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Apple MacBook Air 11 (Early 2015) Notebook Review

Calibration improves these DeltaE values to 0. Thanks to the high luminance, you can actually use the small inch device outdoors. Apple uses a special coating to reduce reflections, but you should still avoid direct light sources behind the display. Using the device in the shade is usually no problem. Because of the TN technology there will be some deviations of the colors and the brightness when you look at the display from the side. It is still one of the better products based on this technology. The opening angle of almost degrees is usually sufficient and you can even use the laptop on your lap, but we would still appreciate a bigger angle.

As always, Apple offers different configurations, and we have a look at the base model in this review. The hardware components are perfect for an office device or small multimedia notebook for every day. The small MacBook Air is equipped with a frugal dual-core processor that is fast enough for office and multimedia tasks.

The processor graphics card is supported by a dual-channel memory configuration. Apple uses this update to equip the device with chips based on the Broadwell architecture. This processor has two cores and can execute four threads. The base clock is now 1. The chip can reach up to 2.

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Intel specifies a maximum power consumption of 15 Watts TDP. We use Cinebench R15 to determine the performance of both operating systems because the tool is compatible with both systems. Our review unit manages around points in the multi-core test, it does not matter which OS you use. We can see bigger differences between the individual operating systems in the single-core test and the OpenGL benchmarks.

The maximum clock of 2. Running on battery power does not affect the performance and the results are similar compared to mains power.

MacBook Air review: Out with the old and in with the new, for better or worse

Working with the small test model is a joy since everything is smooth and the responsiveness is very good. You should think about 8 GB RAM or a more powerful processor if you plan to use more demanding applications. Apple uses an M. The integrated SSD manages decent results for the read and write performance, but Apple could improve the performance for the important 4K files.

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We can measure a core clock of MHz. More details and comparisons for the HD Graphics are available in our Tech section. No question, gaming is not a strength of the Air 11, but some older titles should still run smoothly. It is important that you use Windows for gaming. A good example is Tomb Raider , where you can determine Even medium settings are playable under Windows 8.

If you still want to use the small inch device for gaming and have some time and money, you can also attach external graphics cards via Thunderbolt. More details on that are available in our article " external graphics cards. Our review unit is completely silent with light workloads. The heat-conducting characteristics of aluminum help in this respect. The fans will only start to spin under load and we can measure up to 43 dB A. The maximum fan speed of our review unit is 6, rpm.

As long as you do not stress the device or just browse the web, for example, the review unit hardly gets warm. The aluminum chassis will only warm up noticeably under sustained load. The hotspot of It is still no problem to type on the keyboard, despite the higher temperatures. All in all, the temperature development hardly changed.

Even the nominal clock can often not be maintained. After the stress test we start Cinebench R15 and get the same score compared to a cold run. We use the tools FurMark and Prime95 for the Windows stress test. The processor clock is reduced to MHz and stays much longer at this frequency. Similar to Mac OS X we ran a benchmark immediately after the stress test for a comparison. The consumption is very low with values between 2.

The Windows results are much higher with 5. The predecessor already had some issues with the Watt power adaptor under load because the power consumption is higher than the nominal output. The current Broadwell version of the Air 11 starts the measurement under maximum load stress test at The last value can be explained with the throttling under load that we determined in the Temperature section. The lower clocks also result in lower power consumption.

The manufacturer equips the small inch device with a 38 Wh battery and advertizes a WLAN runtime of up to 9 hours.

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  • Our MacBook Air lasts around 8. A direct comparison with the 9 hours of the predecessor is not possible because we slightly adjusted our Wi-Fi settings for the test. The Apple MacBook Air is still some kind of evergreen in the notebook world, despite the lack of innovation. As expected, the new components inside the chassis are very convincing and the performance was increased compared to the predecessors.

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    Although the display is still not a Retina model and only has limited viewing angles, you get good results for the brightness distribution, the luminance and the contrast. The biggest issue, however, is the significantly increased price in the Euro region, so we cannot recommend an upgrade for owners of previous MacBook Airs. The higher price in combination with the outdated HD resolution does affect the appeal of the Air In the end, the Apple MacBook Air is still a very convenient office and multimedia notebook, which has a good mobility thanks to its battery runtime and the dimensions.

    Apple Broadwell. Intel Core iU , 2 Kerne und 4 Threads. Broadcom Apple homepage MacBook Air Series.

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    • Grabbing a MacBook Air now fetches you faster storage.
    • Extremely thin and light, yet capable of running dozens of applications without bogging down. There are compromises, of course, but the most important things — portability, durability and functionality — are very much in place. But in comparison to the inch Air, it looks like a bloated old relic. But the Air is important. This is a breakthrough product. The biggest revelation about the inch Air is its power. On paper, it looks weedy. For reasons unexplained, Apple is using older Intel Core Duo chips 1. The base model has just 2Gbytes. I thought it would be underpowered. A funny thing happened: nothing.

      It kept on cranking. There were no spinning beachballs, no stuttering in the music I was playing. At this point the RAM was completely overloaded. The Air had carved out 1. Now the music started stuttering. But then it resumed. At this point, switching tasks caused the machine to pause for a few seconds as the new task swapped into memory. But it took only a few seconds, and the machine went back to normal. This is in stark contrast to my MacBook Pro.

      In normal us, I often have a dozen or more apps open at the same time.

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      I can easily have 50 or more tabs open in various browsers. My Mac Pro at work is usually OK with this, and now my portable is too. The build quality is superb. Hewn from a single slab of aluminum, the unibody case is extremely light and thin. Closing the lid is the notebook equivalent of a satisfying door clunk in a quality car: it closes with force and precision without snapping shut. It also takes just the slightest effort to open it. Not a lot, but just enough.

      Who knows if the hinges will last. But for now, the hinges speaks to quality and design. It feels very, very light. It sits weightlessly in your lap. Holding it up, it feels as light as an iPad. I had to check the specs. The Air is actually 1lb heavier. Where the MBP becomes heavy in your backpack, you could tote the Air all day and it would be no more effort than wearing a wristwatch. Most of the internal space is given over to a custom battery that Apple says lasts for 5 hours. I got more than 6 hours on both days over the weekend.

      I was using dozens of apps, running various tests, playing music and had Wi-Fi on. Standby is supposed to be 30 days. I guess I was expecting more. Flash storage makes for an exceptionally fast machine.