Whats better for college mac or ipad

I still take a lot of notes. For college, I would think that you could easily get by with the iPad Pro instead of a laptop. Taking notes with and Apple Pencil is easier and quieter than with a keyboard and allows you to easily draw diagrams while taking notes. I love it.

It certainly will not to everything that a MacBook will do, but I believe it can do everything a student needs it to do, ans some of it note-taking better. Page content loaded. You are studying a professional scientific discipline that relies heavily on computation resources to do the work you plan to do. Buy a proper computer, not a tablet - you'll need it before your degree is over. If nothing else, you're going to be writing papers that are best done on a true multi-tasking operating system so you can use a word processor, citation manager, spreadsheet, and other scientific and graphics programs simultaneously.

You are also likely to be working with a variety of file types, so an un-restricted file system will become more than merely a convenience feature. Jun 5, PM. So the best solution is more likely a Microsoft Surface Pro or Surface Book than a Mac laptop, so that one can do all of those things and take notes without a keyboard. Too noisy and too awkward primarily because you can't draw.

Jun 5, PM in response to sallenmd In response to sallenmd. It's been a while since you were in college.

9.7-inch iPad Pro

Unless someone is really hammering on the keys, I doubt the noise would be considered unacceptable. No, I would not want a Surface Pro either if I was studying biomedical physics. A nice 4-core i7 OS X machine could meet all foreseeable usage for such a degree very well.

IMO a Surface Pro would not come any closer to sufficing than an iPad would, which is to say neither is ideally suited for that sort of degree. A student studying for such a degree needs something far more capable than merely taking notes or completing a couple of term papers - unless they are going to purchase multiple pieces of hardware.


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The answer you seek depends solely upon the needs of your academic program. Macbook and iPad are both fantastic computers with robust software application libraries, and I can attest to that fact given that I have used both devices during my academic career. You will find that bth devices offer amazng academic software for students. That said, you are better off asking your department which software applications if any are required for your academic program. In the event that there are no preferred applications or computers, investate the applications available on Macbook and iPad to see which offers specifically what you need.

Best of luck choosing an Apple computer to assost you in college. So what do you recommend when the instructor draws a graph or diagram? Take a picture? Use a paper and pencil? Even the last time I was studying science, back in the mids, I generally found diagrams on line and added them to my notes. I draw worse than I write. With apologies to bobseufert - I have never really taken to the iPad per se as a serious computing instrument for the professional My own personal opinion only.

The version keeps the Even legacy models have USB-A.

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These lets users hook up a myriad of accessories, from external displays to terabyte hard drives. Older iPad models depended on the Lightning connector. It could do more than many people realized, but only with the help of multiple expensive adapters. With this latest tablet, an off-the-shelf USB hub lets you add multiple accessories Some of these work exactly like you think they they should, others not so much.

We already mentioned that USB-A keyboards work normally. And all it takes to use Ethernet is any hub with the hardware.

Back to school 12222: should you choose Apple's Mac or an iPad

This is great for entertainment when you have a large TV handy. You can watch Prime Video or another streaming service on the bigger screen. But for most business applications the only option is screen mirroring. An exception is Apple Keynote, which puts the presentation on the TV and your notes and controls an the tablet screen. This is likely a model of the future. With video-out so easily available now, expect more applications to support it in the coming months. Sadly, nothing.

Best Note-Taking Device Ever? iPad Pro vs. Paper Notebooks

But applications running on non-touch external monitors raise the possibility that this might change some day. Full support for external storage media is still not part of iOS. So while you can plug a hard drive into your iPad Pro, all you can do is import images and video into the Photos app. The same is true of thumb drives and memory cards.

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