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XnView MP Forum. XnView MP comes with an easy to use yet powerful batch conversion module. This same module also powers XnConvert. Virtually all of standard XnView's much loved features have been preserved in XnView MP and many features have actually been tweaked and enhanced.

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Considerable improvements have been made in terms of performance speed-optimized loading, improved caching, multi-core processing, 64bits version, etc Fixed a sound synch bug on PSP2. Added Wii support for Bink 2 - play 30 Hz x video. Added Bink 2 support for Android! Requires Neon - play beautiful p video at low, low data rates!

Added x86 Android library support - man, the x86 Android phones are crazy fast. Supports both Bink 1 and Bink 2.


Fixed the frame flipping logic in the PSP 2 example code - can flip faster now, shouldn't affect your games. Fixed a linking problem on Wii-U and Durango for Bink 1. Fixed a header file problem on Android. Fixed a crash bug on the Bink 2 alpha software blitters. On Xbox One, set 8 channel output so that multichannel mixing works properly. On PS4, made the audio when pausing and resuming less latent. Slightly better motion-comp on the edges of movies that are non-divisible by 32 in the width or height.

Made the PS3 textures always use a multiple of for the pitch.

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Fixed a non-determinism bug in the encoder. All Bink 2 users should upgrade and recompress. All new codec new file format - massive quality and speed improvements. Experiment with low-rates - we are commonly surprised at how low we can take some videos now. Smaller is also faster to decode!

Encoder is twice as fast as 2. It is now almost 3 times faster than Bink 1, and will encode p 30fps videos at 2x realtime with 16 cores. New perceptual based variable quantizer - quality is vastly improved at all data rates, but especially low rates. Uses any dimension of video padding done internally - 3D support code all updated to support padded widths and heights. Improvements to colorspace converters where some videos would be a little blue.

Make sure you update your shader constants too. Huge decoder speedups! Faster still if you compress the videos at a lower rate with 2. PS3 version is much, much faster and smaller GCC inliner kept under control. Deblocking is much faster, and you can turn it off completely for even more speed. Support for Telemetry 2. Linux bit build now includes software blitters for the Bink 2 colorspace.

Added PS4 and Xbox One docs. Full dual core decoding implemented - twice as fast as previous Bink. Fixed problem in new colorspace software blitters reddish tint. Fixed a crash with 32x32 videos. Added new colorspace support for GL platforms. Print colorspace info in File info window. Changed the BinkTextures. You must recompress to get the new colorspace. All of the Bink texture code has changed to support two colorspaces. Added SSE2 software blitters for the full Y colorspace. Added support for handling iOS Siri audio interruption. Fix where batching a bunch of files into Bink 2 used the old Bink 1 extension Changes from 1.

Added DX11 texturing support. Made the OpenGL texturing support code run on Android. Updated to later system SDK on a secret platform. Fixed a bug in the old fixed function Windows GL code, where the second frame was skipped. Made the Bink IO system use Telemetry timespans instead of time sections. Fixed a bug where the alpha plane could get corrupted on extremely small frames. Changes from 1.

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Fixed a regression problem with Wii-U audio not playing. Added the async functions to Android. Added Linux bit as a new platform. Added a gltextures. On Mac, now handle headphones being removed during playback. Updated to latest Telemetry. Fixed a bug on PS Vita, where the sound on the first frame could be lost, leading to sync issues. Switched distributions to 7zip. For Wii-U, create a file command block for each IO, so that you can open multiple Binks at once without complications.

For Wii-U, clear out the callback fields in the audio voices to work around a system bug.

Sony Creative Software - XAVC/XDCAM Plug-in for Apple (PDZK-LT2)

For Wii-U, flush the Bink texture buffers during decompression. Made most platforms default to not loading up the IO buffer since most are threaded now anyway. Switched to the Android 4. Fixed a semaphore problem on Durango. Switched to the 2. Smaller libs on Xenon is due to not including D3D stuff from xtl. Added a new secret platform contact us for details. You'll have to update your code, since this call now takes two parameters. On Wii-U, precompiled shaders are now built for 2. On the 3DS, moved to the 2. Added code in the 3DS example to show how to use an Autostack.

Fixed a bug in the 3DS code where the vertex buffer was being used twice create a race condition. On the 3DS, fixed a rare crash in the sound system when looping a movie.

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On Xenon, synchronize the Xaudio buffer starts to fix cross audio track slipping on resume. Improved the colorspace converters used when compressing. Fixed a problem on PS Vita where thread resources hung around. Added markup to support the upcoming Telemetry version that supports SPU. Worked around a bug in Xaudio, where it would crash if there were no audio devices on the system. Fixed a threading issue in the yuv converter, where the final 8 lines on an all black frame could turn greenish. Fixed some 3DS sound skipping issues with certain sound playback rates.

Added some early outs in the IO system, when an IO error occurs. On iOS, fixed blitting pitch issue for odd-width Bink videos. On the Wii, updated the example texturing code to more easily integrate with Iggy. Made shutdown slightly faster if an IO was in progress. Fixed a bug in BinkGoto when the destination frame was within ms of the previous key frame and the currently displayed frame.

Fixed a bug on the Wii, if when opening a file on a non-divisible-by file offset. Added background thread decompression for Wii lets you decompress in the retrace wait or across multiple frames. Fixed background thread decompression on Mac. Videos without sound will now only catch up to a maximum of 4 frames before resyncing. This prevents playback from zooming forward if you stop calling Bink for a while. You should still call BinkPause if you are doing this intentionally. Moved our 3DS support out of secret mode.

Fixed an issue where the 3DS wouldn't play sound depending on your thread priorities. Switched to light-weight semaphores on 3DS, since there are only 8 real semaphores system-wide. Added the blend op in the DX10 pixel shader code. On the PS3, insure that all audio tracks are decoded before starting mixing fixes a problem where occasionally a set of audio track would be started out of phase. So, a start frame of -1 means start on the very last frame.

Playback also now continues during window drags. Threads are awkward on the Wii, but now that we have a good wrapper, we can share all of the fancy IO features from other platforms. Changes from version 1. Dropped all pre-MacOS X versions of the library. IO is now done later in pipeline more opportunity for background IO. And even under starvation conditions, IO happens on the async thread. Better yet, when playing multiple Binks at a time, all IO is co-operatively scheduled. Again, all these optimizations performed using Telemetry. More information soon. This fixes some skipping problems on older machines.

Everyone should upgrade. If you are loading data while streaming a video, this will greatly help your performance especially on PS3 which doesn't have a spare core to hide the problem. Note that this fix is in WiiTextures. DLL wasn't being delay loaded properly. The Bink audio decoder is already really fast usually less than a few percent on most platforms , but it's now faster still.

The first bug would draw your movies too bright blacks would be slightly gray. The second bug selected three indirect stages instead of two, so game state could be incorrectly inherited. These bugs were fixed in wiitextures. This slight clock difference slowly leads to sync problems in longer movies. We now measure the sound rate and slowly compensate the video to match. It's amazing that in we are still having these problems. This uses about half the dynamic memory during playback and doubles the amount of CPU that Bink can use for decompression.

This means you can now playback much higher quality Bink movies on PS2. Since this technique is so much better, we removed the software blitters to save another 32K in code space. You can still use the old Bink library, if you don't want to update to the new technique but there's no reason not to switch. This allows us to properly use async decompression on these file async requires two buffers. Also added an option to override the "no alpha channel present" warning.

This usually lets us load higher resolution movies in tight memory situations. All of this is done super cleanly, it requires very few code changes, and you don't have to do any direct multi-threaded coding at all. You can play up to ten x on the six SPUs at the same time, or up to 36 x movies simultaneously! All games should use threaded decompression now - it is faster even on single core CPUs because the blitting takes place concurrently with decompression.

The standalone Bink Player has also been threaded. We now do the cache flush ourselves in the codec which is faster. This meant you couldn't preview Bink files while they were still compressing in the front-end tool. Pre-multiplied alpha gives better quality, it filters better, and it's faster - everyone should use it. Also, added an option to use pre-multiplied alpha during filtering like resizing and then convert back before compression.

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It's always best to try to play the movies at 1 to 1, though, since it seems impossible to remove all possible scaled sampling errors. Previously, it could take up to ms for the audio to begin when you paused and then resumed audio. Note that you should normally use bit audio, since 8-bit input is simply scaled up to bit anyway.

DirectDraw is becoming less reliable and modern machines are more than fast enough to use DIBs. This lets you run Bink on other threads without having to worry so much about thread shutdown deadlocks. If you are using 2. If you are using one of these platforms, you must update. Stereo tracks worked fine.

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  5. This can make the data reading faster, since the OS doesn't have to break up each IO into multiple chunks especially good for the Xbox and Xbox SDK is available immediately, and a Bink player for Mac Intel machines can be downloaded from our website. You can even compile to Win64 video EXEs. A beta Win64 SDK is also available. Thanks to AMD for their kind support of this porting effort!

    Pixel shaders are the fastest and highest quality method to display Bink videos. If you are using Bink in a 3D game on Windows, you should definitely update and use the new pixel shader example code. This lets the D3D render a frame ahead on full frame updates. The Miles example shows how to do 5. All new infrastructure, all new assembly blitters. Also added a BinkGetPalette function to retrieve the global Bink palette.

    This is such the "right thing to do" on an Xbox that it is now the default playback method - if you have old Bink for Xbox code, you should definitely update it. This should fix the error when loading of QT audio tracks which happens on a lot of camera movies. This avoids a crash in SDL on some Linux machines. QT or. MOV file extension, we now always try QuickTime first. We did this for video files previously, now we do it for sound too. These functions allow you to allocate the Y, cR, and cB color buffers that Bink uses internally.

    This allows you to do a lot of cool things, like allocating the frame buffers as 8-bit luminance textures on Xbox, and then using a pixel shader to do the YcRcB to RGB conversion so that there is no blitting overhead at all example of this coming soon! This also allows you to share the same frame buffer memory for multiple Bink files and save memory as long as you don't play them all at once. This makes it really easy to load other game data while a Bink is playing - you just suspend Bink when the Bink buffer is mostly full and resume it when it is mostly empty.

    Great for playing a movie while your game loads level data. This allows you to avoid calling BinkCopyToBuffer completely to check whether you are falling behind, so you don't have to lock a texture or DDraw surface just to find out you should have skipped anyway. We now use an IO timeout, so after ms, we will fail the read. Many file types that were previously decoded with QuickTime which is really slow are now handled by DirectShow.

    This change allows you to now optionally use large IO buffers without having to worry causing occasional long delays to refill it. This is useful if you are holding a system lock and you always need BinkCopyToBuffer to complete as quickly as possible. Thanks to Michael Abrash and Mike Sartain for all their hard optimization work. After creating the SCR file, you simply copy it into your main Windows directory and it will be added to the list of available screen savers. To use this feature, you must highlight the longest file name file10 in previous example.

    This means we resort to QuickTime less often which is good because QuickTime is slooow. One stupid downside is that WinHelp remembers what the setting used to be, so if you have no nagivation tab at all, then choose "Options Show Tabs" on the menu bar. This means that the free Bink Player can be distributed without popping up update requests. This had the effect of making motion-JPEG movies only appear to be one frame, so only the first frame of the movie was ever converted.

    Note that there was no problem if you were using the new Bink audio codec which you should be anyway. Now you can highlight a group of input files and process them all one by one. Our built-in support is almost 20 times faster than QuickTime, so compressing large numbers of still images is now much, much faster! NET for building the tools a little faster compiled code, but the debugger is frustrating.

    We also do the reset on the first frame previously we did it on the last frame which occasionally popped. This only saves about bytes, but it helps with fragmentation. Fixes sync problems with longer movies on the GameCube. This will generate both faster and smaller code. The file size of the library is large because the linker does the compilation - the link size in bytes will be 10K to 50K smaller. This function allows you to partially copy a Bink frame to another buffer.

    You can draw with tiled Direct3D textures much faster with this function. See ExamAlph. Sounds much better and can compress up to half the old data rate! The specific frame that was being decompressed will be blank, but the rest of the movie should survive. RTP Ogg.

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