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Tom Clancy's Splinter CellĀ®

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User reviews. Product details. System requirements. If any cell of Third Echelon is captured or compromised the government will disavow any knowledge of its existence and the remaining members will vanish. Fisher is inducted into the Third Echelon with an important first mission. Fisher will uncover more than a couple of corpses when he infiltrates the Georgian government and unveils a threat that will have devastating consequences for the American people.

Splinter Cell is a stealth-oriented action game set in a Tom Clancy-inspired landscape. All kinds of cool high-tech gadgets are at your disposal to help you neutralise terrorist threats. Night vision, thermal vision, EM sensors, sticky cams, and other whiz-bang tech toys help you spot the bad guys, and your broad array of weapons--lethal and not--include suppressed pistols and assault rifles, sticky shock bombs, Ring-Airfoil Projectiles, and the most lethal weapon of all: Sam Fisher himself.

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Go Behind the Headlines into the real world of modern espionage. Diverse mission objectives achievable by different means for increased replay value. Highly interactive environments giving players more gameplay options and the ability suit their actions to their preferred gameplay style. Minimum system requirements:. Recommended system requirements:. Game details. Action - Simulation - Stealth. Works on:. Release date:. Forum discussion. Game features. Buy series 3. Buy all series for Gurgenidze states that, according to Madison's last transmission, the duo had discovered "something big," and she had said that gaining proof could lead to war.

Fisher then makes it to Blaustein's apartment, but finds Russian mercenaries searching the apartment as well. Fisher finds Blaustein's hidden Black Box. However, the Black Box reports that Blaustein has been dead for more than a day, and his body is in the morgue of a local police station.

Hoping to find either Madison or information on who killed Blaustein, Fisher slips into the police station's morgue. In the morgue, Fisher finds the dead bodies of both Blaustein and Madison; with their subdermal implants removed. Accessing the surveillance records from the morgue, Fisher discovers that a Russian by the name of Vyacheslav Grinko removed the implants and departed in his car. Fisher first encounters and interrogates Grinko's personal driver, Hamlet. The latter reveals that Grinko is former-Spetznaz, now a mercenary and is shortly meeting a computer geek called Philip Masse in the elevator overlooking the Ministry courtyard.

With this info, Fisher delves deeper into the interior, and locates Grinko and Masse meeting in the elevator. Using his Laser Mic, Fisher is able to secretly eavesdrop on their conversation and hears the two discussing Blaustein and Madison briefly. They then hint that Nikoladze is conducting some kind of top-secret operation in Azerbaijan, and that Nikoladze has evidence stored on his office computer.

She hacks in again however, and retrieves the rest of the data, which reveals that Nikoladze has secretly been waging an ethnic-cleansing campaign in Azerbaijan, which is still ongoing by cells of the Georgian military. Fisher fights his way out of the building and escapes via helicopter, piloted by Third Echelon field runner Vernon Wilkes, Jr.

The detected intrusion at the Ministry forces Nikoladze to go into underground hiding. He then kick-starts his campaign into full action: the Georgian military cells now start murder rampages throughout Azerbaijan. NATO sends troops into the affected areas in an effort to stop the attempted genocide, and to locate Nikoladze. During this chaos, the NSA notice, in the data retrieved from the Ministry, that a Georgian military cell stationed on an oil rig on the Caspian Sea has been exchanging data with the Georgian Presidential Palace, speculating it is of considerable significance; and thus Fisher is sent there to retrieve the data.

This sends the entire oil rig into panic. An intercepted radio transmission reveals that a computer technician, Piotr Lejava , is arriving by boat shortly to download the data to his laptop to prevent it falling into NATO hands. This laptop can only be accessed via the technician's encryption key, and so Fisher trails Lejava around the oil rig until he finally catches him, and obtains his laptop along with his encryption key. A brief interrogation of Piotr reveals that the data concerns something called 'The Ark', but he doesn't know what it is. The data is filled with vague references about an impending retaliation against the USA.

At that moment, the transport plane they're in suddenly malfunctions. The pilots manage to regain control before it hits the water, but an incoming call from Third Echelon commanding officer, Irving Lambert , reveals that North America has just been hit by a wave of digital warfare, attacking mostly military targets. Nikoladze takes credit for the attack, declaring war against America, and experts warn that other information attacks could be made just as easily on civilian targets, potentially causing significant devastation. CIA Headquarters, Langley, Virginia: As America struggles to cope with the aftermath of the attack on their military installations, Fisher investigates the potential CIA mole working with the Georgians as it is their only lead to Nikoladze.

Fisher sneaks into Dougherty's office when he leaves and accesses his computer. Lambert orders Fisher to bring Dougherty in for interrogation, and Fisher finds Dougherty taking a smoke break outside, which allows him to knock him unconscious. They leave the compound and Dougherty is subsequently interrogated. Dougherty claims to have no knowledge of a data leak: in reality, his Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder forced him to haul all his data onto an insecure laptop, a vulnerability that the Kalinatek hackers exploited. He tells her that he is safe for now as he has closed the fire doors surrounding him but they won't hold forever.

This new information necessitates an emergency mission to the Kalinatek building and Fisher has to move fast to find Ivan before he is found and killed. However, he is forced to make several detours when the troops plant mines throughout the building on vital parts of the structure, and a bomb is armed on the gas pipes in the main utility room. After deactivating all of these explosives, Fisher stumbles across a dying technician, who tells him that Ivan must be on the fifth floor.

Fisher locates Ivan hiding in the bathroom, and saves his life by killing his attacker. Ivan is anxious to leave with Fisher but Fisher just demands the encryption key from him. Reluctantly, Ivan hands over his encryption key. Fisher shoots his way out of the Kalinatek and escapes via The Osprey as FBI agents come to take over the scene and take Ivan into custody. Using the encryption key, the NSA discovers that Nikoladze has been using a network of unconventional relays to communicate with the Georgian military cells. Nuclear Power Plant, Kola Peninsula, Russia PlayStation 2 exclusive : Fisher infiltrates the Russian power plant, only to find it under the control of Grinko's mercenaries protecting the microwave relay.

Despite this, Fisher makes his way through the building, and initiates a false meltdown alarm, which forces most personnel to evacuate, allowing Fisher to move around easier. However, the troops remain and even gun turrets have been set-up. Nonetheless, Fisher gains control of the microwave relay, allowing the NSA to finally locate Nikoladze.

Fisher leaves the building via the plant's private train - but to their surprise, the mercenaries are also using the train to transport nuclear material, possibly to create nuclear weapons. Chinese Embassy Outskirts, Yangon, Myanmar: The NSA trace the full communicate network and find out that Nikoladze is currently taking refuge in the Chinese Embassy in Myanmar, raising questions of Chinese support for the Georgians, which could potentially lead to a war with China. Fisher is sent to sneak into the embassy in order to investigate if the Chinese are really assisting Nikoladze.

Fisher sneaks onto the Embassy grounds, and uses his Laser Microphone to listen in on a conversation between Nikoladze and General Kong Feirong a prominent member of the People's Liberation Army of China.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction 1.0.1

The conversation reveals that the two are working together, and have brought U. Fisher delays his objective of interrogating Feirong so that he can save the hostages. Abattoir, Yangon, Myanmar: Hoping to gain some more time to work with, Fisher disables the broadcast antenna of the slaughterhouse, which does indeed delay the execution. The entire facility is guarded with Grinko's mercenaries, and Grinko himself is here leading them. Upon finding the hostages and Chinese dignitaries being held against their will, Fisher converses with them.

Grinko and his lieutenants arrive to kill Fisher.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction - Wikipedia

However, the antagonists are terminated. Returning to the hostages, Fisher finds that Feirong is acting renegade and does not represent China in his actions. With this news, United States and Chinese relations stabilize and war is avoided for now. However, Feirong is in the process of fleeing the building with a near-complete nuclear device. Luckily, as Fisher gets closer to Feirong's office, the general seemingly gives up in his escape plan, but instead plans to commit suicide. This presents a problem as Fisher requires evidence Feirong is acting alone if the peace is to be secured.

Fisher enters the office just as the drunken Feirong is about to shoot himself; unable to convince him to stop, Fisher manages to grab Feirong and forces him to access his computer, thus presenting the needed proof. Eventually Feirong succumbs to the poisoned liquor he had been drinking. The information on the computer also reveals that Nikoladze has retreated back to Georgia, where he is trying to recover a mysterious weapon called " The Ark " - something so important that Nikoladze is willing to risk his life for.

Presidential Palace, T'bilisi, Georgia: Intelligence gathered speculates the Ark is held somewhere in the Georgian Presidential Palace, and that Nikoladze may be already within. Third Echelon sends Fisher to sneak in and to prevent both Nikoladze and the new President, Varlam Cristavi , from accessing the Ark key. It seems Cristavi is already aware of the Ark's existence, and has previously interrogated one of Nikoladze's thugs in a recording labelled as the " Ark Interrogation Files.

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  8. However, Cristavi's thugs then arrive, and hold both Nikoladze and Fisher at gunpoint. There, Nikoladze reveals that the Ark is already in position and that the safe contains the key to activate it. He bargains to give the Ark key to Cristavi in exchange for safe passage out of Georgia. They take Nikoladze and the Ark key elsewhere, while Fisher is left to be executed - luckily, Lambert organizes for a blackout, allowing Fisher to escape from his captors and continue his pursuit of Nikoladze. During this, it is learned that the Ark is actually a nuclear bomb hidden somewhere in America.

    Fisher eventually locates Nikoladze, who at this moment is trying to negotiate the Ark for his freedom: in order to prevent this from happening, Fisher assassinates Nikoladze, the only person capable of activating the Ark, thus ending the crisis. Seeing as how he could still be a threat to the free world through digital means, Sam is sent to Kola Peninsula to eliminate him.

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    He first accesses Masse's server in the basement after infiltrating the complex. Sam then grabs a colonel named Alekseevich and uses him to access a retinal scanner to the ducts leading to Masse's office where Sam has him access his computer. After killing Masse, Sam was ordered to go to a nearby submarine port to prevent a threat of a loose nuclear weapon from being retrieved from a Typhoon-Class nuclear submarine.

    The mission was to stop the remaining Alekseevich's troops from taking control of a Typhoon-Class nuclear submarine Vselka. In his efforts, Sam was able to raise the sub to the surface in order to board the vessel and prevent Alekseevich's soldiers from using it. To stop a threat from loosing a nuclear weapon, Sam discovers that they were unable to retrieve the nuclear weapon. Sam then escapes the submarine via a torpedo launch tube. Some of the levels are exclusive redesigns based on the levels in version 1. Most are shorter and punctuated by full-motion cutscenes.

    The PlayStation 2 version includes four additional levels set in a nuclear power plant in Russia Sam is wearing a winter Splinter Cell uniform. While Ubisoft Montreal's initial Xbox and Windows versions were released to critical and commercial success, Ubisoft Shanghai was developing versions for the PlayStation 2 and GameCube consoles. Development on these ports started in April , while Montreal's version was still in development and used Montreal's base code and graphic assets as a starting point. In order to complete the port in such a short time frame, extra developers were brought in from France and Italy to assist the Chinese team.

    Incomplete data packages being sent from Montreal and cultural and language differences between the team members caused hardship during the production, but the port shipped on time and was also a critical and commercial success. Changes from Montreal's version includes story differences, an extra level set at a nuclear power plant on the Kola Peninsula , redesigned HUD, lower difficulty, decreased graphic quality, and sections of levels removed and replaced with full-motion video cutscenes.

    The Xbox versions' visuals include better lighting and less jagged polygon models, and utilize its graphical capabilities almost to the fullest.