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While many devices offer Google Cast functionality, the cheapest and easiest is the Chromecast, which costs very little and uses your existing mobile device or computer as a remote control. Google's standard Chromecast can broadcast content at p, while its more expensive Ultra variant can handle 4K media.


Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter vs Airtame 2

Screen Mirroring Protocol: Miracast Size: 3. Most Miracast receivers range from terrible to passable, but the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter actually works the way it's supposed to. The device is a small HDMI stick with nearly perfect wireless mirroring. Whether you need to stream music, videos, photos, lightweight games or productivity apps, the Wireless Display Adapter can do so with no lag.

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Simply plug it in, connect your PC or Android device, and see your content on the big screen. That's all the device does, and all it needs to do. AirPlay is one of the oldest and most reliable screen-mirroring protocols.

Microsoft's Wireless Display Adapter is an easy way to turn your TV into a plus-sized desktop

The setup and activation are essentially foolproof, and the streaming quality for music, photos and video is excellent. Apple TV is also a full-featured set-top box that runs apps for most major streaming sites and plays movies, music and podcasts directly from iTunes.

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In addition, the Apple TV boasts a sophisticated search thanks to its Siri voice assistant and an admirable selection of both core and casual games. Streaming is when a device independently transmits information to your TV directly from an online source, such as Netflix or Pandora.

Screen mirroring, on the other hand, uses your phone as a middleman. This process, as the name suggests, simply takes whatever is on your phone's screen and displays it elsewhere; no more, no less. Generally speaking, streaming works better than screen-mirroring, even if you've got the best miracast dongle out there.

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter V2 Review | Digital Trends

That's because streaming doesn't require an elaborate daisy chain of devices. Furthermore, some companies like Netflix, don't play nicely with Miracast, meaning you may need to employ cumbersome workarounds just to get content to show up on your TV.. However, streaming also has its limitations; you have access to a limited variety of apps, whereas with screen mirroring, you can see anything from your mobile device or computer right on your TV.

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter

Finally, most streaming devices have a screen-mirroring option built in; they just vary wildly in quality. For other devices, it's best to check the manufacturer's web page, and both professional and user reviews to see how well the screen-mirroring functionality works. Yes and no. Yes, you can mirror content from your mobile device or computer to your TV — if you have a powerful transmitter, one of the best miracast dongles and a flawless Wi-Fi network. Otherwise, you're just asking for a laggy, unreliable experience.

While screen mirroring has its place for productivity, it's just not the simplest or most straightforward way to consume most media.

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