Mac crashes on startup lion

Maybe they can help you solve the problem - this would be a good problem solving exercise for them. Yes No.

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Hi, if was previously working with Lion, it could be a corrupt my places or a cache problem. Here is a solution that worked for me.

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I still seem to have crashes when I search for specific locations. There may be some setting adjustment to help this. Many, many thanks rauckr! I tried everything suggested by Google, and others in the Google Earth user community, including reinstalling GE, checking the disk, removing files such as prefs, cache, myplaces, repairing permissions, etc. I tried your solution, and the problem was solved! I have three questions, which are really more for Google than you, but I have not found a reliable way to send feedback to then…. This is rhetorical….

Then I double clicked on the GE icon on my desk top. Thanks for your attempt to help Worked like magic. None of he Google suggestions did. It is odd.

If Your Mac Crashes at Startup - OS X Mountain Lion For Dummies [Book]

It runs when I disconnect from the internet, but not when I am connected, even after following Rauckr's advice This question is locked and replying has been disabled. Still have questions? Ask the Help Community. Badges Some community members might have badges that indicate their identity or level of participation in a community. Levels Member levels indicate a user's level of participation in a forum. These activities can increase your level in a forum: Post an answer. Having your answer selected as the best answer. Having your post rated as helpful.

  1. Option1: Setting Defaults Option;
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  3. Step 1: Run Disk Utility.
  4. Vote up a post. Now restart Pd. Upon quitting, Pd will not remove any window states that are set. There may be more then one folder named "org. Anyway, if you're clearing one, you'd probably want to clear both. Skip to content. Advanced Search…. Personal tools Log in Join. Pd crashes on startup on Mac OSX FAQ for Pd.

    Painter Essentials 5 Crashes on Startup Problem [Mac] FIXED!

    If that doesn't help, state exactly which Python 3 you installed, what version of OS X, and show the stack traces from the termination report. Another possibility more likely is if you are using some third-party menu enhancement application or preference panel to add colors to menus perhaps.

    Troubleshooting Tips for Mac Startup Problems

    If those suggestions don't help you to isolate the problem, I suggest you ask on the Tcl Mac mailing list tcl-mac lists. You need to delete the saved state to make the crash go away:. I had the same issue. I run OSX Resetting the preferences fixed it! The issue was solved downloading and installing the ActiveTcl 8. Learn more about Teams.

    Asked 7 years, 5 months ago.

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    Active 4 years, 5 months ago. Viewed 7k times. Alex K 7, 8 8 gold badges 32 32 silver badges 52 52 bronze badges. Try import idlelib. So i copied the "3. This is what I got: "Your Python may not be configured for Tk. You may not have the right version of TKinter installed. Try looking at this.