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Accessibility: The Apple laptop incorporates accessibility into its design and they tend to outperform comparable laptop PCs.

New Apple Macbook Air 2018 Review! Worth Buying? My Honest Thoughts!

Size: With less than 2. They are extremely light weight. Design: The latest Apple laptops are highly advanced and efficient giving you better efficiency and incredible performance. They come with elegant aluminium casing and advanced features like DVD burner, unique keypad lightning, high performance batteries, inbuilt trackball, Wi-Fi support, Bluetooth wireless connection, stereo speakers among others. Security: Macs are safer with superior virus protection to PC laptops.

13-inch MacBook Air

Hackers target PCs, not Macs. Your computer will also last longer. Apple Macbook and MacBook Pro are one of the most popular laptops due to their great style, well designed interfaces and intuitive features. However, Apple notebooks are quite expensive when compared with other laptops in their category.

Apple iMac Desktop Intel Core i5 8 GB RAM 1 TB Hard Drive 27 Inch macOS Sierra

Apple MacBook Pro Apple Macbook Retina Apple MacBook Air Apple Macbook Pro Apple Macbook Air Apple MacBook Pro 3. If you are into graphics designing, go for an Apple laptop with a larger screen. Avid players of games especially online games , should consider one that has a fast processor and massive hard drive space. MacBook Pro is best suited for gaming or graphics while the MacBook Air fits into the lifestyle of a student or business person. If you will be working at a desk, then any of the Apple lines will be great. MacBook Pro TouchBar. Order Now. We offer the urgent repair for your Apple laptop at a low rate and shortest time possible.

In this short period of time does not affect the quality of work. Learn More. Buy now from iFixMac. Shop Now. Apple Airpod 2.

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The best technicians. We have the best technicians with professional expertise and also ready to work. Nothing beats our speed and precision in repairing your laptop, you don't have to wait on a technician with fear on when you will have your machine back.

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Music has never sounded better. Self Servicing Tips. Get our daily self-servicing and maintenance tips for your Apple products. Learn more. The All New. We treat MacBook like a baby. We assure you your laptop is in safe hands with us, we don't only return your Mac to you all fixed, we also return it better looking than you last saw it.

Apple Laptops Prices in Nigeria

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