interface in this price range vs the built-in MacBook Pro sound card.

Only if you pay a lot for audiophile DACs can you expect to hear a difference, I think, and this is mainly because you can program different filters that can change the output, along with the mostly useless in Pianoteq's case capability to support very high sample rates. Your Audio Technica has 38 ohms impedance so no large mismatch.


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One reason that may come to mind is that the combined amplification of the Mac and the PreSonus may give you more volume, and it is hard to match by ear when comparing the two louder always sound better…. To be totally frank, I could not swear I heard a difference when running Pianoteq through headphones running straight out of my MacPro. However, when I ran the computer's line output into my stereo system, there was a noticeable loss in ambience of other types of recordings. The new unit arrived two days ago, and I couldn't be happier!

However, I do NOT regret paying the high price for the new Duet 2 in terms of sound for my overall audio needs.

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The converse is also true, but only if you have a system whose resolution is high enough to make use of the audio interface. Probably yes. In reality, it's the latter that made me spring for the extra money, because there is more to the world than just Pianoteq!

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End Edit. What is the headphone-output-impedance of some "MacBook Pro"? The Tech Specs at their site seem to be not very professional I cannot hear a real difference except the one I want to believe is cleaner with the box :-O I assume those monitors are just entry level and not made to hear a difference between Macbook built-in vs audio interface Hi lovelovemale, My experiences. I think that audio interface is necessary when you want to record external sources instruments or voice. If you are satisfied with Mac sound card, using headphones playing Ptq, stick with it.

It is probably a high spec computer I am glad using Mac mini late , no one has complained about my Ptq sound. It's so refreshing to read honest discussions in this forum instead of some of the garbage overstated claims and horrible name calling that one might read in other forums. Glad to keep the subject matter and our listening experiences "real" instead of flaming remarks. The Presonus is an entry-level box so is not going to have components that are miles better than those of your Apple.

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I'm better on the creative side of the spectrum than at the technical side. But as stated the card isn't for recording in the first place, but more to have a crystal clear sound with which I can work better. People say it gives you a wider spectrum "3D effect" and more crisp and all. Apart of the box itself looking really nice I don't know what to think of it to be honest. Wed Aug 13, pm If anything, I'd think you'd be better off getting a USB3 card and getting a newer audio interface to use with that, if anything.

I'm still using a first-yen Apogee Duet FW with no problems. Also, I'm not sure what that dB requirement is about.

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  8. Even at , you'd develop hearing damage in minutes. Maybe that's a production concern in a different end of the spectrum than mine. Wed Aug 13, pm Well, I heard that the higher the volume, the more dBs there is left without noise basically this whole SNR thing. So I supposed, the higher the dB spectrum, the cleaner the sound.

    Am I wrong? Wed Aug 13, pm Ultimately, barring a "perfect" signal, the louder you crank it, the more noise you'll be able to hear.

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    How much that increases depends on your SNR: a higher better SNR means you won't notice noise as much, whereas a lower worse SNR means you'll notice noise more quickly or, if you're at a level at which it's already audible, it'll sound like it gets louder more quickly. I'm not really clear what you were trying to say. Based on what you've said though, I think a PCIe card is overkill for your purposes.

    There is no noise in the box, and most everything you're doing is digital. A good audio interface with some decent TRS cables for your Korg, and noise will likely not be an issue for you. Lastly, higher quality equipment does not inherently result in better quality work, especially if your budget is "not too expensive. Wed Aug 13, pm But wouldn't it also reduce digital noise? My virtual synths for example create noise as well, you don't really hear it usually, but when the sound is very compressed and there's some saturation on top of it, you can clearly hear some noise or a buzz in the background, even when the synth isn't playing.

    When I bounce the track, the buzz is obviously included - at all times. Where does this come from? PCIe might be overkill in fact. But with "not too expensive" I meant it shouldn't cost the price of a little car, because I've seen plenty of cards for prices in that range. The reason for the high price seems to be the big amount of tracks you can record through the interface at the same time, but I don't need that.

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    6. But still, I believe a card that gives good sound quality is crucial. And yes, I meant the representation of my work. Wed Aug 13, pm Revs wrote: But with "not too expensive" I meant it shouldn't cost the price of a little car, because I've seen plenty of cards for prices in that range. Thu Aug 14, am I think you're looking at digital noise more than you need to be.

      But now I see what you were thinking, and it's not something you need to concern yourself with. It's part of the math equation, so bits will automatically give you the theoretical maximum of dB of room.