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For me, however, it was time to change. I coveted the MacBook Air. Nice machine. It's light weight if bereft of specs comparable to bigger machines. I had to keep the weight down. I needed a fat hard drive and a lot of memory.

How To Make Linux Look Like macOS

I could choose between Linux and Windows, or both with VM technology. WiFi with Bluetooth would be nice but optional. I download most stuff these days and have a USB 2.

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Good battery life might be nice. The list narrowed down to a Lenovo Xe. It has a smaller screen, but the keyboard is great for a touch typist. Windows 7 or 8 would probably live in a virtual machine, as well as other virtual machines I already use. I found one on eBay at a very reasonable price, then outfitted it with more memory and a fatter hard drive, still well under budget.

In the latest version 2. The McOS-MJV-dark-theme has been completely redone visually to look more true to the original, and look more crisp and usable. NEW : Support for gnome 3. Gnome has again changed the theming-properties for gnome 3. So I'm obliged to submit yet another version NEW : A new version 2.

Linux Mint the first time

More details here. You can find it here also, in the download-section. Because of changes to nautilus, Gnome 3. Unfortunately these changes conflict with the old theme. So I made versions especially for Gnome 3.

Tweak GNOME to Make Ubuntu Look Like a Mac

See in the 'Files' tab for the downloadable themes. It is also available in the download-section of this page. Careful: do not use the Cinnamon-version in the standard gnome version! Next OSX uses titlebuttons on the left-side: To put the buttons to the left open a terminal: gsettings set org. Troubleshooting: When, as such, theming does not look the way it should be: make sure you have installed the necessary theme-"engines": - The gnome-themes-standard package, - The murrine engine.

This has different names depending on your distro. The themes for upload are in no way affiliated to any official Apple software, and are presented under the GPlv2. Last changelog: Bug fixes and update 1 month ago Small changes and bug fixes. Please login or register to add a comment.

Make the Linux MATE desktop look just like Mac OSX.

Changes to version 1: -Adjusted size of the menubar and toolbar to minimal feasible state to reduce the general real-estate of XFCE-interface. Especially the new Thunar looks allot thinner. This version is primarily to address issues with the exceptionally large resize-area around SSD-windows. Added a Gnome Please login. McOS-themes Original.

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18 Things to Do After Installing Linux Mint 19 Tara

Last changelog: Bug fixes and update 1 month ago Small changes and bug fixes comments. But this time, with macOS Sierra, took me at least two month to do it. After the update, it worked the same way as before, nice! That was the time when I realized that it was a bad idea. But after thinking a lot about it and spending a lot of money I bought a new MacBook Pro Retina, inch. Mostly because I had it at work and it was working very well. I was very happy, but I felt that it was because the hardware, not the software.

The first thing I always do is remove everything from the Dock and if is it possible, uninstall it. But from my point of view as a developer and old mac user the problem is that for me is not anymore that fantastic environment that used to be, or the only one with nice tools to work. I was one of those to want all these things. Not Android 7 on the Pixel or Linux Mint on an i7.

GIMP 2. People usually try to find excuses when are afraid. You can do that with any app. If you are a heavy Photoshop user, then you probably also use other fancy programs so Linux is not suitable for you. You need a PlayStation.

McOS-themes - /s/Cinnamon

Or if you want a native app you can use LibreOffice. Not too much too say. Despite the fact that is running in a virtual machine the performance is really good, the system is responsive as macOS.