Other files on mac disk

Personal user data. System OS X folders, temporary files.

How to Free Up Space on Your Mac Hard Drive With This Simple Trick

Fonts, plugins, extensions. Other files that are not recognized by a Spotlight search.

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  • Optimize Storage;
  • What are “Other” files on a Mac and how to delete them?.

Firstly, check your memory storage. Is it Necessary? How to reset Safari on Mac.


Other Storage on Mac eats up your Disk Space? Here are 6 tricks

Available storage space includes free storage space and purgeable disk caches disk space might be both available and used at the same time. To save additional storage space, use the custom storage recommendations for optimizing storage on your Mac. To view these options, click Manage. See Optimize storage space. Note: The categories do not correspond to specific folders on your Mac. In the example below, I was able to remove over files with one-click.

See used and available storage space on your Mac

This freed up 2. Imagine manually going through and comparing files without Duplicate Sweeper Note: We won't share your Email address with anyone else, or send you spam. One of the biggest areas you should consider when looking at how to free up space on Mac is your Apps. Maybe unsurprisingly, apps on your Mac can be some of the largest files on your computer.

How to Clean Up Your Mac the Easy Way

Open Finder, then open the Applications section. Simply drag an application from the list into the Trash Can on your Dock to remove them. Keeping backups of your devices is a good idea.

If something was to happen to your device, your data can be restored to it or another device using your backup. However, these backup files can be massive, and you may never need them! For this reason, consider backing up your devices to iCloud instead — freeing up space on your Mac. To initiate a backup, connect your device to a power source and also to a Wi-Fi network.

6 Ways to Free up Space When MacBook Startup Disk is Almost Full

Lastly, ensure that your device screen is locked and that you have enough free space in iCloud to store the backup. How to delete backups on Mac - You can also delete the backups which you already have stored on your Mac.

Find and Remove Duplicate Files

Find out: where are iTunes backups stored? This handy tool allows you to access and browse your backups, and extract any important photos, messages etc.