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And there is, of course, the whole Independent Adventure Games scene where small-time developers often one-man teams are able to keep themselves running by distributing their games to cult-followings. Recently the interest in the classic adventure game has been on the raise, following Tim Schafer and his studio Double Fine very successful crowdfounding campaign through Kickstarter for a "classic point-and-click adventure. Because Adventure Games are story-based , what they lack in body-count they can make up for with suspense. Indeed, the primary death toll in such a game is You.

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The typical Adventure Game is framed around an elaborate , even novelistic plot which the player must proceed through by trying to get information out of non-player characters and collect any items you come across that May Help You On Your Quest. These are all Adventure Game tropes, by the way. In addition to their own peculiar tropes, Adventure Games, perhaps more than any other video game genre, borrow from the tropes of television and film media. Probably the most famous Adventure game of all time is the Zork trilogy, and — of course — Colossal Cave , which was the prototypical "Adventure game".

Interactive Fiction :. Interactive Fiction is usually defined as an adventure game which is primarily textual though there is much debate over the exact scope of the term; some think it should refer only to purely textual games, while others, preferring to take the words "interactive" and "fiction" literally, think the term should encompass a superset of those games typically called "Adventure".

The term text adventure is less ambiguous, but also less popular. More than any other school of Adventure and, indeed, more than most other videogame genres , Interactive Fiction has a large hobbyist community, with as many as a hundred new games produced each year. Graphical Adventure :. Sometimes called "2D" or "point-and-click", is the format used for most graphical games of the golden age.

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Somewhat similar to a Platform Game visually, these use pre-drawn backgrounds, with limited animation, often using watercolors , although pre graphics were cartoonish in style. The playfields actually are three-dimensional, viewed from a fixed perspective. These games are rendered in the third person, with the player character's Digital Avatar as a sprite in the world.

Aficionados often further break this genre down by the style of the user interface.

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Three popular styles include the "icon bar" which has a button bar of possible actions above or below the main viewport , the "verb list" where a list of actions relevant to the current scene appears below the viewport , and the "verb coin" where possible actions upon a specific object appeared, usually laid out radially around the object when clicked — see The Sims for a modern version.

Earlier games were often assisted by a Text Parser , while later ones often removed the notion of "verbs" altogether, reducing a click on an object to "do the obvious thing to this object". Early examples tended to have the feel of interactive slideshows this is a fair comparison: Myst was originally created on an early Macintosh slideshow program called HyperCard. Later games in this genre employed pre-rendered panoramic images often using Quicktime VR instead of 2d slides. Emphasis usually moved away from inventory management and toward "set-piece" puzzles involving the manipulation of a piece of machinery.

The use of Full Motion Video in cutscenes became common for a time.

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  • Games which incorporate substantial or exclusive use of Full Motion Video and photorealistic images. While this seemed like a natural pairing, the cost and technology stood in the way of interactivity. By the time that it was feasible to do such games properly, the whole notion had left a bad taste in players' mouths. Fully 3D Adventure Games are rare, but the Action-Adventure game format has become increasingly common. Fully 3D pure-Adventure games include Gabriel Knight 3.

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    In the late s and early s a new sub-genre of 3D adventure games emerged, so-called Environmental Narrative Games. User Ratings. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Writer: Emily Kapnek script.


    Star: Michael Sinterniklaas. Games of My Childhood. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Edit Cast Credited cast: Michael Sinterniklaas Edit Storyline Traveling salesman Pink Panther must go around the world to find the ingredients needed for a potion that can help a little girl mistakenly turned into a monster by a warlock to become an "immortal magical ninja princess mermaid".

    Taglines: An Animated Learning Adventure. Language: English. Color: Color. Edit Did You Know? Trivia Poseidon mentions that he kissed Medusa and when Athens found out about this, she turned Medusa's hair into snakes. Since this is a family game, the original rather grim and disturbing version of this ancient Greek myth related by the ancient Roman poet Ovid in his masterwork Metamorphoses was significantly toned down.

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    • What Poseidon actually did to Medusa happened in Athena's temple and was quite violent and non-consensual. Add the first question. Edit page.