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This mixed martial arts fighting video game can be played on all the Macintosh computers. The gameplay is similar to real UFC fights.

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So do you think you can be one high level fighter? This sports fighting game is based on the official UFC so its storyline is created by how you play the game and carry out fights. But there is a Career mode if you wants to see how good you can do against the UFC. Career mode allows you to work throughout your journey. When it comes to meet career-defining moments that will deliver a intense atmosphere in the moment you actually go inside the ring. This mode allows you to drive your career entirely, so if you chooses to take over a female fighter, you can try and make her the first female fighter inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame.

This new system is created to deliver more realistic, groovy and more authentic KOs than ever before. Please help!

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The game launches all well, allows met to select the teams, change players, etc. However, when I hit the play button, I get a black screen.

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The audio plays for a short while and the game gets stuck. Try minimizing the game settings, resolution, frame rate etc in the FIFA options. You could also try using DirectX 11 instead of 12 to see if it helps solve it for you.


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Thanks for your reply. I tried lowering the Graphics, still the same. It renders the initial video perfectly where Ronaldo is fouled by an Athletico Madrid player. I can skip the game, select kick off — select teams and make changes to the teams. The moment I click play game, I get black screen. Windows 10 has built in directx I tried to separately install directx Could not do that.

Please help.

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This is something to do with a conflict between 32 bit and 64 bit drivers on your Windows setup. This solution may help. You may also have problems finding a copy of FIFA 14 nowadays. I have Intel Iris Pro with updated drivers. You should try uninstalling the NVIDIA drivers completely first and then reinstall them, rather than just update them. Followed the instructions and everything works great on iMac 27 5K!

Thank you for this great guide. Just ordered a couple of controllers from amazon with Bluetooth, WiFi adapter and cable. MacBook Pro inch, Early Processor 2.

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