How to manage bookmarks on mac

You can organize your bookmarks in folders, rearrange them, edit them, and of course, delete those you end up never using. Note : You can rename, delete, and rearrange folders by following the steps above just like bookmarks.

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For editing you can rename or change the address. After you finish your edit, hit the Enter key.

How to Delete Bookmarks on Google Chrome

For deleting, you can choose Delete from the context menu. You can also simply select the bookmark and hit your Delete key. If you are moving it to a folder, the entire folder will be highlighted. See how to create a folder below. Click Apply Changes button. Then everything has done. When you open Safari browser, you will see the sorted bookmarks and bookmark folders.

Managing Bookmarks in Safari

Sort Chrome bookmarks with Chrome browser. Just like the sorting function in safari, chrome browser can only sort sub-bookmarks by name under the bookmark folder.

It can't sort all bookmark folders. Here are steps that how to sort chrome bookmarks in chrome browser.

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Then the selected sub bookmarks will be sorted. Sort all Chrome bookmarks and bookmark folders. If you need to sort all chrome bookmarks and bookmark folders on Mac, chrome browser can't meet your needs. Here we use One bookmark to complete the sort. Click Export bookmarks button to save the html file.

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Open Chrome browser, you will see the sorted bookmarks and bookmark folders. In addition, One Bookmark also provide the function to remove duplicate bookmarks and inaccessible bookmarks, sync all bookmarks from Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera browser and more. How to sync all your bookmarks on different browsers on Mac? How to fix your macOS system storage is so huge.

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