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Thanks in advance.. I do not have experience with the Intel SSD's but I also heard of some problems that you can solve with a firmware update, which is not easy to do. I would go for the lowest risk and buy Crucial SSD. Samsung is NOT the most compatible for Mac, it is as compatible as most other brands. The disadvantage in the Samsung SSD's is that it does not have the best diskcontroller.

Crucial has the Marvell controller which is by far better. They all work well, with the best experience with Crucial. The problem is that it doesn't boot from the CD. Luckily I have a second MacBook Pro 13" 8,1 from work. Just out of couriosity I inserted the disk inside this MacBook and tried to boot from it.

Everything went fine. I saw the Intel Firmware Updater etc. So now my question: What is going on with my first mac? Could this be the reason? Unfortunatly I don't have a Windows PC. Are there other ways to boot an ISO file? Hi all. Everything works fine. Today my friend told me that Mac OS X I checked System Information and saw that he was right. I know that new macbook pro comes with TRIM support: yes function. Thank you very much. No problems at all. Storage isn't an issue since most stuff's in the cloud these days and we carry large files around on a USB stick.

Way to go! But the Intel SSD Toolbox application doesn't see the drive or any drive, since that's the only one in the system. Both are Win machines, and in device manager, both show the same Microsoft driver 6. Does anyone know if the Intel app works on a T?

So does SSDLife Free, which assures me that my drive is in excellent health, should last until , and has Trim enabled. On rebooting, I got the flashing folder with a question mark, signifying no devices with a valid OS were detected The following morning, I had to replace the SSD with a 1TB platter drive and restore my system thank god for Time Machine. Disk Utility repoerts the SSD as 8. This is very disappointing, so much for hoping SSD would be more reliable than mechanical drives I loved the speed of the SSD, but this type of failure whether its Intel's fault or OSX causing this catestrophic failure I am still unsure, but either way its totally un-acceptable and has made me wary of wanting to try again with SSD!

To help future users searching, I have an update. I applaud them for owning up to the problem, but I am furious they let a product of this type get to market with a serious bug like this in the first place!!

If anyone is using one of these drives I suggest you make sure your Time Machine backups are running fine and are up-to-date and constantly check out the link below for a firmware update that at the time of writing has still not materialised. Rest assured, you have a ticking time bomb on your hands! Leider ist die Festplatte von Lenovo, daher geht die original Intel Firmware nicht. Ich habe schon den telefonischen Lenovo Support angerufen, aber die konnten mir nicht weiter helfen.

Wo bekomme ich jetzt die neue Firmware LE06 her? Die Daten sind zwar weg, aber man hat ja ein Backup. I've been trying to upgrade my macbook pro to an ssd using stock original rpm gb HDD but so far I've been reading for like hrs and came to a conclusion.

Intel SSD 8MB Bug Data Recovery Case Study: 320 Series

Intel is the most reliable and most highly recommended. Does the issue still remain or has it been fixed? If it hasn't been fixed, what is the current most highly recommended and reliable and best in terms of speed, reliability, and just Can anyone help me out? Should I just wait? If you search the web, you will predominately read about problems, not good experiences.

Reply I have this question too I have this question too Me too Me too. Question marked as Solved User profile for user: healeydave healeydave. Rest assured, you have a ticking time bomb on your hands! View answer in context. All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. Aug 3, PM in response to healeydave In response to healeydave To help future users searching, I have an update. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. In case of the EVO, there was an error in the algorithm that resulted in an aggressive read-retry process when reading old data.

At the same time the wear-leveling algorithms need to be as efficient as possible i. I suspect that the algorithm didn't take the change in cell voltage properly into account, which translated into corrupted read points and thus the read process had to be repeated multiple times before the cell would return the correct value. Obviously it takes more time if the read process has to be performed multiple times, so the user performance suffered as a result.

Z60T + INTEL SSD problem! /

Unfortunately I don't have an EVO that fits the criterion of the bug i. It's too early to say whether the update fixes long-term performance, but Samsung assured that the update does actually fix the NAND management algorithm and should thus be a permanent fix. Explaining the Bug Given the wide spread of the issue, there has been quite a bit of speculation about what is causing the read performance to degrade over time.

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I know it makes sense from Samsung's perspective to drop this for Windows initially, but I can't get past that depressed feeling of knowing I can't fix her drive for a few more weeks. Maybe I'll just install the new firmware, wipe the drive, and do a Time Machine backup so I can get this over with. Privacy Policy. Contact Us. Terms of Use.