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This is the first typeface that is freely available for both private and commercial use with matching Latin and Arabic scripts that are optimized for screen appearance. The number of available Arabic fonts that are available today is relatively small, and usually with a cost attached. These fonts will help to cover that gap. This is the first font to ship with Office where both Latin and Arabic are designed at the same time.

Simplified Arabic Regular

The source of inspiration is firmly rooted in local heritage A mix of Muhaqqaq and Naskh for the Arabic, Dutch design for the Latin while embracing high tech and innovation: the design follows traditional aesthetics but the treatment is very contemporary and clean. The design in Latin and Arabic is meant for setting text and in that respect, the typeface fits with established traditions of text face design.

The Arabic brings a mix of Naskh and Muhaqqaq into its structure and form and this gives a distinguished look to it. The simplicity of form that the design brings is based on the knowledge gleaned from extensive legibility and reading research. The openness of the design, the simple unobtrusive shapes provide a comfortable reading experience.

The Dubai Font supports the reading of Arabic and Latin scripts on screen by offering top class typefaces that support legibility and reading. It also bridges the design gap between Arabic and Latin texts by providing harmonious typefaces that combine the two scripts seamlessly.

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In addition, it makes high quality typography available to everyone, especially for app developers and web designers and thereby supporting the tech industry by making quality fonts available with no licensing costs attached. Both the Arabic and Latin letters are included in the same font files. To access the language that you want to type in, simply switch your keyboard to the design language and start typing. You may not change the design of the fonts or rename them.

You may download the fonts for your personal or company-wide usage but you are not allowed to distribute the fonts. You may use the fonts freely in your own work whether for private or commercial use. You may also embed the fonts into apps and software. X How to install the font under Windows To install the Dubai Font for Windows, please read the instructions corresponding to your operating system.

Windows 10 Unzip the folder containing the Dubai Font first. It cannot be installed if it is zipped.

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Free Axt Arabic Fonts

Right click on the font file and select Install. Or Search for Fonts in the search box by the start menu. Windows 8 Unzip the folder containing the Dubai Font first. Students usually raise the AXt questions whether they can be utilized or not on Adobe products specially InDesign.

Arabic Font Pack 1.2

I requested from one student to bring these fonts for trial, which he did. On my first test I exported to PDF from InDesign, there were missing letters, the same 3 or 4 letters in all occurance dissapeared in the pdf. I printed the file to PS and distilled it, the result was good, all letters appeared fine. I used 3 different AXt fonts in the test, just one was misbehaving when exported to pdf. Who makes them? Why some letters dissapear upon export and comes fine through distiller?

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