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There are various free programs available, several of which can be downloaded directly here:. The open source program combines all of the main features of an FTP client — and several others — into a basic, user-friendly interface. Practically every file transfer on Earth is handled dependably using FTP.

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It facilitates secure data and file transfers between computers and servers. The user can choose between an interface that resembles either Norton Commander or Windows Explorer.

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The software is easy to use and provides all of the basic features of an FTP client. In the Remote Site contents window, the www folder contains materials available on the World Wide Web. The other folder cannot be accessed online.

FTP Client Software

Your server may be different. The next step is to locate and select the file or folder you wish to transfer. The following graphics illustrate a connection to a computer using its IP number. You can drop and drag files and folders from one window to the other window or to a specific folder, thereby copying files or entire folders from computer to computer. It is usual practice for a Web site's creator to maintain a mirror of a web site or web folder on their own work station computer.

WSFTP Secure FTP Connection

I recommend placing a mirror copy of your Web site on both your office and home hard drives plus backup storage. To do this you need only select a folder in the Remote Site window and drag and drop it on the Local System folder of choice. This will result in a folder on your computer with the same name as your Web site folder, complete with all your folder's files.

You can then edit the files on your computer or add files as needed. After you complete changes to your web pages or graphic files on your drive you simply send a copy of all modified and added files to the server, replacing any previous versions.

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Dragging and dropping is only one method of moving files. You can select the file or folder to be transfered by clicking on it, and then just click the appropriate directional button. Be certain that you have selected the destination drive or folder also. Anything that uniquely identifies it to you.

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  7. Host name: In this area, put in domain. IE: notarealdomain. Password: Use the password provided to you in your welcome email.

    FTP Server Configuration and WSFTP Connection

    You'll probably want to check the setting to "remember password" for convenience. How do I access my main FTP account via a web browser? Domain name search Secure Online Order. Hosting plans. Domain Transfer Information.