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It needs to be Apple compatible. They have a memory lookup tool for all computers where you choose your model and it shows you exactly what memory you need. The memory chooser tool looks like this:.

RAM in your computer is like the paper sitting on your desk. Your Hard Disk is more like a filing cabinet, it takes a bit longer to retrieve information. When your desk gets too cluttered you need to spend some time moving things in and out of the filing cabinet, which slows things down. Moving data from physical memory to disk is called paging out or swapping out ; moving data from disk to physical memory is called paging in or swapping in … Extended periods of paging activity reduce performance significantly; such activity is sometimes called disk thrashing.

I am dumb as dirt and I was able to read and understand this article.


How much will TB of RAM for your Mac Pro actually cost? | ZDNet

Your screen captures were great! Thanks so much!!! Great article, but I have a MacBook Pro5. How can I ascertain that same information? I have the same issue as Geno and JoJoHants with the difference layout — does anyone have any information about how we can get the one with the charts and the mention of Free and Page Outs? Did you ever get an update on this? I have macbook late as well and not seeing the page in or out info. Dont leave here thinking did that help me or not. Graphs really break it down 2 simple. Hi, the approach is really appreciable, but can we have some demo on EI Captain too, as its not using the same words in activity monitor.

Thank You. Thank you for this helpful post. I am showing green in the graph for physical memory so it seems from your post that I do not need more ram. And I have fib optics yet my Mac is running so slowly. What else should I check for? Awesome post. I have a mid iMac. This looks like I could really do with some RAM. I am thinking another 8 will take it to 12GB and that should be enough. Page content loaded. Feb 14, AM. I read the link and it was helpful. I also downloaded Malwarebytes and it removed some items and I am supposedly clean. Hopefully this solves the "run out of Application Memory" issue as well.

Just now the computer was on for about 2 hours then the box appeared. It is a diagnostic tool that's very useful to us in finding problems. Also it will give us further specs on your Mac. After it runs post the log file here. It will contain no personal information. Feb 14, AM in response to macjack In response to macjack. I couldn't take a screenshot for some reason.

How to Install Memory in a Mid 2010 Mac Pro

In any case here it is. I don't have time machine on because I prefer to save to external hard drive there's a reason to my logic as time machine didn't work for me in there past when I needed it. So I hope this report is OK sent this way.

Part 1. What to Do When Your System Has Run Out of Application Memory?

It looks pretty clean. Nothing really jumps out at me other than you seem to be doing fine on memory.

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I'm not sure why you're getting that system message. Feb 14, PM. Today, the os takes such good care of itself that programs we relied on so heavily in the early days can slow things. You can remove it from Login Items without deleting it from the computer so it is a easy thing to check, as long as you restart after turning it off in User Login items.

Solved: Your system has run out of application memory

I hope that solves the issue. I still have the "your system has run out of application memory" issue. I had closed the MacBook Pro for about 1 hour with 3 applications open. When I opened the MacBook the spinning wheel was there. I finally was able to log in but the application memory box was there asking me to force quite applications. Which I did but then could not restart without force quitting by holding start button tilt shutdown. After restarting things are back to "normal" but I am sure it will be back to crashing in an hour or so.

I have done all the above suggestions. Are there any other solutions out there? Are others having this same issue??