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Need a volume discount? Contact me. Are you a student, faculty or staff member at an academic institution? Learn about my educational discount. Feb 11, Wireless networks are everywhere and we use them everyday. However, there are many factors that influence their performance and getting the most out of them is not an easy task.

MAC OS X: WEP Wireless Setup

Mar 23, WiFi Explorer provides an option to display signal strength in dBm or percentage values. The purpose of this blog is to describe this conversion process in WiFi Explorer.

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Aug 11, In this blog post, I will briefly talk about how Wi-Fi scanning works, and then I will focus on how this process is accomplished in WiFi Explorer Pro, including the pros and cons of each scan mode. Aug 28, A beacon is a type of management frame in Beacon frames are transmitted by access points to announce the presence of the network to nearby clients and for other important network functions. Rather than examining the scan results in the app itself, you can visualize them in WiFi Explorer Pro 1.

If you have any questions or comments please contact me. For more information click here. Ekahau and names of all Ekahau trademarked products are trademarks of Ekahau, Inc. Just like lucky said. I Also got my wireless adapter stuck in monitoring mode and have no fucking clue how to get it back to normal… Someone please help me!?!?!

Wireless Transmitter Utility (Mac)

MUCH better Data.. I prefer the rev. Can the new wifi-diagnostic tool in Mountain Lion OS helps me to monitor the traffic flow? Download wireshark and X Be sure you set it to open with wireshark or else it will open with text edit. I played with this utility and I got my Wi-Fi card stuck in monitoring mode.

MAC OS X: WPA Wireless Setup

How can I turn this off? Very nice utility. I previously used iStumbler for this. I guess the WiFi menubar applet uses the same framework to find networks as the Network Utilities app. I also find it interesting that Apple is hiding all the powerful tools in the CoreServices folder rather than Utilities these days, anything to make of that or just Apple hiding clutter from novices? Name required. Mail will not be published required.

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iStumbler: Wireless Intelligence

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February 18, at am. Logging continues even when you quit the app or restart your Mac, so remember to disable logging when you're done. Scan finds Wi-Fi routers in your environment and gathers key details about them. When the quality is too low, your device disconnects from the Wi-Fi router. Factors that affect quality include the distance between your device and the router, and objects such as walls that impede the signal from your router.

Learn more. Sniffer captures traffic on your Wi-Fi connection, which can be useful when diagnosing a reproducible issue. Select a channel and width, then click Start to begin capturing traffic on that channel. When you click Stop, a. Learn more Additional recommendations for best Wi-Fi performance: Keep your router up to date. For non-Apple routers, check the manufacturer's website. Learn about potential sources of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth interference. If you're using a dual-band Wi-Fi router, make sure that both bands use the same network name. Yes No. Character limit:

Quicktip: Find the Best Wi-Fi Channel in OS X