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The easiest way to install Word on your Mac is to download it from the App Store. You can also sign in to your Microsoft account online and order an Office subscription there. The Mac OS comes with a functional word processor called Pages , which has a WYSIWYG interface, allows you to embed pictures or create charts, and can handle invoices for small offices, term papers for students, and many other standard uses for a word processor.

Perhaps just as important, Pages comes as a free application on your Mac and is part of iCloud. The cloud-based Pages gives you access on any Mac via the web.

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Pages is also a free download for the iPad and iPhone. Pages an excellent Word substitute for students, home use, and a small office, but what if you need to do more? While Pages includes collaboration features and can export to a Word file format, exchanging documents with people who use Microsoft Word is awkward.

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Pages isn't equipped for advanced features such as mail merges and master documents. If you work for a company that uses Word as its word processing platform, you need to use Microsoft Word. If you work in a small business, are a student, or need a word processor for home use, check out Pages before investing in Microsoft Word.

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If you absolutely need to run Word for Windows, you don't have to give up your Mac. It's possible to install Windows on a Mac, and it's possible to run a Windows app side-by-side with Mac apps using Parallels software. Installing Parallels isn't for the tech-queasy, but it doesn't take much technical know-how to get up and running. As Microsoft Word is widely used among people, owning some basic Word troubleshooting is recognized as an essential skill.

Today you're going to learn three tricks in solving Word not opening on Mac.

What is Microsoft Word for Mac?

The given workarounds are applicable to all Word editions such as , , , Step 2: Choose the primary hard disk drive for your computer. Then, click the "First Aid" tab. Step 3: Click "Run" to repair the disk volume errors and permissions. When it finishes, click "Done". Step 1: Open "Library".

Step 3: Find a file named as com.

Apple finally brings Microsoft Office to the Mac App Store, and there is much rejoicing

Move the file to the desktop. If the problem still occurs, exit Microsoft Word, and then restore the "com.

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Then, go to Step 4. Note: If you do not locate the file, the program is using the default preferences. Step 4: Exit all Microsoft Office for Mac programs. Then, Click the Word icon. On the left, click "Preferences". Start Word, and check whether the problem still occurs. If the problem seems to be resolved, you can move the "Normal" file to the trash. Step 2: In the Open dialog box, select the file that you want to open. Office delivers features across apps to help users create amazing content in less time.

In PowerPoint , you can create cinematic presentations with new features like Morph and Zoom. And improved inking features across the apps in Windows—like the roaming pencil case, pressure sensitivity, and tilt effects—allow you to naturally create documents. Excel adds powerful new data analysis features, including new formulas and charts and enhancements to PowerPivot.

Word and Outlook help you focus on what matters most. Focus Mode blocks out distractions and puts your content front and center.