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Former Colorado coach says whites responsible for 'the oppression of the black man'

The Colorado Buffaloes haven't been relevant in college football for over a decade, but fans can enjoy happier times during the upcoming 30 for 30 documentary The Gospel According to Mac , which airs Wednesday night at 9 p. In 13 years under McCartney, the Buffaloes won 93 games and captured their only national title, which came in the season.

Listening to how McCartney transformed Colorado from an also-ran into a national powerhouse for a short time will be compelling on its own. This clip offers a brief glimpse into how McCartney's charisma and determination worked wonders on the recruiting trail, per ESPN Films 30 for A February article by Rick Reilly for Sports Illustrated documented the number of legal issues plaguing the Buffaloes in the late s, which Reilly went so far as to call a "crime wave. But in the article, Theo Gregory, then an academic coordinator for the Colorado athletic department, discussed some of the socioeconomic and racial factors at play in Boulder, Colorado—factors that still resonate today across the country:.

If you're a black football player here, you're ethnically a minority because you're black, socially a minority because you're an athlete, culturally a minority because you might come from the projects, economically a minority because you can't afford to drive a BMW and physically a minority because you're bigger than everybody else.

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Somebody racially slurs you, and you might have a tendency to overreact. In fact, that aspect of the documentary won't be altogether dissimilar from previous 30 for 30 documentaries Pony Excess and The U , which focused on SMU and Miami's football programs, respectively.

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What will set The Gospel According to Mac apart from other 30 for 30 entries is the focus on McCartney's personal and family life. In , McCartney's daughter became pregnant by Sal Aunese, who was then the Buffaloes' starting quarterback. Kristy McCartney gave birth to the child in April , five months before Aunese died of stomach cancer. Near the end of his coaching career and in retirement, McCartney's involvement with Operation Rescue and the Promise Keepers has also become extremely polarizing.

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Episode Description: "A look at how Bill McCartney mixed two religions -- college football and evangelical Christianity -- while serving as head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes in the s, a tenure that included a national championship. This episode can be live streamed for free here.

McCartney, who is in the College Football Hall of Fame, lifted the Buffaloes to levels the school had never reached in its history, culminating in a national championship in This special will chronicle that rise to prominence and also focus on the highs and lows of the journey. The film focuses on Colorado's run from , including the latter two years in which the team played Notre Dame in the national championship twice in a row.

It isn't all roses, as the film also delves into the racism some of McCartney's players faced and the controversy the polarizing figure drummed up with his religious beliefs.