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Tap the "All Facebook" option.

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The checkmark next to this option should disappear. Tap the "All iCloud" option to re-enable iCloud contacts. This will ensure that your Contacts app displays only the iCloud contacts. If you have contacts from any other sources besides iCloud and Facebook, make sure those options are also checked before exiting.

Return to your Contacts menu. You shouldn't see any Facebook contacts! Method 3. If you don't want Facebook accessing any of your data, deleting your account from your iPhone is a sure way to prevent future issues. Deleting your Facebook data only revokes the app's access to your contacts, location data, calendar, and similar programs on your phone.

5 quick ways to recover storage space on an overstuffed iPhone or iPad

It doesn't delete the Facebook app itself, nor does it delete your Facebook account from Facebook. You can re-establish your Facebook account in this menu at any time by re-entering your Facebook credentials. You can delete your account within this menu. Tap your name. This will take you to your personal account settings.

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Tap "Delete Account". Facebook will ask you to confirm this step. Tap "Delete" when prompted. This deletes all Facebook account information from your iPhone. Exit Settings, then open your Contacts app. I tried, and I still can't get the Facebook names off my contact list. There are no phone numbers; just names that won't go away. Your best bet is to delete the social profile of that contact in the phones main contact menu.

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Here's our guide on two easy ways to get the job done, no matter how many you want to add to your existing catalog, plus instructions for deleting fonts. Posted 11 hours ago — By Luke Larsen. Computing Sending SMS messages from your PC is easier than you might think Texting is a fact of life, but what do you do when you're in the middle of something on your laptop or just don't have your phone handy?

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Social Media Pinterest aims to be more than just inspiration with its new shopping hub Pinterest now has a dedicated home for your personalized shopping recommendations. Available from the home feed, the platform now collects products based on user interests in a single location. Posted 2 weeks ago — By Hillary K. News Sen. Josh Hawley wants to ban infinite scroll and autoplay videos Sen. Josh Hawley introduced legislation on Tuesday calling for tech giants to curb deceptive techniques that fuel social media addiction.

The News Feed is more a distraction than anything else.

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When it first started, the News Feed was actually pretty nice. And you followed your favorite bands or news organizations to get updates. But over time, the News Feed has grown into an untamed beast, giving you more information than you know what to do with. At some point, you friended the neighbor of someone you went to nursery school with, and now you keep looking at his numerous check-ins.

We see fake news stories and serious harassment on Facebook and Twitter, but the social giants are trying to stop it. What have they done? And will it help make the internet a better place? Read More.

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But most importantly, scientists keep saying the same thing in one study after another: Facebook makes you sad Facebook Makes You Sad, and "It Won't Happen to Me" is a Lie Facebook Makes You Sad, and "It Won't Happen to Me" is a Lie Facebook's potential as a trigger for depressive symptoms has been talked about in the past too, but this year has seen more of such studies than before. Here's what they say. You need to monitor how you consume content from the News Feed.

All put together, do yourself a favor and delete your Facebook News Feed. There are a few basic elements of the Facebook News Feed, and all you need to do is get rid of them. On the desktop, there are extensions to get this done. So here are the best ways you can currently kill your Facebook News Feed. The easiest way to unfollow all your friends in a single click is through the Chrome extension Nudge. Once you download and install the extension, go to Facebook. After a few seconds, you will see a banner at the bottom to Unfollow everything like this:.

Click the banner, and the follow-up confirmation banner to unfollow all friends, groups, and pages. Once Nudge is done, refresh Facebook to see it load without any posts from friends, groups, or pages. This is your feed from now on your mobile app or any other way you access Facebook. Download: Nudge for Chrome Free. Read More , and use it from now on. Sorry, there is no other way to clean up the news feed. Download: Social Fixer Free. But remember, this works only on computer browsers, not on mobile. If the Facebook News Feed is a distraction while you work, you have two other options on desktop browsers Chrome and Firefox.

News Feed Eradicator for Chrome hides the news feed and replaces it with an inspirational quote. Basically, it expects you to check back out of habit. Keep in mind that again, this will keep your mobile News Feed alive and well. Facebook exerts strong control over its app.

That's okay -- there are some solid alternatives. After that, I carefully followed seven people whose feeds I am still interested in. And I have to say, Facebook is a lot less distracting than before. What about you?