How much does a big mac meal cost with tax

A large Big Mac meal comes with a burger, fries and a drink, while a breakfast meal is made up of a sausage and egg McMuffin, hash brown and a coffee. It's the same deal for those who are on the hunt for a cheeseburger Happy Meal in Swansea, where they will pay an extra 40p - or 15 per cent - on their dinner from a service station. In Gloucestershire, customers will get more bang for their buck by going to the branch on the high street in the town centre, where they can save up to 20p on their food if they ditched the service station.

Restaurants outside the busiest parts of Newcastle were the only ones to be more expensive than the service stations, charging an extra 20p extra for a Big Mac Meal and a Happy Meal. Drivers in Sheffield could actually save 10p on their McDonald's breakfast by stopping at Woodall service station instead of grabbing a meal on their way out of town, where it costs the same as it does in the centre of town.

The five most expensive countries on the Big Mac Index – 2016

FROM creating a budget version of a Big Mac to dodging the sugar tax on drinks, these are the cleverest ways to knock a few pounds off your meal:. But when it came to a large Big Mac meal or a Happy Meal, you're still better off dodging the service station. Of course, we only studied the prices of three meals available in six cities across the UK - Cambridge, Newcastle, Sheffield, Swansea and Gloucestershire - to get a snapshot.

There are 1, restaurants across the UK, of which are franchised which means that they get to set their own prices. But it's useful to know where you can get the most for your money, especially if it means it's worth holding out to place your order at a restaurants a few miles down the road.

Purchasing Power Parity: The Big Mac Index

A McDonald's spokesperson said: "Prices will vary slightly between different McDonald's restaurants according to a number of factors, including operational costs depicted by each site, but in a way that offers best value to that restaurants' individual customer base. Tough news, huh? PPP dictates that the price of an item in one currency should be the same price in any other currency, based on the currency pair's exchange rate at that time.

This relationship often does not hold in reality because of several confounding factors. However, over a period of years, when prices are adjusted for inflation, relative PPP has been seen to hold for some currencies. Advanced Forex Trading Concepts. Investopedia uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using Investopedia, you accept our.

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Login Newsletters. Transport Costs. Goods that are not available locally will need to be imported , resulting in transport costs. Imported goods will thus sell at a relatively higher price than the same goods available from local sources. When government sales taxes , such as value-added tax VAT , are high in one country relative to another, this means goods will sell at a relatively higher price in the high-tax country. Government Intervention. Import tariffs add to the price of imported goods.

Where these are used to restrict supply , demand rises, causing the price of the goods to rise as well. In countries where the same good is unrestricted and abundant, its price will be lower.

Legal Ownership

Governments that restrict exports will see a good's price rise in importing countries facing a shortage , and fall in exporting countries where its supply is increasing. To learn how importing and exporting influences currency value, read " Current Account Deficits. The Big Mac's price is composed of input costs that are not traded.

Therefore, those costs are unlikely to be at parity internationally. These costs can include the cost of premises, the cost of services such as insurance and utilities , and especially the cost of labor.

The best values at McDonald’s

According to PPP, in countries where non-traded service costs are relatively high, goods will be relatively expensive, causing such countries' currencies to be overvalued relative to currencies in countries with low costs of non-traded services. Market Competition : Goods might be deliberately priced higher in a country because the company has a competitive advantage over other sellers, either because it has a monopoly or is part of a cartel of companies that manipulate prices.

The company's sought-after brand might allow it to sell at a premium price as well.