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For less formal invitations, you might want to use a casual script or handwriting font or even a decorative or theme font:. Mix fancy and plain fonts. You want everyone who receives an invitation to be able to read the text easily. Avoid mixing two script fonts or two distinctive decorative fonts.

They tend to overpower each other. For legibility, use wedding fonts at a larger size than you would find in most books — 14 to 16 points is a good starting point for the main part of the invitation. Share Pin Email. A graphic designer, writer, and artist who writes about and teaches print and web design. Many formal or "Old English" style fonts become unreadable at small sizes.

You may have to limit their use to the main portion of the invitation and then choose a plainer, easier-to-read font for the small bits, like the RSVP information. If you need all caps anywhere on your invitation, such as with the term "RSVP," check out a preview before making your final choice.

Plenty of free fonts are available on the internet, but they aren't all created equally. When you find a font you like, look for the character set that shows all the letters, punctuation, and numbers that are included in the font. If the font set lacks numbers, for example, it is not going to work for you.

The same may apply to special characters like the ampersand. Make sure you check that each character you need is included with the font, and that you like the way the special characters look. Don't assume. Calligraphy fonts such as Bispo are both elegant and a little easier to read than scripts and pure Blackletter fonts. This script font is simple but still very interesting typeface.

18 Free Script Fonts for Your DIY Wedding Invitations

This font has no ornaments and swashes but still it looks very attractive perfect for invitations and other uses. Download Baronessa. Belinda is a typical and one of the most popular script font types being used for wedding invitation cards.

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It is designed by Mika Melvas. The attractive and contemporary style will surely give you the look you want for your greeting cards. Download Belinda.

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Chopin script font is very artistic and has many details with numerous accented letter forms and beautiful ornaments. This typeface is based on Polanaise and looks very artistic perfect for any type of cards. Download Chopin Script. Carolyna Pro Black is a sister font of Carolyna Pro which is bolder, it has more letter forms and beautiful swashes. It is designed by Emily Conners with thousands of available characters and alternates to offer.

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Download Carolyna Pro Black. This script font is created by Debi Sementelli and Brian J. Bonislawsky perfectly suited for wedding invitations.

How to access font glyphs, ligatures and stylistic sets in Adobe illustrator

It offers variety of swashes, ornaments, borders, flourishes and other details. Download Belluccia. Brannboll Fet is bold and has many ligature forms that offer a great font design for wedding invitations, logos and other uses. The curves and details of each character are perfectly suited for any design element. Download Brannboll Fet. This font is a typical hand-written typeface font similar to old style fonts in writing letters.

It has numerous ligature forms and alternates that fully support the long hand writing, it is designed by Christian Robertson. Download Dear Sarah Pro. This dynamic font is designed by Melle Diete that has many ligature forms, alternates, ornaments, swashes and other beautiful details. This font style has disconnected letter design which looks great for greeting cards. Download Fiedlia Script. Respective font is a gorgeous typeface with many letter curves, ornaments and special details.

This is a perfect font for creating extended characters with beautiful swashes. Download Respective.

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Carolyna font is elegant and has numerous swashes and ornaments to offer your design. This is a sister script font of Carolyna Pro designed by Emily Conners with over a thousand available characters and alternates. Download Carolyna. This font is unique and gorgeous script font designed by Gabriel de Souza. It has ligature forms, about a thousand glyphs, numerous alternates and swashes with cyrillic version.

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This font also has stylistic ribbons, frames and attractive icons. Download Only You Pro. Adios Script Pro is romantic and very decorative script font designed by Alejandro Paul. It has many available letter forms with almost characters, hundreds of ornaments and swashes to offer which are all firmly design. Download Adios Script Pro. This font is extra thin and narrow type of script font designed by Ulrike Wilhelm to complement with the famous font of dingbats.

It looks friendly and polite perfect for giving your invitation a touch of personalization with over glyphs available.

50 Free Fonts | Best Free Fonts for Wedding Invitations

Download Liebe Erika. Memoriam Pro is a classic yet very artistic design of script font that offers a combination of elegance and super neat design of characters. This font is designed by Patrick Griffin in with so much in mind to come up with a very stylist font style that is packed with many detailed curves and beautiful characters.

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Download Memoriam Pro. Edwardian Script is packed with many swashes and curly ends designed by Edward Benguiat. This type of font is perfectly created for wedding invitation cards with many options to offer that will give additional style to your artwork with a touch of perfection. Download Edwardian Script. This font is a classic engrave font designed by Frederic W. Goudy and Clarence Marder. This is a perfect font if you are looking for a bold and clear with sharp end characters. You can use this font to any artwork you may want to design. Download Copperplate Gothic.

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