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You get access to thousands of HD wallpapers which you can try out instantly. Kuvva Wallpapers is a very simplistic app.

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You get very clean and beautiful wallpapers. The wallpapers are created by professional photographers, designers and illustrators.

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The app is very easy to use and is updated every week. The app is also free, so you may aswell try it. Multi Monitor Wallpaper is a utility app.

Often this is very tricky to do by hand, so this app saves you a lot of time and works perfectly. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Tags desktop Mac Wallpapers.

How to Set a Picture as Desktop Wallpaper in Mac OS X Lion

For instance, the Christmas ones showing up right now are awkward so I only use one at a time. Otherwise, I enjoy it a lot and got my husband to use it on his computer as well.

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  4. LW HD does what it says! I have been addidng and deleting my own photos for some time now too - i get compliments all the time and on the clock and weather. I am confused by some of the reviews, one person described exactly how the program worked and hated it!

    Finding & Installing Wallpapers

    Check the preferences hello? Anyway back to the app you can load your own photos though i wish the delvelopers would add photos from time to time. I used to enjoy this app but now I'm experiencing a couple of issues with it. Mac App Store Preview.

    Desktop Wallpapers — Candidly Keri

    Another site with a smaller collection but plenty of gems, MrWallpaper has you covered up to x and offers a fast, simple, ad-free interface that lets you sort by general categories, filter by resolution or drop keywords into a search box. Write to Matt Peckham at matt. By Matt Peckham May 9, Digital Blasphemy.

    How To Set The Wallpaper To Change Automatically