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Report Inappropriate Content. Message 3 of What settings will be lost if I reset ad you described? Regards, Pascal. Message 4 of Message 5 of Any idea where to find the When I 'Disconnect' in Apple's Finder and try to re-connect again, the same message again. In short: a. Posts: 1. Message 6 of Views: 10, Message 7 of Message 8 of AFP is enabled, the faulty connection uses smb however.

Message 9 of The connection problems continue to exists. Message 10 of This helped me too. Community Guidelines. Get Lenovo Support on your Android device. Check out current deals! Shop current deals. Forum Home. Top Kudoed Posts. Subject kudos Re: Can't update ixd to 4. Active 27 days ago. Viewed 99 times. Django Reinhardt Django Reinhardt 2, 18 18 gold badges 38 38 silver badges 58 58 bronze badges. What, precisely, does "reset network settings" do on an iPhone? This is the behavior in devices running iOS 9 and later.

Nimesh Neema Nimesh Neema Saihaj Saihaj 41 1 1 bronze badge. If you have iCloud keychain enabled, the saved Wi-Fi passwords are wiped from all your linked devices with iCloud keychain enabled, similar to how saved password on one device syncs to another device. Featured on Meta. Congratulations to our 29 oldest beta sites - They're now no longer beta! Unicorn Meta Zoo 7: Interview with Nicolas. An Apple junkie friend insisted that I look at my router. It had been on just AES. I also moved from 2. Turns out, also had n-band off. Made these adjustments and the Macbook is doing great now!

I was certain that it was the macbook, but the router is probably worth a look even if it seems like not. Maybe the Yosemite is less backward compatible with older router settings than other software? I can take my MacBook to my local cafe and WiFi is fine. I thought maybe it was something to do with WMM settings, so I disabled these, but after early good signs, the problems returned.

First option worked for me : Thanks a bunch! I did not find the identification plist so i just moved the others to a folder on the desktop and then deleted them. Out of nowhere, I had a new issue. After login not before , the Wi-Fi app would fail to load properly, resulting in a yellow indicator for the WiFi in the network settings.

This is true for all users. However, in Recovery mode or in the first login selection screen after reboot, the WiFi was still working. Then, I applied the full time machine backup. Everything works as before now. I was online working on a paper when my internet froze durig a video. I closed safari and turned my wifi off bc sometimes this helps.

I upgraded my macbook pro late edition from Maverick to Yosemite Oddly enough, it works flawlessly with the Cisco WAP at work. Needless to say, no such problems running previous versions of OS X, with these three home routers. Not everyone running Yosemite on a Mac is having these intermittent WiFi problems, and some people report that when they use their Mac on a different router, the WiFi works fine.

Could a lot of the WiFi problems reported actually be a problem with compatibility between particular brands of router and their firmware and something particular about Intel-based computers?

Reinitialize mail and configuration settings

As I understand it, this is meant to save power by putting the router into a dozing state when there is no demand for data, but the computer is unable to wake the router up. Perhaps this is because there is a constant stream of data, so no chance for the router to doze off. A lot of people report WiFi drops out when waking their Mac from sleep — the router is also going to be asleep though.

This is just an idea. Any thoughts? Signs so far are good. And it is not a coincidence that Apple has released every version of OS X Yosemite with a wi-fi fix included, it is a software driven problem. But to reiterate, not everyone using Yosemite has intermittent WiFi. And not everybody with intermittent WiFi is using a Mac. So while Yosemite might be partly responsible, there must be another variable at work, perhaps the way Yosemite deals with power saving modes on certain routers which seems to be a cause of intermittent WiFi on Windows laptops.

If you are experiencing trouble with Wi-Fi connections in OS X Yosemite, you should update to the newest version of system software available. Currently that is OS X I stumbled across the solution while looking for a firmware update for my router. Not a bad setting to use in an Internet cafe, bloody daft at home. Thank you so much! Brand new Macbook Pro wifi dropping out intermittently and upon wake from sleep and startup.

When dragging the files to a new folder on the desktop com. Turn it off in preferences and problem solved. I hate you apple……. Yosimite is crap. If steve jobs was still alive he would kill himself if his internet drops every 5 minutes. I tried to re-install my macbook pro back to snow leopard and everything just work fine even on the 5 ghz wifi access.

Since I have connected the cable as well the wifi connection no longer drops. However my MacBook Air, although fine at home, if I take it to work and connect it to their public wifi powered by the cloud my macbook air will drop connection every 10 mins. The Macbook stays connected without problems in both locations. Possibly why some people are experiencing these problems and others are not. Yes, I was thinking the same thing.

But if I access the Internet using my phone as a hotspot, the MacMini surfs fine. I have my first MacBook and I am not happy. It is a 15 inch. I was alerted to this great update Yosemite and so I upgraded and everything was running just fine. I jump into my bed not literally and I start streaming Netflix. This is when my nightmare happened. My WiFi just went out. It says no hardware detected. Any help would be appreciated.

To my great surprise, it worked! And continued to work, even when I turned bluetooth back on! Yosemite I mean ever ever! Each update gets it worse on my MacMini Late Some times it works but then after a few days it just dies miserably again. Before I would time out when trying to connect. I have tried so many different things for so long that my frustration level got to a hammer point I want to hammer my Mac to pieces. It is important to congratulate Apple for their effort! I am so fed up with slow internet browsing after up[downgrade]grading to Yosemite.

How to Fix WiFi on MacBook?

Will try and report back. Hello, I brought a new macbook pro with Yosemite already installed… I have had the laptop for a week now and I have an odd problem.. The wifi works fine but… When I try to use a ftp program the connection which it is trying to make to the ftp server times out or shows blank files on the ftp server … however if I plug the ethernet cable in via a usb connector apple brand it works fine, I see all the files… this really is a pain in butt… anyone had this problem? Did you manage to resolve it? OS X Yosemite is the most unstable unpredictable unusable operating system ever released for Mac.

Complain to Apple, if you just bought your Mac you are under warranty and can get a replacement, free support, etc. The ISP connection was ok, but not the internet or the server connection. I was loosing my mind. So thanks a lot. As soon as I go to add the new network location it opens a screen different to yours which says that the cable is unplugged. Thank you so much, I never had wifi issues with Yosemite until the In addition to my previous comment. Very important, there is one file that may be missing for some people in the list that they say to delete or move to folder.

Replace that missing file with the file named com. It works… My wifi works now! Thank you guys again! I have had this problem for a while with my Mac Mini. Then I realized that at the same time my wi-fi connection drops, sometimes my bluetooth mouse also disconnect. I guessed my problem was due to interference between wifi and bluetooth and changed my wifi channel.

What did the trick in my case was after point 1, 2 and smc reset did some, but the bluetooth was still interfering, was to do a HD disk verification and repair with disk utility. Now running smoothly even 1. Like Graham I also have changed to BT Broadband, but strangely the problem arose months after that change too. I tried all of the things above and was still having problems with two iMacs and a MacBook Pro. Then I looked at the BT site and found what I think is the answer. The Macs using Yosemite seem to get confused and lose Wifi while my iPhone and iPad were quite happy.

I disabled the 5Ghz band and everything went back to normal. Currently the Macbook Pro is on 5 while the rest of the house is on 2. Fingers crossed……. After upgrading my MacBook Pro to Thanks for the many suggestions, tried pretty much all of them and none seemed to work for me. Have finally taken the step to Restore to Shame on you Apple for not testing Yosemite thoroughly and doubly so for not fixing it after two upgrades.

I had no problems before the I wait for the connection to be stable a couple of minutes should do it then turn Bluetooth back on and the connection holds. First tips worked like a charm! Never experienced wifi problems until All solved now! Thank you so much!!! I thought I was going to go crazy. The very first tip on this page worked for me!

Thanks again! Hello: I am having trouble with wifi after upgrading OS from I was using this wifi router last 1 year without any trouble but now its not working. Can any one help me? I follow all the steps of trouble shooting mentioned in apple website. I have 2 hotspoots at home. To one it does not connect at all. Toi the other it connects but every 5 min or so the internet connection is down alltouigh the iMac is connected to the hotspot. After closing and opening wi-fi it works again for a few minutes. I dowloaded Yosemite Well, Apple, you have just reached the same level.

Thank you so much for publishing. I was sooo frustrated for sooo long!! Two computers in our house; two different sets of problems. All resolved from online info not provided by Apple. I think you missed one of the simplest fixes for Wi-fi problems: Turn off IPv6.

ISPs have yet to iron out the bugs in their implementations, and they may also require settings changes that are undocumented. CenturyLink, for instance, has been rolling out IPv6 over the past few months, and I had to turn it off to keep my wife connected in Mavericks. It was an instant fix. Since there is such a big bug for Yosemite, why is Apple still releasing it?!

Tried a number of fixes suggested out there. Obviously not something I want the boss to live with forever, but thankfully it only needs to be run again after reboot. But the one worked fine for 2 days before having DNS issues. Still trying to determine if some computer setting during Migration Assistant hosed it or it is a bigger Yosemite issue. Clearly Apple QA was a bit lax….

Deselecting it always results in beachball and you need to cold book and restart. End result is a second user account and the setup the second time through skips FileVault…thankfully. Pretty sloppy IMHO. After many months of just resetting my router Telstra Cable Netgear , I rang Telstra to complain as my mac was working consistently on my 4g device.

I got a upgraded modem from Telstra and thought my problems was solved as i didnt have issues but within 24 hours i started getting the same issues. I have been running tests standalone to see how often it was disconnecting etc. Tried various browsers etc.

Once this was turned off My mac has been performing great. I reverted my firewall back to medium settings and confirmed the IP Port scanning option has caused the issues. My Previous router may have been blocking these options by default and unable to change that option. This means WEP security why is that the default? I kept meaning to change it, but the trouble was just a bit too much to deal with until this came along. Quick note: I checked the MBP wifi connectivity on my work network and it was perfect.

Immediate connection, no drops. My fix was simply to access the router and update to WPA security. Bonus for us is our older iMac 7,1 running Thanks for the info. I hope Apple will fix it with a update to Yosemite soon. My wifi-connection at home is suddenly unstable. I have been having wifi issues like everyone else except my wifi will not even connect. Could that be the issue? I tried everything too. Tried rebooting, redoing commands… Nothing works.

After i installed Yosemite on my 13inch MacBook Pro, the wifi would often go off by itself. After restarting the computer a few times it would come on, but then go off again after a while. At first i figured my wifi hardware was just faulty and got it replaced with another, but the same problem occurred with the new hardware as well. I even restored my computer to factory settings running on the original OS X Lion and still the same problem.

Does anyone have any suggestions? First Option, works greatly. Than you man. Thank you! I said the first option helps me, but it just happens for a while. About 1 hour working ;. Now i tried to Reset SMC, seems working greatly. I will wait Apple fix that. After 30 minutes of trying everything in this article, to no avail. I have unrolled an old cat5 cable and plugged it in and disabled wifi. Works great now, welcome to the 21st century. I found one that actually worked.

I was also having the same issues with my iPad2 ever since upgrading to iOS8, and this seems to have fixed that problem as well. I installed Yosemite and not able to connect wirelessly or ethernet. Apple fix failed -reinstalled, failed. All ready to go back to lion when a new person at Apple said unplug from the mains, remove all cables and so reset the systems control manager. Ie when all unplugged hold start button for five seconds, then replug and reboot Yosemite picked up all peripheral fine including router.

I think the 1st fix worked! The system preferences settings were immediately different after the reboot. FYI I did not have all the files you mentioned. It does work like a charm now. I contacted Apple support via chat today and the tech provided the following solution which seems to have resolved the problem for me:.

I did this nearly 24 hours ago and the connection to my local wifi network has been stable for almost 24 hours. Previously this have been dropping at least 3 or 4 times an hour. Thank you SO much! Your advice worked so well, I just wish I would have been able to access it sooner, no WiFi the week of finals is very frustrating!

This will be my last apple product. After upgrading to OS X Yosemite Using solution 2 new network location with custom MTU set to cleared up the problems and dramatically improved the speed and reliability of my ftp connections. I disabled icloud handout and that fixed it, nothing else worked. It is in preferences, general tab. After trying everything that last DNS change did it!

Thank you. So not to be stupid, but in step one do you need to delete those folders after backing them up and before rebooting your computer?

How to Factory Reset Your Mac

I just downloaded the yosemite Update to OSX Option one worked for me and was easy to do. The only thing I would add to the fix is that if you have wifi printing, reboot the printer after you have confirmed that the computer is working on wifi. I have a brand spanking new MBP Retina 2. It came with Yosemite preinstalled. It works relatively well on my home wifi with my Airport Extreme.

On my work network I get kicked off the network every minute or so. After weeks of losing wifi connections; implementing various short term fixes, and a number of calls to Apple Support again short term solutions , I was bumped up to a Senior Tech. Here is what we did:.

Backed up Time Machine on to external disk, and as a double backstop, copied a number of critical files containing passwords, receipts and application codewords first to a file on Desktop, and then to a portable external disk. Then did a clean reinstall Yosemite as a shell.

Configuring your Mac's network settings | Macworld

The only functioning additions were a connection for Safari and Mail. This setup was given a two day test, and worked flawlessly. The plan after two days was to bring applications etc back out of Time Machine; but I was so pleased with efficiency of Yosemite, I opted to download replacements for the applications I currently use, and ditch all the detritus that had built up over the years and which was now never — or hardly ever — used. One item they could not return was Keychain; but I had the information elsewhere so ok.

And what did that all cost? Not a penny. Even though my AppleCare subscription had run its course. Apple is providing 30 days free telephone support for Yosemite wifi problems; or at least was last week when I finally signed off. And when it works, Safari in Yosemite is brilliant. My MBPr is running fine now for 2 days. Before switching my router to WPA2 personal my wifi speed would drop to max 2Mb after a few hours max. Problem: Wifi is connected, but randomly web sites failed to load. Web Page sits there waiting.

After a few minutes or manually turning wifi off and back on, the page will display and everything works fine. Apple is aware of the problem and will be sending the tech brief to me. Release all keys. Running Yosemite I used time machine to roll back to a previous point in time and restored the SystemConfiguration Folder and then performed the SMC reset. Everything seems to be working great now.

No disconnects and fast internet access. After 24 hours, I believe this problem has been fixed. The cause of the wi-fi problems was the Bluetooth. By disabling it I went to Internet at the max speed ever. Wi-fi on MB A After trying numerous things, turning off blutooth appears to have done the trick for me — for now …. What a disgrace with Yosemite.

The first suggestion worked for me! I fought with this all day yesterday thinking it was my internet service provider but finally realized duh that I could use my devices on wi-fi. I linked to your site from another that came up when I googled my error message. Thank you soooooo much for clear and concise directions! While trying to configure my time capsule as a wi-fi bridge, I completely lost wi-fi configuration on my macbook air v Thank so much!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I tried everything I could think of with no success. Then I found this page, followed the instructions, and it worked! Your help is much appreciated. Then, one more thing… I am on the 2. Much better performance. Yes, drill. To get up and running I drilled through the wall and ran a hardwire ethernet cable to the AE.

I went through this list about 2 weeks ago and it did not seem to help. Then my computer started getting slower and slower and then the internet did not work on anything except chome. Turns out I unloaded the discoveryd. Any reloaded it and things are bag to normal. I cannot test my wifi yet as I do not have it but it atleast fixed my ethernet to be able to dl faster and able to get other apps to connect to the internet. Yes, the Firefox browser loads my gmail quickly. But, when I attach a large file, the attachment loading times out.

Step 1 in the link above worked for me. At least it seems to have solved my network problems when reading email in Firefox. I have cable Xfiniti internet connected to the Airport. Likewise with the iPhone 6, getting download speeds of Mbps. Nothing worked — until I switched from the 5Ghz network to the 2. I tried most of these with no luck and I have tried the new update to Yosemite.

It has been day 3 with NO problems. Well, this solved another problem as well. My Apple TV stopped working. I have re-copied the removed files to their original place, and it works again. I upgraded my Mac Pro late from Mavericks no issues were noted to Yosemite as soon as it came out. I was using it wired and sparingly, so I did not notice the Web browsing issues until I decided to switch my primary machine to the Mac Pro from my MacBook Pro 2. I was experiencing slow internet speeds wired and Ethernet and discovered that the wiring in my home was generating crosstalk and lots of temporary errors.

At the same time TWC upgraded my speed to Mbps contributed to the issue. So I had all the connections redone. I can load the same page on my MacBook Pro in 2 seconds where it takes almost a minute on my Mac Pro. My opinion is that the migration process messed up a lot of system wide settings. I have two other systems to migrate and I do not need that aggravation. Just took the steps shown in option 1 deleted the files from the library. Shut down MacBook. Rebooted router. Logged back into MacBook — hey presto — problem solved and all working without interruption now even after several test restarts over the last 24hours ;-.

I have a 3 year old macbook pro with comcast email. After updating to Yosemite, I am only able to receive Comcast email and not send. Comcast email requires entering the personal comcast email password in email preferences for both incoming and outgoing email. After updating to Yosemite, the place to enter the password for outgoing email is no longer there.

Has anyone else had this problem? Yes Lee, if you are having problems sending mail or email with OS X Yosemite Mail app you can follow these instructions to fix it:. Fortunately it has nothing to do with wi-fi. This issue bit us hard. My wife upgraded her iMac to Yosemite last week with no observed issues. Its network connection is physical Ethernet and she is an admin. He has a managed account with Parental Controls enabled.

He came home that afternoon extremely frustrated — no WiFi network connections would work in Safari or Chrome all sites timed out.

These devices were a Windows desktop, the default gateway the WiFi router , and the Linux server. All three where physically cabled to the network so were not having WiFi errors themselves. I ran through all the fixes in the article above one by one except for downgrading the OS. Nothing worked. So I downgraded him back to a managed user. Note that when you escalate an account like this as a diagnostic, all Parental Controls are lost and have to be rebuilt. Apple should really provide a simple way to export these to preserve them. Double d-oh! All of ours are already on Yosemite.

First bullet item in the description is it fixes WiFi issues. But my fingers are crossed that this will work. I can connect to the internet with the ethernet cable and my mobile phone with no problems, but my macbook Keychain holds the wifi passwords. I then changed the settings in my modem to not require a password. Are you sure you want to join it? After a few hours of success, I changed it to WPA2 passworded same question box popped up, I agreed … connect with no issues… Yah again!!! NOTE: I believe this issue is caused by a corrupted keychain entry.

Apples help forum shows other high level network techs have notice this issue too. You would just need to re-enter the wifi password. The Yosemite It seemed the intermittent WiFi issues were back and also the Parental Controls seemed corrupted. So we replaced with the last Mavericks backup. Oh I noticed on Yosemite in Parental Controls now you can export the settings to save them. Nice feature. Will take advantage of it when oh Updating to OS X Hope it stays that way.

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You will have to wait until OS X Future software updates will hopefully fix more wireless issues than cause new ones. I had the same problem most others. The problem only presented itself after using the migration assistant. Franks reloading of discoveryd. After dealing with apple tech support and waiting a week for them to get back to me their suggestion was to locate:. By the time they had gotten back to me i had formatted and run a fresh install. I came back to report that However, I just deleted the two plist files above and rebooted.

Problem solved! Thanks for posting this. Ive been having problems with Wifi and handoff. I did have all the others, but also several other things. My husband finally fixed this by going through the Assist Me button in network preferences. Silly me, I thought that would be too easy, so I never bothered to run it. He ran the Diagnostics and Assistant, both which finally fixed my problems. I know, I know…seems unlikely, but I tried every fix that I could find online, and nothing worked. He grabbed my laptop, started playing around and finally ran these tools and they worked.