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View All Products. Summary: The guide highlights the common reasons that result in duplication of email messages in Outlook and describes the best ways to resolve an email replication issue without affecting the smooth functionality of the mailbox. Have you ever noticed email duplication in your Outlook mailbox? This is when more than one copy of mailbox data, specifically, email messages get accumulated in the mailbox and affects the overall performance and productivity of the application. If so, you must be looking for a reliable solution to remove Outlook duplicate emails from the Outlook PST file so that you can store data in a more organised way.

Duplicated data not only consumes space on the drive but also makes the emailing application bulky. Due to a large volume of content, the PST size becomes outsized, and in severe cases, it leads to file corruption.

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Several reasons cause PST replication, and it is essential to detect the exact cause behind the replication. Some common reasons that lead to PST data duplication are mentioned below:. Sometimes, the rules might be inappropriately configured by mistake; this creates confusion while you receive an email message. This builds up data duplication in the Outlook mailbox.

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Due to the short frequency of Inbox updates, the email messages and other mailbox components might not be synchronized and this leads to data duplication. Multiple creations of the same email account can cause incoming data to synchronize repeatedly. Due to this, users encounter duplication in the Outlook mailbox.

Due to incorrect settings of the mailbox, while creating an account, you may receive the same email message, calendar entries, or contacts multiple times. When anti-virus program is set on the same machine that runs Outlook, the possibilities are that it intercepts Send or Receive request in Outlook. Duplicate items in your mailbox can cause severe issues such as a slow performance of the PST or application, PST file corruption, and much more.

Thus, it is important to clean duplicate emails in MS Outlook with utmost consideration. To remove duplicate emails from Outlook PST file , it is required to understand the actual cause of the problem. Once the cause is detected, apply the appropriate workaround. Listed below are the tips that you can use:. Check the Outlook Rules to ensure that they are not configured incorrectly as this creates confusion among various email folders. MS Outlook integrates several utilities and add-ins that help clean duplicate emails in MS Outlook effectively.

One such built-in utility is Clean Up that can be executed manually from within the application. To run Clean Up for removing duplicated inbox email messages, follow the steps below:. Antivirus app is somehow responsible for setting up and closing down Server connection and if the connection is not shut down properly the email message is not flag as received.

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Due to this, the user will see duplicates in its mailbox. To resolve this, go through the anti-virus instruction manual to check the procedure to disable email protection. Once the email protection is disabled, let the Outlook encounter several Send or Receive cycles. Make sure that duplicated emails are no longer received and check if the anti-virus program is running as expected.

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Stellar Toolkit for Outlook is a potential solution to remove Outlook duplicates. It not only removes the duplicate email messages but also removes junk files and makes Outlook more productive. No data is ever compromised as the tool is engineered using smart and powerful algorithms that detect duplicate emails and removes them efficiently.

The toolkit is actually a complete package to resolve multiple Outlook mailbox problems. It can be downloaded and installed on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP. MS Outlook email duplication is a common issue that can occur in any release of the application. Undoubtedly, it affects mailbox functionality, productivity, and performance to a considerable extent; due to this, it is important to remove duplicate emails using a reliable method. Remove duplicate accounts. If duplicate account names are listed, click a duplicate account, and then click the minus sign "-" icon in the lower-left corner or press the Delete key on your keyboard to delete that account.

Office Backup Tool. To help you remove duplicate items in Microsoft Outlook , and in all previous versions, go through this entire post meticulously.

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As time goes by, lots of duplicate Emails can emerge in …. I see that there are many third party software options although I don't know which of these are credible and trustworthy. Surely Microsoft has a way to highlight duplicate mails within a folder so that they can be deleted? Any advise is much appreciated?

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Step 4 : Delete the Subfolder to remove duplicates emails and messages. Because Google Mail will show threats not single email. Given method is absolutely free. If your Apple Mail client contains duplicate email messages, you can download and install a Mail add-on that automates the process of identifying the duplicates.

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When you run the script, duplicate Kernel for Outlook Duplicates Remover is your all-time aide when it comes to eliminating duplicate emails. Make sure you have Kernel for Outlook Duplicates Remover installed before the duplicity of the email becomes a nightmare! Follow the below steps to Remove Duplicate Email Remove duplicate emails mac mail Home Games Streams.