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Leave hda2 as it is. Accept the partitioning and continue with formatting. Continue installing. There will be an error while the boot manager is being installed. Ignore it, do not retry and wait for the installation to finish and the system reboots. Quit Qemu at the openbios screen and edit your command line:.

Macsbug can be used with Mac OS guest to tell you what exactly stopped booting. The link for it is below. Mac OS 9. To build gdb-powerpc-linux on Linux, you need the normal build tools such as GCC installed. Download the GDB source code. Version 7. Launch qemu-system-ppc 64 with -s and -S. Qemu will pause and listen on port for GDB. Set -prom-env "auto-boot?

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Use an experimental build. They will also not boot with more than Mb. Installation images: Lubuntu QEMU has many systems that can always be improved. Here is a brief list of possible areas you may want to work on:.

Apple MacOS X Tiger Install DVD

Any suggestions for Here is my config-file:! It is looking for over half an hour where the image is, no progress. It stucks. Hi, There can be two reasons for getting stuck at that point: 1.

Convert TOAST to ISO in MAC OS X (Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, LION)

Apparently, the first is not the case in your command line, so I suspect the second. Are you using a dvd image or the first cd of the set of four?

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Did you create it yourself? You can get an image from the macintoshgarden. This dmg has to be unzipped and then decompressed with e. I just tried it, it works.

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If the image is OK, this should boot. I'll try the one you mentioned. My Os 9.

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What was the size of the image? I give up. It still would not work.