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Nothing, of course, is permanent. But what Kodak has achieved in the print head will pass for permanent. Ready to Go. Black left and color cartridges installed in the print head. The Kodak drop ejector is designed so the heater will never be "attacked mechanically.

As the bubble expands, surface tension pulls the ink into a droplet. After the heater is pulsed off, in many designs, the vapor bubble collapses onto the heater with significant force, and over time will damage the heater. In the Kodak design, the vapor bubble vents to the atmosphere, and the chamber refills with ink.

Kodak ESP 3250: How to do a Printer Test Page

Fire it as many times as you like, the heating element remains untouched. Firing the print head requires electricity and we were amused to learn why Kodak determined the power consumption had to be 35 volts. In some countries, special permits are required to operate equipment at voltages above Keeping it at 35 volts meant it qualified as an appliance worldwide.

The print head quick-firing nozzles operate at 24 kHz, whereas the competition runs between six and 12 kHz. That delivers faster prints and consistent laydown. But it also illustrates how Kodak's control of the entire design -- ejectors, ink, media -- lets them optimize instead of compromise. Firmware has been the problem with Kodak inkjets.

The series was abysmal in that regard. The example that still puzzles me is the proofsheet markup that let you select more images to print than the input paper tray could hold paper for, which is no crime in itself. But since the printer itself lost track of what had been printed when the paper ran out, it meant you could never print more than the first 20 selections -- and that only if you remembered to load the paper tray first.

Straightforward selections make it easy to accomplish what you want to do. In the next generation inkjets, Kodak just removed some of the problem functions and introduced an LCD menu system. A few functions were moved to the Home Center software for Windows anyway but they were mostly omitted. And that trend seems to continue with this generation.

Why can't you, for example, scan to a memory card? Other multifunction devices manage. It just hasn't been implemented on the Not to mention negative scanning and CompactFlash compatibility. Well, Kodak is quick to drop features its research shows are little used. It saves a few bucks. And that apparently matters at the point of purchase. While that does cut the cost of the device itself, what you end up with after a few rounds of this is a less capable device for a bit more money than the competition. Comparing this to the Canon MP , for example, is no contest.

The MP can do much more. With the reduced functionality of the , we didn't run into deal-breaker firmware problems. But we did run into a few glitches.


(Download) Kodak ESP Driver Download (All-in-one)

Previewing a print we were copying led to a double text display on the LCD. We had previewed the copy and pressed the OK button. We should have pressed the Start button. Pressing the Back button let us try it again. That little glitch may leave you with a bad impression of the 's control panel, but it's really one of the better interfaces on a multifunction device that we've seen.

The best interface we've seen is HP's touch screens. Not only are they touch screens, which avoids the nuisance of looking for the right button, but they also handle more tasks like scanning to a memory card than the Despite that, you never get lost. Having the next best interface isn't like losing the Super Bowl, however.

It's an excellent interface providing you can find the task you need to do in it. Kodak spent some time minimizing the buttons and working on the layout to make it easy to use. And they've succeeded. The four-way navigator with an OK button in the middle will be familiar to anyone who has used a digicam. Back and Home get you out of any jam. The Zoom and Rotate buttons are convenient. And the Cancel and Start buttons are self-explanatory. The settings switching from 4x6 to 8x10, for example were on the same list of menu options as the options to View and Transfer the photos. To scan to your computer, you use the Home Center software, which can be run standalone or through a plug-in.

Select connects to or displays the available ESP printer and shows the ink levels. Tools offers Scan to change scan settings, Home Center to change Home Center's settings and Scan Application to scan photos and documents. You can also upload diagnostics to Kodak. It's quite simple and clearly laid out, almost a pleasure to use although power users will find it a bit too simple. That's about as simple as scanning gets. To complicate things, take a look at the Adjustments tab. The fourth panel doesn't change, but you have two new panels to the left:.

The scanning software is greatly simplified by the lack of any kind of film scanning. That's no doubt why the scanner's maximum resolution is dpi, although offering only bit scanner 8-bit channels is a bit less exciting than the bit scanning bit channels competitors offer. But again, the device only scans less demanding reflective material where a density range of 2.

Kodak ESP 3250 driver compatibility.

Copy a Photo. Our favorite test photo is an infant wearing pink on a red sofa. No copy has ever exactly duplicated the original print, captured with a digicam and printed on a Canon i printer with high fidelity inks. But no all-in-one we've tried has ever done a poor job of it, either. The closest match was probably the Canon MP but it enlarged the image a bit too much to make sure it would bleed. The makes the warm print a bit cooler throughout and lightens the darkest parts of the pictures like the hair.

It's not unpleasant but it suffers in comparison.


Considering that there's no negative printing, photo copying is pretty important on the We would have liked to see it spot-on accurate instead of perfectly adequate. Printing from Photoshop. The installer does not install any ICC profiles for the So where you might expect to tell Photoshop to manage color and select an ICC profile for the ink set and paper you are using, as you would with any other printer, high end or not, in this case you do it differently. Printer Options 2. Second page of options showing where to change Media Type. That's no doubt because Kodak has barcoded the back of each sheet of its photo paper so the printer knows 1 the ink and 2 the paper.

You really don't need a profile in that case. And if you're using an application that doesn't let you select a profile Apple's Pages comes to mind , this approach is an advantage.

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You simply let the printer manage color. We printed quite a few images on both matte and glossy sheets with generally excellent results, although we had issues with the matte prints. First Prints. Our first prints were from Photoshop. We'd just taken some natural light shots of a flower arrangement with a D and opened the DNG file into an uncompressed It choked, printing a good part of the darkest parts of the image as a dithered monotone.

Reducing the resolution to a lavish dpi solved that problem. That was us, printing on two Kodak matte papers. A new printer driver resolves the issue but it hasn't been released yet. Our first prints of the image were on lettersized Photo Paper matte and were pleasing. We later printed the same image on 4x6 Ultra Premium in High Gloss and were also delighted with the rich color rendition, accurately rendering what we had concocted on screen in Adobe Camera Raw.

Pretty impressive for just four color inks. Print from the Card Reader. The 2. Our prints from an SD card populated with images from an EasyShare One digicam were not bad at 4x6 sizes. But the blue sky was striated on an 8x10 printed on Kodak matte paper. Again we turned to Kodak for an explanation. This time we were told to clean the print head. Considering it was a new print head, we didn't expect that to help but it did. A bit.

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We printed the same image So we tried it from Photoshop with the Premium Photo Paper matte in black and white and again saw a striated sky. Black and White Printing. We used Premium Photo Paper in Matte to print some images in black and white. Again we used Photoshop to create the black and white image from color captures with both the built-in Black and White command and iCorrect EditLab.

Results were disappointing in two respects. Even on this premium sheet, the sky area was striated. And the tonal range seemed abbreviated, given almost a posterized effect in some areas of the image. Quite contrary to the effect we were looking for. Document Printing. We printed a page InDesign document in black only. Despite the simplicity, we were printing two-up so there was a good deal of processing going on. We consequently didn't see anything like 30 pages per minute coming out of the , but as each page printed, we noticed the printer stopping and starting several times per page.

While you can probably achieve 30 ppm in black and white with the page image resident in the printer the same page 30 times , in real life, expect a good deal less.

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Display Diagonal Size. Printer Technology. Connectivity Technology. Multifunction printer. Memory Supported Flash Memory. Copying Max Copying Speed. Max Copying Speed Color. Max Document Enlargement. Max Document Reduction. Maximum Copies. Copying Features. Miscellaneous Microsoft Certifications. Compatible with Windows 7. Consumables Included. Display Display Diagonal Size.

Display Diagonal Size metric. Printing Max Printing Speed. Max Printing Speed Color ppm. Connections Operating System Support. Delete the downloaded file when the installation is finished. Moreover, no full feature driver is available. HP suggests that you upgrade to an HP scanner or multifunction printer for full compatibility with Vista.

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