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The production process through ananlog equipment that John Swing so strongly supports with an uncompromising attitude is the key to his underground success and esteem. With a back catalogue of over seventy releases including collaborations with established artists such as Mr. Inspired by London's Plastic People and it's bonding vibes, through a well refined spectrum of musical knowledge John Swing engages with the dance floor in a physical yet emotional way: the strength and power of pure house is blended with black soul music in a constant crossover between underground aesthetics and cherry-picked funk and disco.

His subtle understanding of the dance floor guarantees a deep-rooted experience for the mind, body and soul.

This record is dedicated to Bologna and to all the artists who have contributed to bringing a bit of soul to this label. Hail Him backed with a heavy previously unreleased dubplate mix. Only pressed! It's been three years in the making, but is finally ready to be unleashed, BuyTheAlbum. Brous One is one of the best-known artists in the field of instrumental hip hop.

Jazz is still the main inspiration, but the beats are much smoother. Thus the musician creates a perfect feel-good atmosphere for a nocturnal ride through the "Cityscapes". Lance Ferguson's Rare Groove Spectrum collection of newly recorded versions of classic funk, soul, jazz and latin vinyl rarities found fans everywhere when released earlier in Lance has always enjoyed imaginatively taking a classic rare groove and re-recording in it a different genre, and it has to be said that his latin-ised version of the great jazz organist Jimmy Smith's '8 Counts for Rita' is a concept no one saw coming.

Kept back from the Rare Groove Spectrum album, we proudly present it here in all it's swinging, samba-fied glory! Finally, there is a straight down the line funk version of the Blackbyrds Theme that also didn't make it onto the Rare Groove Spectrum album, although it was always planned that it would see the light of day and what a great way to round off Lance Ferguson's Rare Groove Spectrum - remixes and rarities. Previously only available as a 5 pack 12" which now commands high prices on discogs and have never available outside of a few select stores worldwide.

Tribute deliver yet another delicious rework of a stone cold classic. Enhanced, extended, cut loud and available only on LTD edition, single-sided heavy vinyl. Strictly for demonstration purposes only. His music has undergone a continuous evolution, resulting in a phenomenal album. He's mixing various genres in his roots sounds.

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It's breath-taking brilliance with the stunning performances of every band members and Burning Spear himself. Some songs feel almost proggy, while others are stripped down to the minimalistic core themes. The deeper meanings of his lyrics can be felt in the way he brings them to the listener. An epical and essential album in reggae's history. A1 Hail H. Acoustic drums, drum machines, synthesizers and vocoders are the ingredients of these jams. After his releases on labels such as Omega Supreme, Bastard Jazz or Voyage Funktastique, this artist has become one of the most important producers in the modern funk scene.

Bridging the Italian house tradition with a touch of modern funk, Davide Santandrea, better known as Rame, and the brothers Riccardo and Francesco Cardelli, are making a name for themselves nowadays under the Capofortuna moniker. Bouncing for the love of bouncing is a huge slice of funk fueled Italo. Sporting to monster bassline some great synths and superb leads. On the B side we find Rising Grace, the track that gives the title to the EP, overwhelming kick and bass, hypnotic afro percussions, close your eyes and you'll find yourself floating in a jungle.

This is a track which it is impossible to sit still too. Krivit worked with writer Kyle Smith on the remixes that originally made this tune an anthem at his Sessions parties as well as one of the highlights of club nights from Tokyo to New York to London that appreciate quality soulful house.

Upon its release in this dub emerged as one of the defining sounds of summer at Ministry Of Sound which had just recently opened the year before. This extended 2 x 12' and digital release, 'Apparitions' lands in October and is a fascinating further development of the producer's intricate fusions of techno, dub and jungle. Little is known about the London based producer but in just a couple of years he has established his own unique blend of complex rhythms and tactile sound design, distilling a rich history of UK musical influences into fresh new forms. From menacing and mysterious, to cinematic and hypnotic, it makes for a compelling and immersive experience.

Most Excellent Unlimited is proud to present these sure shots on loud and carefully mastered 7-inch pressings, an essential addition to any gig box or collection. You know this already! But here in Expansion are thrilled to bring you two tracks from their new album with extraordinary remixes by Joey Negro and Opolopo. What could go wrong? Both tracks are astonishing, brilliant on the dance floor and presented here on vinyl exclusively for the first time. Its sounds are inspired by the rawness of urban London, influences of Portishead, DJ Shadow and The Cinematic Orchestra, jungle, minimal techno, classic house, broken beat - all seamlessly segued with a nod to jazz vinyl and film music.

Fans will recognise Djrum's iconic tropes on 'Seven Lies': widescreen atmospheres, dub chords, dusty and melancholic strings, obscure film samples. But this time its spread over a bigger, more luxurious canvas that dips like an undulating terrain of sound; techno troughs, bumpy hip hop breaks, euphoric drum and bass, all filtered through the Djrum node. Felix would admit himself he is a not a prolific producer. Preferring to craft and hone, often allowing music to mutate and diverge down different paths, his tracks often top the min marks in length. However, each track is never at risk of becoming staid or boring, quite the opposite as ideas mutate and evolve, subtle differences and nuances are evoked and explored.

The music they produce there has shifted from a clubby energetic vibes to a textured and organic down-tempo mood. This first opuses studio HC definitively marks a new era in Masomenos sound. Avoiding the trap of intenting to re-create an artificial make-up release with a Pompougnac copycat, the hotel has developed a strong presence on the streaming platform such as Apple music on which they release monthly playlist and digital selection Radio Costes.

They also have a Spotify platform that allows the audience to rediscover all the legacy collection while being connected with what is played live at the Hotel, curated by Studio HC in collaboration with WYM, the agency who tailors the music selection at the hotel. Three track 45 from an incredibly dynamic Baltimore artist who blends elements of club, punk, soul, noise, hip-hop, and ballroom into a beautiful fabric interwoven with crazed vocals and unorthodox beats.

He's got a frantic, intense delivery, and he belongs as much within Baltimore's noise-punk lineage as with its club music underground. I admit I wasn't familiar with this album, so many just pass us by, but as I sat back and listened, I slowly realized that this isn't just any soul LP, its a masterpiece, full of passion and tenderness, it was like a huge hug from long lost lover Enjoy it.

Insane Boogie-Funk private press from Phoenix, appeared in , next to impossible to find even in its area still today, finally comes back courtesy of Seminato. On the B-side there is a Special Dub mix by Daniel Boyle Lee Perry, Max Romeo Formed in Ghent in , Kosmo Sound mixes tight dub grooves with jazzy guitar and storytelling saxophone melodies, yielding an organic dance-oriented dub experience. Members have been active in Belgian avant-garde acts such as Madame Blavatsky, Nordmann and Pura Vida among many others; their self-titled debut EP was released last year on Zephyrus Records.

Funk powered, horn-laden disco goodness with breath-taking vocals from the Stateside troupe. Italian secret project called Maurizio Delvecchio, released in as a private press. Minimal electronic music, odd and synthetic vibe. Here he features on an observational Roots Vocal track. Omaggio brings the heat once again with the reissue of Prana People, self titled LP originally released in on Prelude. The combination of the tracks and strong production make for an endlessly playable album, and with the legendary brothers, who since the 60's have their place in music history, this is an instant buy if not already owned to add to The Aleems discography of your collection.

With heavy doses of soul, funk and jazz infected disco this beautifully designed release delivers on both sides. A side's Pick'em Up is a real disco thumper with big horns and powerful vocals that just works. The B side delivers a mid s jazz-funk rework that will definitely get the jazz dancers moving. Erezioni is a sub-label of Omaggio dedicated to Italian Disco music. For the second release on the Norwegian Oslo based label Sunlab, Kristian Suvatne delivers a 90s trance inspired ep. SKA was the name given to the music that came out of Jamaica between However, the American records style started to mellow out, while the Jamaicans preferred a more upbeat sound.

So the Sound System bosses became record producers to cater for this demand. A lot of their early recordings were cut at Federal Records before they built their own studios. Ken Khouri initial studio was Records Limited but very basic so with the help of engineer Graeme Goodall built the new studio complex at Foreshore Road which also contained a pressing plant and disc cutting room.

The studio was not only the forerunner for Ska music but the music that followed and in Ken Khouri sold the complex now on the renamed road Marcus Garvey Drive to Bob Marley who renamed the premises Tuff Gong Studios whose legacy carries on today. However, one thing is for sure, the quality never drops on this fine collection of Ska Hot Tunes…….

To say that every home had a copy of a Volts and many Volts of Holt might be an overstatement but it certainly felt that way, as all good radio stations and parties seemed to have these tracks on permanent rotation. This album also featured the first recordings that Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare played on together. We are glad to get this version back out on the streets where it belongs especially on vinyl so those new Reggae Blues parties can again spin some fine vintage John Holt Magic… Sit back and enjoy…..

The Italian Duo Club Paradiso coming from diverse and ever-evolving music backgrounds, they started their collaborative project in Romagna, Adriatic Riviera, is what they call home and also the primal inspiration behind Club Paradiso. Opener Romagna Tropicale transports Riviera to a tropical island, Tuco mixes arpeggiating lines with a western harmonica and a distant spoken, Solo tu with the voice of Francesca Amati is a sensual, slo-mo synth-pop beauty, and Echoes a throbbing deep house number. Originally recorded in , this album is best known for its tropical boogie bomb 'Let's Talk About It'.

Having drawn attention from diggers for quite some time, it's finally available again on vinyl. This was a great favourite of David Mancuso and Larry Levan at the time, and has remained a much loved dancefloor track for the disco cognoscenti ever since. All vinyl is heavy weight g manufactured Optimal Media in Germany, one of the world's finest pressing plants. Groove Line Records cut no corners when making sure that each and every one of our releases has the highest quality performance possible.

Find out more at. His previous EP "Unbreakable" had equal parts of soul, jazz and funk blended together with a house twist. The follow-up "Night Colors EP" shows both that and a deeper electronic side. Turbojazz makes the perfect blend between house and techno dipped into one big pot of deep Detroit vibes.

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Next up is 'The Joint', a track that wears the distinct Turbojazz trademark throughout with its playful keys and sequenced drum programming at full tilt. A little later he quickly proved to be a gifted young musician and have already played on a number of instruments. In he left Gabon to study in France, his mother offered him his first guitar. Florence Nang Ekomye, a talented self-taught jazz singer, is immediately recruited, being the voice of Surprise.

Benefiting from the unique recording conditions of Studio N'Koussou in Libreville the recording studio gabonese star Patience Dabany set-up in the early 80s : probably one of the handful studios in the planet to use a Digital 48 Tracks recorder at the time, the young musicians had the strong desire to get the perfect sound: "It took us almost a year to finish the album. We were young and we wanted to do the best we could so we dithered a lot on the choice of songs Beleive Me is an outbreak considering what was being done in Gabon at the same time.

Indeed, the vast majority of small Gabonese bands were still mimicking the sound of James Brown in cabarets… The record unfortunately did not meet the success the band expected and seemed to have never really benefited from a real marketing. Totally unknown until recently, Surprise, primarily an early work from the great composer, still sounds fresh and crisp and we hope it will now get the attention it did not get upon release.

Lovely crafted tip-on sleeve. Just like a humble neighbourhood taqueria, a bastion of comfort and deliciousness, Jacques Renault serves up two very tasty items. Dynamic and fiery on one side and smooth and tangy on the other. Both wonderful dribbled over just about anything. This album has been assembled from some of those fine tunes and tells the story of reggae in what was a stellar time for both reggae and Mr Bunny Lee. As we stated earlier by Bunny Lee was leading the way and his vast stable of singers, were producing hit after hit for him. Many of those artists are featured on this compilation.

Sit back and enjoy the reggae music of with of the best sounds in town. Sit back and enjoy….. Limited tape, companion piece to the 12" and features contributions from D Tiffany and Hashman Deejay amongst others. EP number 2 from the wizards of re-editing - Psychemagik. These aren't your common dime a dozen covers either, these are straight killer, bizarro rearrangements that will have you scratching your head in wonder, and hitting the discotheque dance-floor in equal measure.

As always, the Psychemagik boys strive to bring you that heat, reworking from only the prime source material sourced from their regular global jaunts and epic record trades in far-flung places. Welcome to the soundtrack to a funky alternative dimension where things seem somewhat familiar, but perhaps a little off Pure sonic trips all over this one. Dig it! Answers on a postcard please! Parisian artist S. Following the sound, the artwork as always is hand screen-printed and invites you to dive in and fly with them.

A collection of six tracks, traveling through broken beats, hard percussions and sweet melodies. Details hidden everywhere for attentive ears and catchy rhythms for the late night clubbers. Now get ready for their forthcoming four-track foot-stomper, Party. Prepare yourselves for the finest infused Afrobeat and House, this one is not to be missed. Take a one-way ticket to Pleasureville, with Belpaese in the cockpit once again! Another heavenly dose of disco, exotica - balearic - Italo-funk for the demanding digger. Back in , a new kind of superhero entered the Chicago music scene, " Daryl Cameron somehow entered the phonebooth of his mind and emerged as Captain Sky.

The result is a timeless cosmic disco tune that may be one of the best disco song ever made. Diron Animal's involvement in the music world began early: he was part of a traditional Angolan music band and capoeira group, followed by a hip hop project. For in life we all deserve to be happy regardless of our sexual choice.

For the 11th release AM collaborates with Rio de Janeiro based label Outra, to shine a light on a lesser known era of the rich Brazilian music history. As usual in a white discobag hand-stamped with a little drawing by Frank Koedood. When the past and the future collide, unexpected things can happen. And when we have music at the core and such talent providing the raw materials being the vector for this encounter is a privilege we like to gloat.

Carioca avant-gardiste Guerrinha's Repetentes is a project that is close to our hearts and minds through its rare ability to convey deep nostalgia in a playful futuristic way, renovating a tradition that is the quintessence of their hometown's musical heritage with a zest for jest. The flipside 'Gelo Geronimo' takes us across a similar path, but intensifies the emotional element and desnifies the rhythmic components to deliver the kind of track that only a master of French alchemy such as Gilb'r could transmutate by subverting its principles in a somewhat darker take.

How about that for science. And they chose no other than reworks don, Young Pulse, and the fresh Mochi Men rascals to gather on wax two exclusive and original disco mash-ups. Right on time for the summer outbreak! Black Helicopters is Agnarkea Keaton Transue ; a 20 year old producer from Richmond, Virginia, whose debut album is forthcoming on Manchester-based label, Natural Sciences.

Originating out of the WaistDeep Clique a cell of emerging hip-hop crews operating out of the Southern United States and recorded on budget equipment, across it's near two hours and extended 23 tracks, the project seeks to un-package homegrown 'conspiracy theories' MK Ultra, Black Helicopters, The Deep State, Black Sun, Waco Texas and use this web of extended source material to make sense of day-to-day life in Trump's America, police oppression of black neighbourhoods and the systematic suppression of mind-enhancing drugs.

PDD are proud to present an official Sony reissue of Charles Earland's 'Coming To You Live' another one of those rare infectious 12" releases which has grown in stature over the years.

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Championed by big names such as Gilles Peterson, Theo Parrish and Moodymann, it has become a firm favourite with dj's and clubbers alike, entertaining many discerning dance-floors. Soulful echoed vocals, dancing guitar rhythms and cosmic synth jams! Leoparden's LP debut is a dreamy and freaky lo-fi affair inspired by everything from Bollywood disco to Nigerian boogie, with a twist of funk from the east Oslo suburbs Check it out!

All kinds of good vibes that will feed your soul and make your body move! Italo disco rarity originally released in on Discomagic. Comes with Flemming Dalum and Longdrink remixes. Edging in a little 80's sauce to meet with tought and gritty dancefloor attentions "Tiger Cat" is a clear highlight on the record. Perfect tool to cross between house and disco tracks. Lance Ferguson's Raregroove Spectrum is a collection of newly recorded versions of classic funk, soul, jazz and latin vinyl rarities, which features some of Melbourne's finest musicians across the album, including past and present members of The Bamboos, The Putbacks and Hiatus Kaiyote.

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For Raregroove Spectrum, Lance explains that much of the inspiration for the re-works comes from his experience as a DJ, "Some of these versions can almost be looked at as DJ re-edits, sometimes we're extending what may be a really short track into something longer, or teasing out the elements in a song that really make it work on a dance-floor.

It's essentially what someone does with a club re-edit, except we went the extra step and re-recorded the whole thing with a live band". After the big success of the track years ago, being played by some of the biggest selectors in the world… This future classic boogie disco track is available again with two new astonishing remixes that will burst into flames any dancefloor. Presenting a fully legit, remastered and repackaged reissue of this legendary afro-house classic for London's Warriors Dance label was a unique operation and a pioneering London label during the late 80's acid house phenomena.

Home to an assortment of DJs, MCs and soundmen, they went on to make their own original and indelible mark on the rave scene from the infamous 'Addis Ababa' studio on Harrow Road on the North-West side of the city. A former reggae and soul studio that was instrumental to the output of influential artists like Soul II Soul and more, a steady diet of reggae, bass, hip-hop, house and techno kept their edgy, and diehard UK sound and style right at the cutting edge of the dance music underground across the globe with the top DJs and producers of the day celebrating the label.

The studio, helmed by label owner Tony 'Addis', acted as an incubator for artists whose names would go down in the history books. Tony's own No Smoke, a project with associate Fred McPablo, was one such name, and their uber classic 'Koro Koro' is a record that should need no introduction. A record that gained fame in its native London through being absolutely caned by the cream of the crop of the nascent acid house scene at the time.

Essentially 'Koro Koro' birthed a new style of House and Techno music, fusing together tribal, African and percussive elements with analogue synths, hardcore street-style drum programming and a warehouse attitude. All very Warriors Dance indeed! This is basically one of those classic records, completely essential. All killer, no filler! The EP is presented again, in its full form with all 4 cuts intact.

No edits, no remixes, just the pure unadulterated WD vibe, featuring original label artwork tweaked by Atelier Superplus and lovingly remastered by Optimum Mastering, Bristol, UK. Proudly distributed by Above Board distribution. Also included are snippets of dialogue from Roots actor Lou Gossett.

Recorded live atHELLERAU - European Centre for the Arts, Dresdenin january , "zeitkratzer performs songs from the albums "Kraftwerk 2" and "Kraftwerk" " delivers the compositions that were still missing to complete zeitkratzer's stunning take on the early, hybrid kraut-esque electronic avantgarde albums "Kraftwerk" and "Kraftwerk 2".

Mission accomplished! A must-have. He asked Hifi Sean if he would be interested in doing something with them. Within one play Hifi was blown away and brought on board Yam Who? Salvaging the useable sections of the tape that were not worn through time and 2 weeks later they bring this percussive disco monster back to life.

They were actors of the great agricultural strike of , which resulted in the death of two workers Ilmany and Marie-Louise and left many wounded. It comes in a series of collective choreographies, working up into the trance. The texts are simple, short and tell the story of everyday life and struggle. Emosyon Tambou-a Emotion of the Drum was released in Side B comes courtesy of recent Bristol arrival Om Unit, a truly unique producer and DJ, headlining shows around the world, and collaborating with artists as diverse as Goldie, Joker, and Machinedrum.

Dutch High Fashion Music returns with this epic disco-classic of the late 70's with 2 remixes With Love! Straight from Philadelphia! Cutting by legendary Dutch mastering- and cutting expert Maarten de Boer. Pressed on grams vinyl. Tubby built his first Sound System in playing jazz and Rhythm and Blues at local weddings and birthday parties His reputation as a man who knew and understood both electronics and music grew steadily and as the sixties drew to a close. Tubby purchased his own basic two track equipment. He installed this alongside his dub cutting machine, a homemade mixing console and his impressive collection of Jazz albums in the back bedroom of his home at 18 Dromilly Avenue which he christened his music room.

Dynamic Sounds upgraded to sixteen track recording in and Tubby purchased, again with the help of a deal brokered by Bunny Lee. The four tracks now gave him far wider scope to work with and he began to create a new musical form where the bass and drum parts were brought up while the faders allowed Tubby to ease the vocal and rhythm in and out of the mix. So please sit back and enjoy this historic set of sounds.

Lovingly restored and with a few extra gems added to the CD editions. These releases were the first to carry the name of King Tubby and the first to credit the great musicians that contributed so much to the rhythms that made these albums possible. Hope you enjoy the set……. A true Tony Humphries, Southport and soul collectors favourite finally getting a full single release. Susan Subtract is well known for any electronic body music connoisseur as the alma mater of the worldwide acclaimed High-Functioning Flesh act.

His solitary project Physical Wash debut on vinyl it does nothing but deepens into that successful combination of piercing EBM, samples and electro funk rhythm compositions that makes his proposal unique on the international scene. All tracks have been specially remastered for long cut vinyl by Eric Van Wonterghem at Prodam Berlin. Starting off as an EBM track with industrial feel, it gradually evolves into a hypnotic chugger with a sneaky boogie Bassline.

Famously covered by The Brothers Johnson, which achieved big chart success, Shuggie Otis' 'Strawberry Letter 23' is an instantly recognisable masterpiece of psychedelic soul. The flip side houses 'Ice Cold Daydream' a funk bomb full of bouncing organs and squelching wah wah guitars with Shuggie's trademark vocal tones laid over the top. Spine tingling greatness for the LA master. A group buck current trends with a ground-breaking release. The result was three tracks that sail and soar on a primal energy, three works that whisk listeners away to exotic lands of wooden wind instruments, ritualistic vocals and, even, bag pipe majesty.

For twenty five years this record has been an unattainable mystery, until now that is. Kalahari Oyster Cult have lovingly restored all three of the trailblazing original tracks alongside two very special remixes. Dazion offers a very different interpretation. Focusing on vocals, this new talent accentuates the shamanic-like chants of Tikitaka, using them as a base from which throbbing synth lines grow as new depths are explored.

An EP every bit as daring in as it was in This year, First Word Records celebrates its fifteenth year in the game. The year commenced triumphantly with First Word being named "record label of the year" at Gilles Peterson's Worldwide Awards To commemorate the 15th anniversary, First Word has a series of releases in the works for the second half of the year which see collaborations by artists from the label's current roster.

Kaidi Tatham is one of the most revered multi-instrumentalists in the game. He can play most things, and play them well. Providing flute duties on this track, he also graces the flipside with a full "flutestrumental" version. Hot on the heels of the 'Excess Baggage' EP, Tyler laces this one with his inimitable brand of bars and soul. All the Way Flutestrumental [feat. The first vinyl release from the Texas based cassette label eastdowntothesouth, run by doomshop affiliate DJ Akoza and Textasy. This compilation is the debut of the jungle producer Ksetdex, and it also features tracks from DJ Agony and Textasy.

You know we like the hit 'n run specials here at All Ears! Hand stamped vinyl only 12" series in poly-lined kraft sleeves. This time around, N. E is young, thirsty, and dead serious about his music. His admirable work ethic shows off not only in his own releases but also in his collaborations with other artists. In the past year alone, he has produced for Wayne Snow and several others that are keeping their work under wraps — while simultaneously creating music as N.

E and under his Verner moniker. This track is exotic at its root and perfect for any late night outdoor activity. Both tracks come as extended edits for the vinyl release. This is a limited-edition release of copies, written and produced by N. E, arranged by N.

The third release is from Christopher Scott Leary, who over the last two decades has produced a plethora of material under his pseudonym, Ochre. It will also include a full-colour print of the new artwork, re-designed by Portland Oregon illustrator Nathaniel Reeves, who has worked alongside Ochre for almost a ten years. It therefore offers a golden opportunity to rediscover an album that navigates through several genre domains such as ambient, IDM and experimental electronica in its purest form, stylistically reminiscent of the likes of Autechre, conveying a sound considerably ahead of its time.

One Thelma it seems, is never enough Following the rousing response to GALL, Bitter End return like a Nadal serve with two more interpretations from their private stock 'Kneel B4 Thelma' spoiled us with an utterly futuristic cyborg-Soul anthem A raucous and scantily clad energy blast of a timeless piece of Disco history This one's frighteningly limited folks - so let us sell ya some Thelma, pronto! SAFT is proud to present a re-release of a sought after disco classic from Carlos Romanos' is without a doubt one of the highly regarding dancefloor classics from the heydays of the genre.

With a length of 5. As the original version has been available as a 7" as well as a 12" release, the new edition will appear on a 12" record only and includes a hypnotic 'Sotofett' formula dub on the B-side that spans ten minutes and maximises the percussive nature of the original to create a psychedelic voyage that builds and builds whilst generating a threatening atmosphere around the brass, vocals and perc hits of the original.

A roaring guitar gives a bizarre but signature Sotofett treatment which shouldn't be missing from any adventurous record collection. Gafacci is well known for notable artist collaborations, eclectic edits and his Asokpor productions. On this new four track EP, he steps out of familiar soundscapes, driven by his steady desire to ex-plore a more melodic side of his own production style. This led him to experimenting with the ,Lo-Fi' and infuse it with afrobeats as well as diverse tropical sounds.

Over the past three years, the Accra based producer, DJ and songwriter Gafacci had been circulating around the term ,Low Fidelity' and he dedicates this album to all those across the globe who can relate and support the music. Legendary Deep Soul French complation s featuring many Soul classics, sometimes forgotten, which have been sampled countless times by some of the biggest Hip-Hop acts. Cut from original masters. Original packaging, beautifully and precisely reproduced to the Original Standards. Original year of release: Legendary Deep Soul French compilation s featuring many Soul classics, sometimes forgotten, which have been sampled countless times by some of the biggest Hip-Hop acts.

This, the fourth release sees the Boston crate diggin' selector, producer and remixer extraordinaire reworking Alicia Myers' gospel tinged roof-raiser 'I Want To Thank You' to devastating effect! Imagine then, getting your hands on the master tapes, and being allowed to go DEEP on the arrangements and stems and crafting your own special versions of this absolute monster cut?

Well, that's what KON's done! On this high quality, top-shelf 12" you get 2 brand new mixes including a heavyweight 'dubapella' version pushing Alicia's gorgeous voice deep into the delay. KONtemporary always bring that heat, and this latest jam is no exception, boasting full sleeve artwork, stellar mastering and a super nice pressing.

Essential business right here! This work of art will be reissued on the original Revilot label. This set of remixes comes from 5 artists we hold in high regard and have made a serious impact on their part of the scene; some recently and some already a long time ago. We invited Dutch techno -plot twist alert! His Sterac Electronics remix actually has nothing to do with techno but is an uplifting modern boogie version of the already funky original. Eternal Children however is the result of five 5 creative forces combined to form the group Equiknoxx.

Eternal Children represents the synthesis of ideas as the group created the album in typical organic style, recording half of it in a single session at the legendary Anchor studios in Kingston, Jamaica. The resulting eight track effort is as eclectic as the collective; spanning experimental and classic dancehall, hip hop and even a ballad, all while staying true to the unique sound they have become known for.

From abstract sound and astral storytelling from Kemikal and Shanique Marie on the opening track Solomon Is A Cup, the pace jumps several notches on the energetic ode to the borough of Brooklyn. Shanique Marie returns to the dancehall lashing line after line on the Riddim driven Corner and takes the lead once more on a tribute to the city of Manchester fast becoming a second home to the group.

Eternal Children closes with the soothing Rescue Me, a duet with Blackbird and Shanique Marie that occasionally trespasses into a pseudo-pop territory. Eternal Children represents a new direction for the collective, venturing into parts unknown. The cover art was done by Bobby Blackbird himself. The direction of the entire project would have been an impossible task without the guidance of Balraj Samrai of Swing Ting Records. Escort brings the heat with the 2nd instalment in their new 45 series! Worst records is proud to present the third release of its growing catalogue.

Unlike his alias could evoke, Christian Coiffure is not so much specialized in online hairdressing tutorials but has a fierce passion into brushing serious quality tracks. London based Brazilian specialists Far Out Recordings venture further out to Uruguay to record a new album with fusion legend Hugo Fattoruso. After a twenty-year search for the man behind the cult 70s jazz-funk group Opa, Far Out are honoured to present Barrio Opa: a new work from Fattoruso and his team of world-class musicians, including the sensational Candombe drumming of the renowned Silva brothers.

Recorded at Sondor Studios, Montevideo, the album is the natural development of the original Opa sound, fusing Afro-Uruguayan rhythms, jazz harmony and heavy funk attitude, under Hugo's unique musical vision. Born in the Uruguayan capital of Montevideo in , composer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist Hugo Fattoruso has had a profound influence on every aspect of Latin American musical culture. From early beginnings, playing in his family band at street festivals around Uruguay, to fronting Los Shakers: South America's answer to the Beatles, and one of the most successful rock and roll groups from the continent.

At the end of the sixties Fattoruso was looking to broaden his musical horizons, and in he moved to New York where he formed Opa and went on to rub shoulders with the likes of Ron Carter and Creed Taylor. Fusing Candombe traditional rhythm of Uruguay with rock, jazz, funk and other Latin American rhythms, Opa created a distinctive Afro-Uruguayan voice within the global jazz vernacular, influencing a generation of musicians throughout the seventies and beyond.

During the eighties Fattoruso moved to Brazil, where he continued to work and record with Brazilian artists including Milton Nascimento, with whom he composed the World Music Grammy winning Nascimento album in Fattoruso also famously collaborated extensively with Airto Moreia, arranging and playing on a plethora of hit records including Fingers and I'm Fine, How Are You.

More recently Fattoruso's music has been sampled by the likes Flying Lotus and Madlib. With such a prolific career, Fattoruso's relative obscurity seems odd. Uruguay is dwarfed on either side by Brazil and Argentina, and while geography may have something to do with it, Hugo's own elusiveness may also explain why someone so influential has been hitherto, so underappreciated.

A deeply humble figure, never settling for too long in any one place, Hugo has dedicated his life to music and little else. It has taken twenty years for Far Out to track down the man behind Golden Wings and Magic Time, and it wasn't until label boss Joe Davis met a Uruguayan producer over one too many artisanal beers at a world music conference in Budapest, that he finally made contact with one of his musical idols. Following a few internet meetings and some very long impassioned conversations about Hugo's life, music and mutual musical friends in Brazil, Hugo began writing the new album, and Joe booked a seat on the next flight to Montevideo.

In Hugo's own words this is the sound of Opa today. The stripped back yet equally rip-roaring trio piece 'Botijas' is led by Hugo's virtuosic piano playing and hypnotic wordless vocals, and backed by an inventive, heavy grooving fusion of Latin rhythms from Tato Bolognini on drums. The shining moments for the Silva brothers' Tambor playing are 'Candombelek' - a beautifully moody Afro-Uruguyan groove with characterful rhodes and vocal harmonies - and 'Candombe Alto', a carnival-esque track, awash with soaring synth lead, wah-wah guitar and pulsating keys. Far Out Recordings are honoured to have had the opportunity to travel to Uruguay and work with a true hero of Latin American music.

Hugo, his musicians and everyone at Sondor Studios welcomed us with open arms. We were overwhelmed not only by the musical brilliance we found in Montevideo, but also by the warmth and humility of everyone we met along the way. Blossoming from the depths of Saint-Etienne, Worst Records is proud to present the second release of its catalogue. This long time member of the Positive Education crew sets up a curious yet fascinating mixture of bassdriven downtempo techno, free range acidalia and fierce sense of absurd humor.

The three tracks evolve slowly, building up between litanies for wrecked concrete samples and colourful enchantment. MP3: Shawn Mendes — Queen. MP3: Shawn Mendes — Mutual. Tanaya June 25, at pm. Asilemhatto June 25, at pm. Nuraaa June 26, at am. Hasan July 11, at pm. Naduni June 26, at am.

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